The Catacombs Transcripts
By Martin Willey

The Mark Of Archanon

Screenplay Lew Schwartz
Director Charles Crichton
Final shooting script 12th April 1976
Double-Up Helena script
Amendments: 21,26,27,28 April 1976



Martin Landau John Koenig
Barbara Bain Helena Russell
Catherine Schell Maya

In Show Credits

featuring Tony Anholt Tony Verdeschi
Nick Tate Alan Carter
guest star John Standing Pasc
Michael Gallagher Etrec

End Credits

Veronica Lang lyra/ maurna
John Alkin johnson
John Hug fraser
Anthony Forrest carson
Raul Newey dr raul nunez
Yasuko Nagazumi yasko


Annie Lambert Command Center operative
Jenny Cresswell Command Center operative
Quentin Pierre Pierce (guard)
Terry Walsh Rescue Eagle Pilot
Barbara Kelly Computer Voice


Int. Command Centre
Int. Medical Centre
Int. Living Quarters
Int. Recreation Centre
Int. Techlab 3
Int. Alpha Corridor
Int. Travel Tube
Int. Eagle Pilot Section
Int. Caves



Pan down to foreground hills.


The 2 Alphans walk up cave tunnel to us. Alan wears a light blue jumpsuit & carries a box & torch. Andy Johnson wears a dark blue jumpsuit & the termal lance. Alan sings to the tune 'Deep in the heart of Texas.
ALAN: "..Alphans travel in haste;
Deep in the caverns of Alpha Moonbase;
Through such a tunnel what mysteries unfold?;
Could be we'll find us a pot of bright gold!"

JOHNSON: "Yeah!" ((they laugh)) "No, I'd settle for the dylenide crystals we're looking for." (sc 4:)
ALAN: "Well, this looks like a good place, Bluey; set her up."
The thermal lance scans its spotlight over the rock face, from under a flashing 'Pressure Normal' sign.
-Alan & Johnson behind spotlight, moving it towards us.
JOHNSON: "Hey, that's no dylenide crystal." (glare fills screen)
-The spotlight rises over the rocks, then moves down.
ALAN: "Try the cutter."
The spotlight makes the rock steam, rising slowly, then moving sideways.
ALAN: "Broaden the beam."
The spotlight expands: slabs of rock falls away from a glass face, behind which 2 figures stand.
ALAN: "What the... Cut the beam!"
The beam ends; they go to the cabinet.
JOHNSON: "It's a couple of corpses."
ALAN: "It's impossible!" ((Alan looks closely at Pasc, then turns to Johnson)) "Hey...I thought I just saw.."
Alan touches the glass; a flash of light & he recoils, falling to the floor.
JOHNSON (running to hold Alan): "Mister Carter! Mister Carter!"
Johsnon looks back at Pasc; Pasc opens his eyes. Johnson rises & backs.



featuring Tony Anholt
Nick Tate
guest stars John Standing, Michael Gallagher
production executive Reg Hill
associate producer F. Sherwin Green
technical director David Lane
lighting cameraman Brendan Stafford BSC
production designer Keith Wilson
special effects designed and directed by Brian Johnson
writer Lew Schwartz
director Charles Crichton



A technician operates the lance aimed at the cabinet. (Titles end) Tony goes to the technician.
TONY: "Okay, set it up over there." ((the technician carries the lance away))
Tony crouches by Helena & the waking Alan.
HELENA: "Welcome back among the living. You had us worried for a moment. Come on." ((she helps him stand))
The technician uses the lance on a rock face nearby.
Tony scans the glass as Raul goes to the Alpha monitor. Alan & Helena join Tony.
TONY (to Helena): "Could this be some form of cryogenic suspended animation set up?"
RAUL (looking at monitor): "Cabinet temperature's four degrees centigrade."
HELENA: "Well then, no. That's cool, but it's well above the cryogenic temperature range. Life signs?"
RAUL: "Nothing. No sign of life at any level. No brain activity. No heart beat."
ALAN: "Well, I saw his eyes open, I tell you. I saw his eyes open."
TONY: "Impossible, Alan. That's impossible. But just suppose that -the Moon was inhabited sometime in the past. Could this be some sort of - burial ground?"
HELENA: "Well, it's an elaborate cemetery. Surrounded by a very strong force field. Who are they being protected from?"
TONY: "Hey, wait a minute. You see that?" ((points to diamond symbol on glass)) "On Krom Two the inhabitants knew that as a sign of.. danger; they called it, ah...'Flammon, the Death Glow', you remember?"
HELENA: "Right. It was a sign left by a god-like race to warn the people of the places where their lives might be in danger."
TONY: "Yeah."
RAUL: "Helena." ((she goes to him)) "Just a moment ago. I got a heart beat."
HELENA: "Is there any change in the volume of air in the lungs since you began monitoring?"
RAUL: "An increase of two point five millilitres in just over seven minutes."
Helena looks round at Pasc, staring.
ALAN: "What does that mean?"
HELENA: "He's breathing."
They stare at the aliens; sound of the lance & crumbling rock is heard.
MAN: "Tony. That section of wall."
They go to a panel exposed alongside the cabinet; (sc 7) Tony briefly scans it & brushes the dust off with his hand.
TONY: "Now that must be the power source."
ALAN: "And the control panel; now that must control the force field."
TONY: "Yeah."
HELENA: "Can you operate it?"
TONY: "If I knew where to start. If Maya was here, she could figure it out in a minute."
HELENA: "Well, she isn't. And we can't wait for another two days for she and John to return from the Blue Quadrant survey."
MAN: "Watch out! It's the roof! It's coming down!"
The roof starts to collapse on them. (sc 11)
TONY: "Back, out of here! Helena! Move it! Everybody!" ((he & Alan push the medical monitor out of the way as the man carries the lance off; Helena remains))
HELENA: "Wait, we can't leave them!" ((Tony returns to push her away.))
TONY: "Helena, get out of here!"
He passes her to Alan, who pulls her clear. Tony then goes to the newly exposed controls & tries pressing them. (sc 13) Alan runs up & pulls him away.
ALAN: "Tony! Tony! Get out of there!"
The cabinet glass bursts open and the Archanons slump to the sides. Tony, Alan & Johnson carry Pasc away.
TONY: "Over here. Swing him round. That's it. Alan!" ((he grabs Alan as he starts back to the cabinet, sc 15))
ALAN: "No, Tony! He's a kid! He's just a kid!"
Alan runs back through the falling rock to rescue Etrec, then bring him back.
TONY (helping Alan carry Etrec): "Come on. Set him down, over here."

