The Catacombs Transcripts
By Martin Willey


Screenplay Christopher Penfold
Director Val Guest
Final shooting script 4th August 1976
Double Up Helena script
Amendments: 3rd November 1976



Martin Landau John Koenig
Barbara Bain Helena Russell
Catherine Schell Maya

In Show Credits

featuring Tony Anholt Tony Verdeschi
Nick Tate Alan Carter
guest star Lee Montague Dorzak
Jill Townsend Sahala

End Credits

Kathryn Leigh Scott yesta
Sam Dastor dr ed spencer
Seretta Wilson clea
Richard Le Parmentier ed malcolm
Yasuko Nagazumi yasko
Paul Jericho 1st security guard
John Judd 2nd security guard


Jenny Cresswell Alphan
Quentin Pierre Security Guard (Pierce Quinton)


Int. Command Centre
Int. Medical Centre
Int. Detention
Int. Dorzak's Quarters
Int. Technical Lab
Int. Alpha Corridor
Int. Boarding Tube

Int. Croton ship



Low shot.
HELENA (VO): "Moonbase Alpha Status Report, two thousand and nine days since leaving Earth orbit. Doctor Helena Russell recording."


HELENA (VO): "This morning we heard the most terrifying sound in space, the Universal Plague Warning Signal."
All the Alphans are watching the Big Screen (Koenig is not present).
-Big Screen (SFX) (sc 3): stars speed out from a central dot. A two-tone horn.
-Command Centre. (sc 4)
HELENA (VO): "Commander John Koenig is in the North Quadrant investigating a belt of asteroids which give some hope of colonisation."
MAYA: "Tony, it's in a position to go into a high orbit around us."
-Big Screen (SFX): concentric circles pulse out from central star. (sc 5)
-Command Centre. (sc 6)
TONY: "Magnify."
-Big Screen (SFX): spaceship (sc 7)
-Command Centre. Helena enters. (sc 8)
ALAN: "Our Eagles are just model Ts compared to that."
YASKO: "It's changed course."
TONY: "Heading?"
YASKO: "Directly towards us."
HELENA: "It's a plague ship, Tony."
TONY: "Yeah, I know." ((operates desk))
VOICE OVER: "Weapons Section."
TONY: "Prepare lasers. target, that approaching spaceship."
-Big Screen (SFX): spaceship (sc 9)
SAHALA (VO): "Permission to land." ((with static, picture changes: Sahala's face)) "Urgent. We require permission to land."
-Command Centre (sc 10)
TONY: "Identify yourself please."
-Big Screen (SFX): (sc 11)
SAHALA: "My name is Sahala."
-Command Centre. favour Alan.
SAHALA (VO): "I come from the galaxy of Croton. One of my crew is dead,"
-Big Screen (SFX): (sc 11)
SAHALA: " another severely injured."
-Command Centre. Favour Alan.
SAHALA (VO): "I am left alone to control this ship."
-Big Screen (SFX): (sc 11)
SAHALA: "Will you permit me to touch down?"
-Command Centre (sc 12)
TONY: "No. You do not have permission to touch down."
ALAN: "She says she has injured on board."
HELENA: "Sahala. Your ship is transmitting the Universal Plague Signal."
-Big Screen (SFX):
SAHALA: "That is true. We have a plague on board, but isolated, there can be no danger to you. Please will you help us?"
-Command Centre (sc 12): Helena turns to Tony
TONY: "Maya, run a scan on that ship."
MAYA (types): "Croton. Our Psychon astronomers did identify controlled sources of photon emission in the third galaxy."
Alan looks up.
-Big Screen (SFX): Sahala.
-Command Centre (sc 12)
MAYA: "Scanner confirm. The ship is photon driven."
TONY: "What's its armament."
ALAN (types on Koenig's desk): "It has no armament."
TONY: "Helena. Will you get a medical team down to the launch area. Take care of the injured. Wear anticontamination suits and check, double check, that there is absolutely no danger to any of us from the plague before you board the ship."
HELENA: "Right."
-Big Screen (SFX): Sahala.
-Command Centre
TONY: "You have permission to land."
-Big Screen (SFX): (sc 13)
SAHALA: "Thank you."


Ship lowers in front of the base.


TONY: "Alan. Take Maya, go meet the landing party. And make sure there's no threat."


Ship lands on pad.


TONY: "Lower launch pad to boarding level."