(Later) Close on monitor (sc 17).
RAUL: "Brain pulse and heart rate levelling off, at norm minus zero point two."
HELENA (holding Pasc's wrist): "Get the monitor on the boy." ((Raul leaves))
PASC (faintly): "Etrec...Etrec..."
HELENA: "Take it easy, you'll be fine. Take it easy." ((she leaves him))
PASC: "Etrec...Etrec..."
Helena joins Alan, holding Etrec; Tony and Raul stand over.
RAUL: "I've got a heart beat."
HELENA: "Pure oxygen."
As they tend the boy Pasc looks round at them; the symbol on his head glows.
HELENA: "Well?"
RAUL: "Brain pulse. Another heart beat."
HELENA: "Levels?"
RAUL: "Brain pulse -seven seven three and rising." ((Pasc lifts a pick , menacingly)) "Heart. Four four. Four five. Four six. Increasing steadily."
ALAN: "Is he safe?"
HELENA: "As safe as we are."
Weakly Pasc lets the pick drop; his head rolls to the side.


Helena dictates into log recorder.
HELENA: "Moonbase Alpha Status report, Doctor Helena Russell recording. Six hundred and forty days after leaving Earth orbit. Special incident report. Excavation discovery. Supplementary. Medical." ((beyond a transparent room divider Raul tends the sleeping aliens)) "Both subjects are resting quietly. Cardiac stimuli no longer necessary. Monitoring of all physical functions is being maintained. Preliminary analysis indicates cell structure and metabolism ninety one point seven per cent of human norm. Further investigations will be carried out, of course. Contact has been made with Commander Koenig and he has been informed of the situation." ((leaves recorder)) "How are our patients?"
RAUL (by Pasc's monitor): "In deep sleep."
HELENA: "Natural? Or sedated?"
RAUL: "Sedated. THey're still on somnol. All readings stable."
HELENA: "Good. Let's cut the somnol."
Helena takes a lead from Etrec's wrist, as Raul does the same for Pasc.
RAUL: "I'd like to get on with programming the computer. For more detailed analysis."
HELENA: "Right. Somnol will hold them for a few more hours yet. Let me know when you have things set up."
They leave. Close on monitor, showing activity. Pasc opens his eyes, then rises, looking round. He stands & touches Etrec's chin.
ETREC (wakes): "Pasc."
PASC: "Quiet." ((proudly)) "My son."
ETREC: "Have they come back? Have they found a way?"
PASC: "We are among strangers. There is no way but our way."
ETREC: "No, Pasc. No. Perhaps the strangers can help."
PASC: "There is no help for me. Soon there will be no hope for you."
Etrec puts his hand to his own forehead. Pasc takes his hands away.
PASC: "No. Not yet."
ETREC: "Please. Don't let it come."
PASC: "I cannot stop it."
ETREC: "Yes, you can."
PASC: "How?"
ETREC: "Kill me."
The symbol on Pasc's head burns brightly. Slowly his hands extend to Etrec's neck; he briefly grips his neck, then breaks away, anguished.
PASC: "I cannot."
ETREC: "Why not? You killed Lok. And Kerak."
PASC: "I need you." ((walks away)) "The time is coming.. when you will need me."
Pasc looks to a medical tray at his side & takes a bandage roll. Close on forehead as the symbol is covered with a bandage.




Eagle flies, hit by meteors.
POV meteors in space.


Koenig and Maya.


HELENA (entering): "Did the Commander get the incident report?"
TONY (stood): "Yeah, it went through on the last transmission."
YASKO: "There's another due in a couple of minutes."


Eagle in meteor storm.


Koenig & Maya.


POV of meteor storm.


TONY: "Yeah. He's starting to come through now."
-Big Screen (SFX): the pilot section appears. Picture is broken by static.
-Command Centre:
YASKO: "Eagle One. Come in, Eagle One."
-Big Screen (SFX, sc 21):
KOENIG (VO): "Eagle One to Moonbase Alpha. Are you receiving?"
-Command Centre: (sc 22)
YASKO: "Not too well, Commander. Visual not holding steady."
-Big Screen (SFX):
KOENIG (VO): "We're in the eye of an approaching meteor storm."


Silver dust passes the Eagle as it flies on.
KOENIG (VO): "We may be cut off at any second so let's wrap this up fast."


TONY: "Okay, I'll get Eagle Three on the Launch Pad ready for immediate lift off in case you need bringing in."
-Big Screen (SFX):
KOENIG (VO): "Let's hope we won't need bringing in. Helena, anything to add to the incident report on the two aliens?"
-Command Centre: (sc 22)
HELENA: "They're still under sedation so I haven't completed a full medical analysis. Tests so far show them border line human norm." ((behind the aliens enter))
KOENIG (VO): "Tony."
TONY: "Origin unknown. No I.D. Unable to interrogate yet. Until we can, they're an X factor."
KOENIG (VO): "Until you do, treat them as an X factor."
TONY: "Check."
PASC: "And what would you like to know?"
They all look round. Alan goes to Etrec.
ALAN: "Hey, cobber; you're up and doing."
ETREC: "Cobber?"
ALAN: "Yeah. That means you're a pal, you know, a real- close buddy."
PASC: "Our systems break down a sedative more quickly than yours."
HELENA (starts to reach to the bandage): "Your head..."
PASC: "A scratch. My equilibrium was not fully restored when I stood up. My head hit the wall." ((Helena reaches to the bandage; he wards it off, more urgently)) "Please, please. I cannot allow you. A man's blood holds deep spiritual significance on Archanon."
MAYA (VO): "Archanon?"
-Big Screen (SFX):
MAYA (thinking): "Archanon.. It's the planet of peace."
-Command Centre: (sc 22)
PASC: "Yes. We are Archanons. The Peace Bringers. I am Pasc. This is Etrec, my son."
-Big Screen (SFX, sc 23):
MAYA: "And you, I know, are Commander Koenig."
MAYA (VO): "There are legends of the coming of the Peace Bringers. The conquest of evil by good." ((screen is submerged in static))
-Command Centre: Yasko tries to program desk.


Eagle in storm.
Eagle in storm.





YASKO: "We've lost them."
TONY: "Keep the channel open. They'll get back to us when there's a break in the storm."
HELENA: "The conquest of evil by good?"
PASC: "Violence was outlawed in our Archanon world. We had replaced evil with good..amongst our own people. We sent our emissaries throughout the Universe so others might see it could be done. I was the Commander of such a mission."
TONY: "From most of the races we've come across, you don't seem to have had too much success."
PASC: "It takes time. It takes time to reach all beings. It was not, however, until we had reached your solar system that we met with total failure. My mission ended on your third planet."
HELENA: "Earth."
PASC: "We established a base on your Moon. And observed. We saw such violence and hatred that my wife Lyra begged me to leave Earth to it's fate. I over-ruled her. We descended. Like doctors entering a plague area, we thought we were immune. We were not. Only Etrec and I escaped contagion. When we returned to our Moonbase the whole crew mutinied." ((close on Etrec, reacting to this)) "We were overpowered and placed in stasis, while they left to carry on their madness...your madness, to the farthest corners of the Universe."
ALAN (as Etrec closes his eyes, wearily): "Why the stasis chamber? Why didn't they kill you?"
PASC: "They could not."
HELENA: "The Archanons cannot die?"
PASC: "Archanons cannot kill. Not even in their madness. THe taking of any form of life is abhorrent. Indeed, impossible to them."
TONY: "Then how come that same race can condemn a man and a boy to an eternal living death in a stasis chamber?"
Pasc does not reply.
HELENA: "Your wife...what happened to her?"
PASC: "She led the mutineers. She put us here."
Etrec faints, and Alan, Tony and Helena go to him.
ALAN: "Etrec. Hey, is he alright?"
HELENA: "Hold on. Alright, now. It could be the somnol; let's get him to Medical." ((they all lift him))
ALAN: "Alright, I'll take him. C'on." ((puts Etrec's arm round himself))
HELENA: "Take it easy."
TONY: "Got him?"
ALAN (picking him up): "Yep. Up you go."
HELENA: "All right. Let's go." ((Alan caries Etrec out, accompanied by Helena & Pasc))
TONY: "What kind of people can do that to one of their own race?"
YASKO: "What kind of mother can do that to her son?"
Yasko returns to her desk as Tony thinks.


Etrec is asleep on a bed. Helena switches off the monitor.
ALAN: "How is he?"
HELENA: "There's nothing organically wrong. But there's some things about his physical structure I don't understand. I'll have to do some tests."
ALAN (as Etrec wakes): "Hey. Hiyah, cobber. How are you feeling?" ((he helps Etrec sit up))
ETREC: "Hungry." ((beyond Helena starts writing))
ALAN (laughs): "Hey, you her that, doc? You know, the only thing wrong with this kid, he hasn't had a square meal in a thousand years. I'll tell you what. There's a little place just down the corridor. Hamburgers like you wouldn't believe, right, doc?"
ETREC: "Ham..burgers?"
ALAN: "Hmm. Well, they're a little bit mixed up with hydroponic soya, but they taste like the real thing. Is that okay, doc?"
HELENA: "It's okay. But, take it easy." ((puts down writing pad)) "Like you said, he hasn't had a square meal in a thousand years." ((she leaves))
ALAN: "Come on. Let's go." ((helps him stand, but his knees bend weakly))
ETREC: "Oh.."
ALAN: "Hey. Can you make it?"
ETREC: "I..I think so."
ALAN: "Well, come on." ((behind, Pasc takes some scissors; Etrec is too weak to stand)) "You're right. Oh no, I think I'd better carry you."
ETREC: "No. Please. I would like to walk." ((sees Pasc raise scissors to stab)) "Uh, carry me!" ((Pasc hides the scissors behind his back))
ALAN: "Okay. Hop up on the old kangaroo. Hey, we're off for a bite to eat, you want to join us?" ((Pasc does not reply)) "Come on then, cobber. Here we go. Hey-heyy! Heey!"
Pasc watches them leave.