Launch pad lowers to the correct level.


Unit speeds along.


Boarding tube docks with the Croton ship.


Helena, 2 medics & Sahala move the stretcher carrying Yesta from the ship to the Travel Unit.
HELENA: "Apart from skull fractures she's lost a lot of blood."
SAHALA: "But with your help we can save her, we must."
HELENA: "How did it happen?"
SAHALA: "We have a criminal aboard, one who nearly destroyed our civilization. My mission was to deliver him to exile on Theselena, the most distant planet of our Croton system. For a few disastrous moments he broke loose and this is the result."
HELENA: "Then this criminal is the nature of the plague you carry?"
SAHALA: "Yes." ((sighs)) "But we now have him safely in isolation."


Unit stops.


Alan, Maya & 2 guards wait as the medics exit.
HELENA: "She'll go right to our medical centre."
Alan smiles at Sahala. Then she sees Maya, & swiftly stuns her. The 2 guards quickly draw their lasers & go up to her. Helena & Maya go to the stunned Maya.
HELENA: "What have you done?"
SAHALA (coldly): "What I had to do."



featuring Tony Anholt
Nick Tate
guest stars Lee Montague, Jill Townsend
production executive Reg Hill
associate producer F. Sherwin Green
technical director David Lane
lighting cameraman Brendan Stafford BSC
production designer Keith Wilson
special effects designed and directed by Brian Johnson
writer Christopher Penfold
director Val Guest


Maya & Ed pass sensors over Maya. Credits over.
ED: "Not a thing."
HELENA: "There's no sign of any decay, just some form of suspension."
ED: "I've never seen anything like it."
HELENA: "How's Yesta?"
ED: "Not good." ((they go out into the main ward)) "I'm waiting for the lab report."
They look at the unconscious Yesta.
HELENA: "We'll have to operate."


SAHALA (insistent): "Because she's a Psychon."
TONY (angry): "That gives you the right to shoot her? Because she's a Psychon?"
SAHALA: "Yes, because of what they've done to my people. We were- "
TONY: "I don't care what you were! Now look, if Maya doesn't come out of this then you are going to remain locked here in detention for the rest of your life."
SAHALA: "But, please let me tell you-"
TONY: "Now you cannot tell me anything!"
ALAN: "Tony, give her a chance."
TONY: "Alan. She gets nothing." ((goes to door, pauses)) "Come on, Alan, let's go."
ALAN: "I'll be with you in a second."
TONY: "Okay. But a guard stays outside this door permanently." ((leaves))
SAHALA: "Thank you for trying to be kind."
ALAN: "Well, it's not that I'm a better listener than Tony. It's just that Maya means an awful lot to him."
SAHALA (after pause): "The Croton system is made up of many peoples and many planets, of which my planet Norvah was one. For thousands of dekons it has been cultivated into a peace loving federation."
ALAN: "The planet Psychon, is that a member?"
SAHALA: "We didn't know of it's existence until the arrival of one named Dorzak. He came in a spaceship with other Psychons, begging for refuge stating his own planet was about to be destroyed."
ALAN: "Yes, Maya knew that some of her people left Psychon before it blew up. But she never knew if they ever made it to another star system."
SAHALA: "Technologically, they were very advanced and we welcomed them on Norvah. But in time we realised the Psychons were a virus that would destroy our society."
ALAN: "Wait a minute, wait a minute, you see, you've got something out of balance. Maya is no virus."
SAHALA: "You don't know Psychons like we do. Their power is insidious. Dorzak incited to violence people who had been at peace for thousands of years."
ALAN: "But you said Dorzak's the prisoner on the ship."
SAHALA: "Yes. We developed a weapon to defeat him, and the psychology to use it."
ALAN: "The weapon you used against Maya?"
SAHALA: "The staser." ((takes his arm)) "Please help me."
ALAN: "If Maya doesn't recover.."
SAHALA (surprised): "Croton's don't kill. That was our weakness against Dorzak. I can bring her back."
ALAN: "Well do that. And you'll get Tony on your side."