Raul and Helena watch a screen.
RAUL: "It's a virus alright."
HELENA: "No question about it. Look at those tendrils."
RAUL: "They must indicate that the virus is still alive in Pasc's sputum."
HELENA: "Right. Let's see Etrec's plate." ((Raul presses panel; new picture appears)) "Now it has all the same characteristics..except for the tendrils."
RAUL: "Dead?"
HELENA: "It could be dormant. We'll have to check it out." ((she goes to type on a keyboard))


Johnson approaches as Alan & Etrec run across the corridor with a football.
ALAN: "Okay, Etrec, take this pass, clean.." ((throws ball, sc 29))
ETREC: "Heey! Back to you! Ha-ha." ((throws ball back; they stop))
ALAN: "Ah. Ah, that's good. Ooh. That really is good. Now we're going to try the stop kick again. You ready? You wait here." ((runs to other end))
JOHNSON: "Mister Carter!"
ALAN: "Now, remember, son: two..hey, Bluey, out of the way, son, out of the way. Etrec, two eyes, into two hands, you ready? Here we go. Long and low. Heeey!" ((kicks ball; Etrec catches it)) "Hoh, ho. Great! Right, okay, now this is the big one, this is the big one, this is the try line, you ready? You've got to get past me, I'm going to tackle you. Everything goes. Swerving all the time. Okay, put it in, run, go! I'm going to tackle you, I'm going to tackle you, oh boy, heeh-heey!" ((lands on backside)) "Wuff! What happened? Heh-heh. My grandad'l be real proud of you, Etrec."
JOHNSON: "Eh, excuse me, sir." (((Alan puts his arm round Johnson))
ALAN: "Hey, Bluey. You're just in time. You want to be ref?"
JOHNSON: "Is that a real football?"
ALAN: "Ah, is that a real football? Son, this is the football. Australia beat Great Britain fifty to twelve. Swinton sixty three."
JOHNSON: "You're kidding?"
ALAN: "Ah, that's Harrison's own signature."
JOHNSON: "Where did you get it?"
ETREC: "His grandfather used to play in Harrison's team. And he gave it to him because they were..mates.."
ALAN: "That's it, son, because they were mates. Hey, Bluey, you've got to be referee, I've got to get the champ here in shape for the big match."
JOHNSON: "No, no, mister Verdeschi asked me to hunt you down. Tell you we've got all the stuff out of the cavern."
ALAN: "Oh, the stasis chamber and the power unit?"
JOHNSON: "Yeah, the chamber's pretty well scrap. But the Power Unit's hardly touched, they're down in Tech Lab Three, they'd like to see you."
ALAN: "Right. Let's go." ((he runs off with Etrec, passing the ball to him)) "Come on, Etrec. over to you. Attaboy."
ETREC: "And back to you!"
ALAN: "Right. Oh!"


Tony scans the power unit.
ALAN (entering): "You score anything?"
TONY: "No, zero. I don't even know how to open it. Oh, Etrec. Your father's on his way."
PASC: "Oh."
ALAN: "Well, in the meantime move over and let an expert take a look."
TONY: "Heh heh. You?"
ALAN: "Ha ha. Him." ((points thumb at Etrec))
ETREC: "Oh. I'm sorry. I never handled power units. I only got as far as wave particle analysis." ((Alan smiles))
TONY: "Well, listen, I'll tell you what. If we have any -wave particle problems, we'll send for you, okay?"
ETREC (as Pasc enters with a guard): "Pasc would know. He was the Commander."
The black guard indicates Pasc in & leaves. Pasc walks up.
PASC: "It's the same all over the Universe. In the eyes of the son, the father is the infinite source of knowledge. In this case, as in all others, the confidence is somewhat misplaced."
ETREC: "But you knew all about- "
PASC: "As Commander of the expedition, I was merely the coordinator. I had specialists for this type of thing."
TONY (suspicious of Pasc): "Yeah, well. How about opening it? Commander. I figure you can at least show us how to do that."
Pasc presses either end of the unit, which hums. He opens a hatch and removes a small perspex box with a short aerial.
ETREC: "I know what that is. It's a monitor transmitter."
PASC (cautiously): "It's used in..planet locate the, ah, the unit and the, the team using it."
TONY: "Yes, we've got those. But they don't look anything like this. What's it's range?"
PASC: "Range? Whatever range is required."
TONY: "Ah. I see." ((he answers the comms post)) "Yes, Helena."
HELENA (on screen): "Tony. I'm trying to locate Pasc and Etrec. Are they with you?"
TONY: "Yes."
HELENA (on screen): "Have them come to Medical Centre."
TONY: "Could it hold just a bit?"
HELENA (on screen): "Right away, please. It's important."
PASC: "If the good doctor says it's important, we'd better go."
TONY: "Yeah, okay, okay, about this first, huh?"
PASC: "Oh, I'll come back later and tell you what I can. Etrec."
They leave Alan & Tony to look at the unit.


Pasc drags Etrec from a comms post (marked R) past the Weapons section.
ETREC: "Pasc, it's not this way."
PASC: "We're not going to the doctor, we've got to get away."
ETREC: "But Pasc-"
PASC: "That monitor transmitter was set to the Archanon frequency. On Archanon they now know we are free."
ETREC: "They will come for us?"
PASC: "Yes. But they won't find us."
ETREC: "Where can we go?"


Eagle raised to surface by buggy.


Pasc & Etrec hide behind a corner as Fraser & a pilot, carrying helmet, leave a room.
FRASER: "Well, that's that, then. You've got the whole Eagle all to yourself now. Right down to the protective storm shield. Just keep it on the launch pad until the Commander asks for help. Good luck." ((Fraser leaves))
The pilot walks up, putting on his second glove; Pasc chops him as he passes.

PASC: "We will take the Eagle."
ETREC: "But - that is to save the Commander. If he needs help- "
PASC: "We need help. It's going to save us. We have no choice. Somewhere out there we'll find a place and make it our own."
ETREC: "And when there is noone left to kill?"
PASC: "There is always someone left to kill."
They drag the pilot to an open door of a room of boxes




Close on log recorder screen, marked with the names Pasc and Etrec. Helena adjusts a switch as Pasc's trace dot jumps wildly across the screen and Etrec's crosses smoothly.
HELENA: "Here we see it again. Pasc's brain wave patterns break here and here, and there's no corresponding movement in Etrec's."
RAUL: "You think it could be connected with the virus? Active in Pasc, dormant in the boy?"
HELENA: "There is nothing more we can do without blood samples. Then maybe we could make a serum." ((she goes to activate the comms post))
TONY (on screen): "Yes, Helena."
HELENA: "Are Etrec and Pasc still with you?"
TONY (on screen): "Well, no, they left there for Medical Centre when you asked. Aren't they there yet?"
TONY (on screen): "Okay, I'll get someone right on to it."
HELENA: "Please." ((she turns off the comms post))




Koenig and Maya.


POV meteorites.



Eagle in meteorites.
Eagle swerves past large meteorite.



POV large meteorite.



Eagle misses large meteorite.



POV of meteorites, with one in the centre.
Eagle fires a green beam.
Meteorite explodes.


-Big Screen (SFX): picture of pilot section appears between static
MAYA (faint on radio): "Eagle One to Moonbase Alpha, come in, Moonbase Alpha."
-Command Centre: Yasko & another girl work at their desks.
-Big Screen (SFX): pilot section
-Command Centre (sc 39): Tony enters from the side & leans by Yasko.
TONY: "How are you doing, Yasko?"
YASKO: "That's the best I can do."
-Big Screen (SFX):
TONY (VO): "Eagle One, are you receiving?"
KOENIG: "Hardly."
TONY: "What is your position."
KOENIG: "Orbital reference three six seven. And highly uncomfortable."
-Command Centre:
TONY: "Do you want us to launch Eagle Three? It can reach Blue Quadrant in eighteen hours."
KOENIG (VO): "Good idea, you'd better."


Eagle swerves past meteorites.
KOENIG (VO): "We've got meteorite damage to the hull."


TONY: "How about damage to yourself? And Maya?"


KOENIG: "A few bruises and a little space sick, but we'll be - "
A meteorite hits a leg pod & spins off.


-Command Centre:
-Big Screen (SFX, sc 40): briefly see pilot section
-Command Centre (sc 41): Tony & Yasko look at each other. His desk bleeps & he goes to it.
TONY: "Yes, Alan. What is it?"
ALAN (on screen): "Well, I'm in Tech Lab Three with Johnson, Tony. We think we've found some kind of recording device on the Power Unit. If you're still hooked into Eagle one, we'd like a patch with Maya for an opinion."
TONY: "We've lost contact. We'll try to put you through if we regain."
ALAN (on screen): "Okay, thanks." ((screen returns to test card))


Pasc & Etrec enter the Travel unit, by the sign 'Travel unit to Launch Pad 4'.
CARSON: "Pasc. Been looking all over for you two. Doctor Russell wants you at Medical Centre."
PASC: "Oh, well, we, we, -we were on our way there."
CARSON: "Other way around."
PASC: "Oh.. I'm sorry, we- we're strangers here." ((they follow the guard))


JOHNSON: "What makes you think this is some kind of recording device? Could be anything from an electronic pencil to a paper weight."
ALAN: "Yeah, well, you see it's just that, now this small panel, now that could be a screen."
JOHNSON: "So could a lot of things. No, I draw a blank on this one."
ALAN: "Ah, you just lack the old finesse. Bluey."
Alan tries the pencil in several slots: as one is filled, the screen activates.
PASC (on screen, sc 44): "Four oh two, stroke eight, stroke twenty seven. Entering small solar system in sector G L stroke thirty three stroke K. Third planet showing indications of primitive life forms." ((the screen blanks))
JOHNSON (sc 45): "Heey, you've done it, Mister Carter! It's a data bank." ((outside door Carson & aliens pass, sc 46)) "Wait a minute. Pasc, I think we've got it. You'd better see this." ((Johnson runs to them))
CARSON: "Doctor Russell wants them."
JOHNSON: "We'll get them to Medical Centre, Carson." ((drags Pasc in))
CARSON: "Thanks. I'll get back, then."
PASC (sc 47): "What should I see?"
ALAN: "Right, well now, let's -have a replay."
Pasc drops Johnson & takes Alan's neck. Alan turns, taking & twisting his arm & shoving him away. Alan hits the alarm button.


Screen displays 'Emergency TechLab 3' as alarm sounds. Tony goes to his desk.
TONY: "Emergency in Tech Lab Three. Security move in." ((he leaves))


Pasc strangles Alan against the table, Etrec struggling to pull his arm away.
ETREC: "Pasc! Don't, Pasc! Pasc, don't!" ((Etrec is pushed off; Alan pulls off Pasc's bandage, seeing the glowing mark)) "Don't! Don't! Don't!" ((Pasc strikes him; Etrec goes to Alan)) "You've killed him. You killed him..."


Tony runs on, leading the guards.


ETREC: "You didn't have to kill him, he saved my life, he was my friend."
PASC: "You have no friends. Come on."
Pasc drags Etrec out. Alan stirs & feels his neck.


Pasc & Etrec stop, hearing footsteps (from the direction of Technical). They enter Weapons Section as Tony & the guards pass.


Tony & the two guards enter. The guards kneel by Johnson.
TONY: "Alan. You okay?"
ALAN: "Yeah, Pasc. Find Pasc."
TONY (taking comlock): "Medical Centre."
HELENA (VO): "Yes." ((beyond the guard puts his ear to Johnosn's chest))
TONY: "Emergency. Tech Lab Three. Get here fast."


Helena holds her comlock at her desk. She rises, replacing it on her belt.
HELENA: "Nature of the accident?"
TONY (on screen): "No accident. Pasc assaulted Alan and Johnson. Severe head injury." ((she takes a medical case from a tray; as she returns past her desk she picks up her stun gun))
TONY: "Attention security. Find Pasc."


Men in jumpsuits run along corridor ((clip from 'The Metamorph')).
TONY (VO): "He's dangerous, maybe armed."