Sahala examines Maya, watched by the others.
SAHALA: "The staser?" ((Tony doesn't react)) "Can you convince him to trust me?"
ALAN: "Let her prove you wrong, Tony."
Tony gives her the staser. Sahala points it at Maya's forehead. There is a whine, then the monitors start bleeping.
HELENA: "I've got a pulse." ((Maya wakes & Helena scans her)) "How do you feel?"
MAYA (weakly): "I feel fine." ((looks round to Sahala)) "Why? Why did you do that?"
SAHALA (hard): "Because you are a Psychon. I have had experience with Psychons."
MAYA (panicking): "Get her away from me!"
TONY: "Now, it's okay Maya."
ALAN: "Now, wait a while-"
MAYA (rising panic): "Get her away from me.."
HELENA: "Take it easy, Maya."
TONY: "Alright, I want her back in detention." ((Sahala looks resentful, but goes to the door to the main ward. Guards take her away)) "With a guard outside her door at all times." ((the door closes)) "Maya. One of the spaceships that escaped from Psychon before it blew made it to the Croton system."
MAYA: "But that's wonderful! But..isn't it?"
HELENA: "They caused grief when they got there, it seems that one of your people, Dorzak,.."
MAYA: "Dorzak!"
TONY: "Yeah, but listen. According to Sahala he turned on them, he tried to take over."
MAYA: "No, she's lying."
TONY: "Well, she says that he incited an insurrection on her planet, Norvah."
MAYA: "She's lying, I tell you. Dorzak was a philosopher, a poet. He was a man of peace. He wouldn't change."
HELENA: "Well, the claim is that he caused great suffering there."
MAYA: "That can't be!"
HELENA: "She's taking him to exile."
MAYA: "He's alive?"
HELENA: "He's a prisoner on Sahala's ship."
MAYA: "Here?"
TONY: "Yep."
MAYA: "Tony. Tony, I want to see him, please take me to him."


A guard brings in a food tray for Sahala. Alan sits by her.
SAHALA: "Am I so much a leper I must eat alone?"
ALAN: "I wouldn't think of it." ((he goes to draw up a chair))
SAHALA: "You seem somehow different from the others."
ALAN: "Different? No." ((places chair by her)) "We all come form the same planet, Earth. oh, unless you mean my accent. Yeah, I guess I am a little different. On Earth I come from a country called Australia."
SAHALA: "Australia. Is that very important?"
ALAN (smile): "Yeah. It is, to me."
SAHALA: "Our origins are different but you are very easy to be with, and you are kind."
ALAN: "Well, that's because you are easy to be with."
SAHALA: "There's only one way to repay you for your kindness. By continually warning you of the danger you are in. Your Psychon Maya will do her best to free Dorzak."
ALAN: "Maya will do nothing she is not permitted to do."
SAHALA: "Their loyalty to each other transcends all other relationships."
ALAN: "You don't know Maya."
SAHALA: "I don't know Maya, but I do know Dorzak. Even in stasis he's dangerous. One of my crew is dead and another near dead. They were both specially selected for their ability to resist his psychological attack. But even so he got through their defences."
ALAN: "How?"


Croton ship in space.
SAHALA (VO): "Well, the trouble began when we were half way to Theselena, the planet to which Dorzak was exiled."


Close on Clea, sat in chair.
SAHALA (VO): "The journey to Theselena is the longest we make and apart from the presence of Dorzak the crew had to face the psychological stress of this very long flight."
Clea watches kaleidoscope patterns, then looks across to large doors with a face-like motif on them. She walks over to the doors, noting Yesta & Sahala asleep.
SAHALA (VO): "Clea was on watch when things began to go wrong and she was unfortunately not as strong as Yesta and myself against the fatal influence of Dorzak even as he lay in status."
She opens the door & looks through the forcefield at Dorzak. Clea places her hand on a panel & the forcefield disappears. Her hand touches Dorzak's forehead & feels down to his chin. She kisses him.
CROTON COMPUTER (VO): "Computer to crew, computer to crew. I wish to communicate."
Clea stands & runs out, closing the doors as she leaves. She goes to the computer.
CLEA: "Speak."
CROTON COMPUTER (VO): "We are approaching a rogue asteroid. It is the former Moon from planet Earth."


CROTON COMPUTER (VO): "It's trajectory is random and it is inhabited by some three hundred Earth people."


Clea watches.