TONY: "Alright, come on, let's go. Pierce, you come with us. Long, stay there with Johnson." ((Tony, Alan & guard leave))


Pasc comes out of Weapons section & grabs Helena, taking the laser from her hand.
PASC: "Stop."
ETREC (running to Alan & Tony beyond)): "Cobber!"
PASC: "Etrec! Come here, by me." ((Alan grabs Etrec)) "You let the boy go. Or I will kill the woman."
TONY (putting laser to Etrec's head): "Let the woman go, or I'll kill the boy."
PASC: "Go ahead. Shoot the boy." ((Tony can't; Pasc amused)) "You can't do it. The killing isn't in you. But I can!"
ALAN: "I thought Archanons couldn't kill."
ETREC: "That mark, it's the sign of the killing sickness."
HELENA: "So that's why you wore the bandage. To cover it up."
PASC: "Now listen carefully. We're going to take Eagle Three. Get all of your men out of that section."
TONY (taking comlock): "Attention security. Clear all access corridors to Eagle Three."
PASC: "Etrec. Etrec! Come over here to me! You can lead the way."
ETREC (moves to him, but looks back to Alan): "No, Pasc. I will not go."
PASC: "You cannot stay. They will kill you."
ETREC: "The killing is not in them."
PASC: "Not now, perhaps. But soon it'll be in you. Then they will have no choice."
ETREC: "They will do..what they have to do. I will stay." ((backs to Alan))
PASC: "Etrec! Come here! Come with me, or I will kill you myself!"
He aims his gun at Etrec, the mark of his head throbbing, but then returns it to Helena & they leave. Etrec turns into Alan's arms to cry. Alan looks at Pasc, then takes him away. Pasc's gun returns to Helena.


Caged doves in foreground; Alan & Etrec enter.
ALAN: "Oh, Etrec. Etrec. Go ahead and cry, son. You can be alone in here." ((he returns to the door))
TONY (VO): "All security guards. Alert station signal three." ((At door, Alan looks back at Etrec)) "Doctor Russell has been taken hostage by Pasc. Approach with caution." ((door closes after Alan)) "Doctor Russell's well being takes priority."


Close: comms post displays 'Yellow Alert'. A man in red 'Rescue' jumpsuit runs to open the Travel Unit door; a man in blue 'Decon' jumpsuit follows him in ((sc 45A of "The Exiles")).
TONY (VO): "Launch Area. I want Eagle One in the air above the pad. Nothing else is to move off the base. Repeat, nothing, but Eagle One to lift off."


TONY (as Alan enters): "I want all men in protective suits. There'll be a team of sharp shooters with stun guns and anaesthetic gas guns." ((he turns off the alrm sound; to Alan)) "Where's Etrec?"
ALAN: "I left him in the Recreation Centre."
TONY: "Good."


Travel Unit speeds on.
Travel Unit speeds on.
Travel unit stops.


CS: Boarding tube docks with Eagle.


The door, marked '3', opens. Pasc & Helena enter; he indicates she take the copilot seat. They sit.


High shot: The boarding tube retracts from the Eagle.


COMPUTER (VO): "Abort Mission. Launch Pad Deactivated. This Order Non-Voidable Until Code Reactivates."
PASC: "Talk to the control centre."
PASC: "Tell them to have the computer unlock the controls..or I will kill you."
HELENA: "You didn't kill Etrec. You won't kill me."
PASC: "I should have killed him."
HELENA: "Why didn't you?"
PASC: "He chose to stay. I choose survival."
HELENA (leans forward, concerned): "There may not be survival for either of you. There's a strange virus in your systems. In Etrec it seems to be dormant at the moment. In you, Pasc, it's alive, and it may be deadly. That's why I wanted to take blood samples. To try to help."
PASC (aggressive): "I don't need your help."


An Eagle flies over the pad and the grounded Eagle.


TONY: "Alan. We've got to get aboard that spaceship "
-Big Screen (SFX): Eagle on pad.
TONY (VO): " without alerting Pasc. Now, how about the Cargo hatch?"
ALAN (VO): "No, there'd be too much noise for drilling."
-Command Centre (sc 61):
TONY: "We could use an acid."
ALAN: "Yeah, but the most powerful acid we have would take nearly three hours to eat through an Eagle hull."
TONY: "Well, what's say we go through the propulsion tubes. The inspection plates from the engine room are thinner."
ALAN: "Yeah."
-Big Screen (SFX, sc 62): Pasc aiming at Helena
PASC (VO): "Verdeschi."
-Command Centre (sc 63): Alan & Tony looking up.
-Big Screen (SFX):
PASC: "I want Etrec. In exchange for your doctor. And I want your computer to release this Eagle."
-Command Centre: Alan steps forward
ALAN: "Etrec has already made his choice!"
PASC (VO): "Bring the boy to me."
-Big Screen (SFX):
PASC: "Or I will kill the woman."
-Command Centre:
TONY: "Helena? Are you alright?"
-Big Screen (SFX):
HELENA (on screen): "Get Raul! Tell him to- " ((cut off))
-Command Centre: Tony goes to his desk.
RAUL (on screen): "Medical Centre."
TONY: "Pasc just called in from Eagle Three. He wants to make a deal. Swap Helena for the boy."
RAUL (on screen): "You trust him?"
TONY: "Oh, sure. Like standing in front of a laser beam. But Helena tried to say something. She said 'Get Raul. Tell him to- '; and then Pasc cut her off. Now, what do you think she meant?"
RAUL (on screen): "We discovered a virus. We've been trying to get some blood samples to test. Maybe Helena caught onto something from Pasc."
TONY: "Okay, thanks. I'll get back to you." ((switches off & thinks)) "Alan. The kid trusts you, you can talk to him."
ALAN: "Well, he doesn't want to go with Pasc. You heard him."
TONY: "Yes, I heard him. But I also heard what Pasc said, and this time I think he means it."
ALAN: "Which do you want first? The kid? Or his blood?"
TONY: "Both."