Croton ship travels to Moon.
CROTON COMPUTER (VO): "Their culture is primitive, being bound by the laws of the ancient continent. They represent no danger "


CROTON COMPUTER (VO): " to the mission. Course adjustments have been made to avoid collision. Communications complete."
CLEA: "Thank you, computer."
Inset: Dorzak's face.
Clea goes to the control panel & puts an instrument in to short circuit it.
CROTON COMPUTER (VO): "I am reporting a fault in the long range communicator. The fault lies in-"
CLEA: "Quiet."
Clea runs down through the door & takes a staser & another instrument. She uses them to touch Dorzak's forehead, temple & shoulder. The staser then touches his forehead & he opens his eyes.
DORZAK: "We have arrived in Theselena?"
CLEA: "How could I ever allow them to submit you to that indignity?"
DORZAK (cautious): "But where are we?"
CLEA: "Approaching an asteroid. There are three hundred people there. Backward but potentially useful."
DORZAK: "What do you have in mind?"
CLEA: "We could take over the ship and use their base for a return to Norvah."
DORZAK: "What about the others?" ((favour: Yesta waking))
CLEA: "I thought you could eliminate them after the Psychon fashion."
DORZAK: "Why are you doing this for me?"
CLEA (embraces him): "Oh, Dorzak."
DORZAK: "Clea, Clea, my wonderful Clea.." ((Yesta stuns him))
CLEA: "Oh no, what have I been doing?"
YESTA: "He is evil, Clea. Evil."
CLEA: "I know. I know."
YESTA: "Come. Come. How did it happen?" ((takes her to centre of room))
CLEA: "I-I don't know."
YESTA: "I'll get you something to drink."
As Yesta goes, Clea looks across at Dorzak: his unseeing eyes stare at her. Clea stands, & lifts an ornament behind her. Yesta puts a drink down before her & is hit over the head. Yesta falls, but rises enough to fire the staser at Clea before falling still.


SAHALA: "When I woke to take over the watch in the normal way, Yesta had nearly bled to death."
ALAN: "What happened to Clea?"
SAHALA: "Well, I released her from stasis. Then she confessed what I have just told you. The guilt was too much for her to bear, she threw herself out into space, and that's when I changed course to ask for your help."
GUARD (entering): "Mister Verdeschi would like you to bring Sahala to him."
ALAN: "Where is he?"
GUARD: "At the docking port, waiting to enter the Croton ship."
SAHALA: "Is the Psychon Maya with him?"
GUARD: "Yes."
SAHALA: "You see, it begins."


Croton ship docked.


MAYA: "Tony, why do we have to wait for her permission?"
TONY: "It's protocol, Maya. We don't go aboard a visiting spaceship unless we have permission from it's commander."
MAYA: "Even if she's obviously trying to deceive us?"
HELENA: "We're not sure of that, Maya."


Tube stops.


Door opens & guard, Alan & Sahala leave travel unit.
TONY: "We would like permission to board your ship."
SAHALA: "For what purpose?"
MAYA: "So that we can talk to Dorzak."
SAHALA: "You cannot talk to him, he's in stasis."
HELENA: "You can bring him out of stasis just long enough for us to ask him a few questions."
MAYA: "You should be anxious to cooperate if you were telling the truth."
ALAN: "She is. Why don't you listen to her?"
SAHALA: "If I am lying why is Dorzak a prisoner on my ship?"
MAYA: "Because Dorzak was in command and you were the one in stasis."
SAHALA: "Just like a Psychon. Twist a lie to resemble the truth."
TONY: "Quit stalling, Sahala. Let us talk to Dorzak, we'll know the truth soon enough. Just you get him out of stasis."
SAHALA: "Too dangerous."
ALAN: "Look, there is a witness who can tell us what happened. She is in the Medical Centre, Yesta."
HELENA: "She is still unconscious."
SAHALA: "It's safer to wait til she regains consciousness."
HELENA: "We don't know that she ever will."
TONY: "Sahala. I don't want to board your ship without your permission, but if you don't give it I will anyway."
Sahala is alarmed. She strikes the guard in the stomach & takes his gun.
SAHALA: "And it's on kill."




Croton ship.