Etrec goes to the cage of two white doves. He watches them, then takes one out, holding it tightly and breathing deeply, the mark on his forehead glowing.
ALAN (entering): "How are you doing?" ((startled, Etrec releases the bird; he faces away so Alan does not see the mark)) "Hey, now they're not supposed to be let out. Oh, come on, he'll fly back when he needs something to eat. Hey, cobber, we've got a very big problem. Pasc is going to kill Doctor Russell unless he gets you back."
ETREC (walking off, still facing away): "He will kill anyway. He can't help it. None of us can. We ..have..the..killing sickness." ((he looks at tray of cutlery))
ALAN: "Etrec. Doctor Russell tried to tell us something, now, Pasc wouldn't let her. Now Raul thinks Doctor Russell wanted him to get a sample of your's something to do with the killing sickness."
ETREC (picks up knife): "An Archanon..cannot give his blood."
ALAN: "Look, I'm not a doctor. I don't understand these things. But, cobber, this can be some thing really good, this your life and Pasc's."
ETREC: "An Archanon..cannot give blood." ((turns, holding up knife)) "An Archanon can only kill!"
ALAN (calmly): "Can you kill me, cobber?"
Beat. Favour Alan. Sound of a stab; Alan reacts in horror.
ALAN: "Etrec, what have you done to yourself?"
ETREC: "I wanted to cut the sign from my forehead. You asked for Archanon blood..this is yours...ah.." ((collapses against Alan))


Tony taps his fingers on a desk. He goes to Yasko.
TONY: "Haven't you got through to Eagle One, yet?"
YASKO: "No, sir."
TONY: "Well, keep at it." ((Tony goes to his own desk))
YASKO (sc 68; strange sound heard): "I'm picking up a signal."
TONY (returns to her): "Eagle One?"
YASKO: "Alien."


Archanon ship.
MAURNA (VO): "Moonbase Alpha. Moonbase Alpha."
Spaceship travels to Moon horizon.
MAURNA (VO): "Are you receiving, Moonbase Alpha? Come in, Moonbase Alpha."


MAURNA (VO): "Moonbase Alpha, come in please."
TONY: "This is Moonbase Alpha. Who are you?"
MAURNA (VO): "Permission to land, Moonbase Alpha."
TONY: "Identify please." ((to Yasko)) "Get her on the Big Screen."
-Big Screen (SFX, sc 73):
MAURNA (on screen): "I am from Archanon. We are concerned for your safety."
-Command Centre:
MAURNA (VO): "Two Archanons have been freed from restraint and can be a danger to you."
-Big Screen (SFX):
MAURNA: "I need permission to land."
-Command Centre:
TONY: "You have it." ((goes to answer desk)) "Yes, Alan?"
ALAN (on screen): "We've got the kid's blood. And something else I think'll interest you."
TONY: "Be right with you." ((runs out))


Archanon ship moves over base.


Alan opens the screen panel of the power unit.
ALAN: "Etrec sent for this. It tells the whole story." ((-puts rod in power unit & screen activates)) "That's Lyra, Etrec's mother."
LYRA (on screen): "Four oh two eleven one. It has happened again." ((-Tony & Alan)) "That which we of Archanon dread above all." ((-screen)) "The terrible scourge we thought we had eradicated from our genes has returned. Pasc has the killing sickness." ((Alan removes pen; screen blanks))
-TONY: "We've gotta let Pasc know that we know."
ALAN: "Yeah, make it fast. There's another battle going on right here." ((indicates Raul attending Etrec))
TONY: "Okay." ((goes to comms post))


TONY (on screen): "Pasc."
PASC: "So." ((pause)) "They have come to their senses." ((he puts the laser on the console)) "You have Etrec."
TONY (on screen): "We have."
PASC: "Well, hurry. And you will have your doctor back."
TONY (on screen): "A moment first, Pasc."
PASC: "I cannot wait!"


Close on power unit. The rod is placed in a slot.
TONY: "Hold it, Pasc. Look at this."
Alan & Tony watch.
LYRA (VO): " that which we of Archanon dread above all."


LYRA (on screen): "The terrible scourge we thought we had eradicated from our genes has returned. Pasc has the killing sickness. Lok and Kerak are dead, destroyed by Pasc in the meaningless violence that this disease engenders in it's victims."


LYRA (on screen): "I, Lyra, have taken command. Pasc has been overpowered." ((-Alan looks at Tony)) "I have ordered the preparation " ((-screen)) " of a stasis chamber." ((emotion rising)) "Pasc will be placed in stasis, where he will remain, "


Close Pasc.
LYRA (VO): " until a cure for the killing sickness can be found."


LYRA (on screen): "Since it is known that the killing sickness is passed on in the genes of the male line, "


LYRA (VO): " I have...I have no alternative..."


LYRA (on screen): "but to place in stasis, with Pasc, son, Etrec." ((-inset: Etrec, asleep. -screen)) "I pray...that one day...he will be able to give me..."




LYRA (on screen): " his forgiveness...and understanding."


PASC: "Let me see Etrec."
Screen shows Etrec in bed.


PASC (on screen): "What have you done to him?"
RAUL (walks from Etrec to comms post): "Nothing. He gave us his blood."
PASC (on screen): "You took Etrec's blood!"
ALAN: "He took it himself, Pasc. He gave it freely."
RAUL: "We have confirmation, Doctor. This virus- "


RAUL (on screen): " can be cured. We can develop a serum, if you can- "
HELENA: "What's the matter with Etrec?"
RAUL (on screen): "He seems to be incapable of replacing the blood he has lost."
PASC: "It is over." ((presses buttons)) "Unless this Eagle is released, Doctor Russell will die."
TONY: "All right, Pasc. You have control."
A panel bleeps; the 'Remote' light dies, & the 'Manual' light activates.
COMPUTER (VO): "Launch Pad Activated."
PASC: "I have lost Etrec. There is nothing left now. Nothing to wait for. You may go." ((Helena rises & goes to kneel by Pasc, sc 83))
HELENA: "The boy need not die. A blood transfusion- "
PASC: "My blood? With the active virus?"
HELENA: "Your blood, after it's been treated with the serum, will make up Etrec's blood. You're the only one who can save him."
PASC: "I do not save life. I take it."
HELENA: "Even your own son's?"
PASC: "Even my own son's."
HELENA: "You couldn't do it before, you cannot do it now."
PASC: "I can. I will. I must."
HELENA: "The sickness can be cured. It's just that you and your people have accepted it all these generations. Is it that you're afraid?"
PASC: "It's too late."
HELENA (angry): "It's not too late if you'll give your blood."
PASC: "It's too late, I tell you. He cannot be saved. Now get out or you go with me."
HELENA (quiet, then bitter): "Alright. Start your engines. Leave your son to die." ((gets up))


CS: Boarding tube extends to Eagle.


PASC: "We're coming out."


Helena tends Etrec, then goes to Pasc. Raul passes. Tony answers his comlock.
TONY: "Yes."
YASKO (VO): "The Archanon ship has landed."
TONY: "Right. Have them brought straight here."
Raul activates the display screen: it shows a red-yellow pattern.
RAUL: "It's worked. The virus has been destroyed." ((Alan is pleased))
HELENA: "He's doing nicely. Heart, blood pressure. Steady." ((goes to Pasc)) "He's failing. Stimulators."
PASC: "Oh...a..waste...A waste of time.....The heart will not pump what is not there..."
HELENA: "Save your strength."
PASC: "- How is my..son..?"
HELENA: "The virus is destroyed. He's a true Archanon again. A Peace Bringer."
PASC: "Good....Goooood..."
ETREC: "Pasc. Pasc." ((wakes as Alan removes a monitor from his wrist. Looks at Pasc)) "Pasc." ((rises & goes to put his arms round Pasc)) "Do not leave me."
PASC: " can return your own..."
PASC: "They will come for us both...but they will find only you...clean and freeee from the sickness...itttt is goood..."
Yasko leads Maurna in.
PASC: "Lyra..."
MAURNA: "Pasc. Lyra is gone these thousand years. I am Maurna. But of Lyra's line."
PASC: "Peace to you, Maurna...of Lyra's line...I give in to your care...your kinsman...Etrec. Take him with you to Archanon."
MAURNA: "You know I cannot, Pasc. There is still no place on Archanon for the sickness."
HELENA: "Etrec no longer has the sickness. We prepared a serum and gave him a transfusion using Pasc's blood."
MAURNA: "Yes. We know of this process on Archanon."
HELENA: "You could have cured Pasc, but didn't."
MAURNA: "We knew of the cure, but could not use it. No Archanon can give that amount of blood and live."
HELENA (looking at Pasc): "You...knew this?"
PASC: "It's the last privilege of the killing kill oneself..." ((with last gasp he dies))
ETREC: "Pasc..." ((lies his head on Pasc & cries. Helena takes him from Pasc))
MAURNA: "Come, Etrec. We're going home."
ALAN: "Hey, cobber. I've got something for you to take back home with you. Now remember. Two eyes, two hands, huh?" ((gives him rugby ball))
ETREC: "Thanks, Alan, but..."
ALAN: "Oh, come on. Just a beat up old football. Anyway, we're mates, aren't we? See you." ((he walks out the door))
MAURNA: "Football?"
HELENA: "It's an old Earth symbol which means...I'm glad I met you."
They start to leave.
ETREC: "Can I stay with Pasc, for a time?"
HELENA: "Okay."
Helena & Maurna leave. Etrec goes to Pasc & touches his face, then lowers his head onto him, sobbing.





HELENA (pours coffee & gives Koenig mug) "Glad to have you back, John."
KOENIG: "Glad to be back. I'm sorry I wasn't around to help when all that flak was flying about. Alan says I would have liked Etrec."
HELENA (pours cup for herself): "Hmm. You would have. You'd have liked Pasc too, under..different circumstances."
KOENIG: "Helena." ((rises & goes to her)) "You can't blame yourself for what happened."
HELENA: "Pasc is dead." ((drinks))
KOENIG: "You're a doctor. You did what any other doctor would have done. Pasc knew what would happen if he gave blood. You didn't know."
HELENA: "As a doctor I should have known. Besides, not a very satisfactory defence, ignorance." ((drinks))
KOENIG: "You saved the boy."
HELENA: "Yes. I do have that to be grateful for. Etrec."
KOENIG: "Is that all you have to be grateful for?"
They smile & kiss.

producer Fred Freiberger

from ITC Television c ITC -Incorporated Television Company Ltd MCMXXVI

Veronica Lang lyra/ maurna
John Alkin johnson
John Hug fraser
Anthony Forrest carson
Raul Newey dr raul nunez
Yasuko Nagazumi yasko

music by Derek Wadsworth
production manager Donald Toms
casting director Lesley de Pettitt

editor Alan Patillo
sound supervisor Roy Baker
sound editors Peter Pennell, Jack Knight
music editor Alan Willis
financial director Terence Connors

sound recordist John Brommage
camera operator Tony White
costume designer Emma Porteous
assistant director Robert Lynn
continuity Doris Martin
construction manager Bill Waldron

make-up Connie Reeves, Eileen Fletcher
hairdresser Jeannette Freeman, Masha Lewis
wardrobe Masada Wilmot, Barbara Gillett
asst. art director Michael Ford

lighting cameraman Nick Allder
camera operator David Litchfield
electronics Michael S. E. Downing
Processed at Rank Film Laboratories

SPACE: 1999
created by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson
Filmed at Pinewood & Bray Studios, England

Copyright 2002 Martin Willey