SAHALA: "Mister Verdeschi, will you move from the entry hatch."
She points the gun at Maya. But then Alan grabs her arm & takes the laser.
TONY: "Alright, get her back to Detention." ((she is taken off by the guard)) "Let's go find Dorzak." ((the door opens & the others enter, but Tony lingers & takes Alan's shoulder)) "Thanks. You had me worried for a while. I thought maybe she'd got to you."
ALAN (quietly): "She has got to me." ((they enter))


ALAN: "Impressive place."
TONY: "Yeah. Crotons are obviously very cultured people."
ALAN: "Just like the lady said."
They walk to the sleeping alcoves. Tony finds a pellet.
ALAN: "Something?"
TONY: "Yeah. Looks more functional then ornamental."
ALAN: "I've been through the other alcoves. No trace of anything similar."
TONY: "What do you think, an electronic bug?"
ALAN: "Yeah, could be. Maybe some kind of charm."
TONY: "I'll get Technical to check it out."
They continue to look round. Helena finds the door & Maya opens it. They see Dorzak through the forcefield.
MAYA: "Dorzak. That's a forcefield."
TONY: "He doesn't look much of a menace there, does he?"
ALAN: "He sleeps easily for somebody who perverts minds."
MAYA (strongly): "He doesn't pervert minds. More than likely the Crotons were so impressed by him that they were drawn to him."
TONY: "It's possible. His ideas were seen as a threat to the Croton establishment."
MAYA: "The Crotons were oppressing the people and he was opposing them, of course they'd send him into exile."
HELENA: "Then Sahala could be telling the truth, at least about what happened on the ship."
MAYA: "Well, a version of the truth, anything to keep us from reviving him."
ALAN: "What if Sahala is telling the whole truth about that man?"
HELENA: "And if she is it would be dangerous to revive him."
MAYA: "Tony."
TONY: "I'm not sure we ought to take that risk."
MAYA (protests): "But he's a wonderful man, I know him."
HELENA: "You knew him, Maya, on Psychon. You know nothing of him since he left." ((she takes her comlock as it bleeps))
ED (VO): "Doctor Russell."
HELENA: "Yes, Ed?"
ED (VO): "We're ready to operate."
HELENA: "I'm on my way."
TONY: "Helena. If you can bring Yesta back to consciousness, it might help solve a lot of problems." ((Helena leaves))
MAYA (to Tony): "Tony. I'm not the only Psychon alive."
TONY: "I know."
MAYA: "I think I can get him out of stasis."
ALAN: "Why don't we wait until we hear Yesta's story?"
MAYA: "I never thought I was ever going to see anyone of my own race again, I must speak to him."
TONY: "If what Sahala said is true-"
MAYA: "Well, even if her accusations are true, he can't harm anyone, he's behind a forcefield."
TONY: "Okay. Go ahead. See if you can revive him."


Yesta is transferred from a stretcher to the operating bed. Helena & Ed, in surgical gowns, study a thermographic plate.
HELENA: "First phase is to relieve the cortical pressure caused by the compound fracture."
ED: "At least we've been successful in stopping the internal haemorrhage."
HELENA: "It may recur, all..monitors functioning?"
ED: "Yes. What do you may of this?" ((points to pellet-shape by ear on the plate))
HELENA: "I don't know, it seems to be some sort of metal alloy."
ED: "It just could be a deliberate implant of some kind."
HELENA: "Mm. It'll have to come out. It's involved in the wound." ((they go to Yesta)) "All set then?"


Maya operates the controls, causing violent flashes.


Operating, Helena holds up the pellet & puts it on a small dish.
HELENA: "Run some tests on this, Ed, please?"


Tony answers his comlock.
HELENA (VO): "Tony."
TONY: "Yes, Helena."
HELENA (VO): "Yesta will be out of the anaesthetic in a few minutes."
TONY: "Okay, I'll be right there." ((cuts link)) "Now, Maya. That forcefield must remain intact."
MAYA: "I understand Tony."
TONY: "Let's go, Alan." ((to guard)) "Get Sahala to Medical Centre." ((as they move out, Tony looks back to Maya)) "Maya, can you handle it?"
MAYA: "Don't worry, Tony, I wouldn't do anything against Alpha."
TONY: "Okay." ((he leaves))
Maya continues to cause thunder flashes. Dorzak stirs & sits up.
MAYA: "Dorzak..?"
DORZAK: "Maya?" ((he stands)) "It is Maya, isn't it, daughter of Mentor? But how are you here in this Croton ship, I thought you were dead?"
MAYA: "I survived the destruction of Psychon...the only survivor. We thought all of you were dead."
DORZAK: "I survived the hatred of the Crotons...the only survivor. It's just you and me, Maya, we're the only Psychons alive." ((steps up to the forcefield; kindly:)) "The forcefield. I thought you came to rescue me, Maya, am I still a prisoner then?"
MAYA: "Not for long. Sahala, the commander of the ship.."
DORZAK: "Ah, Sahala. That evil being. What lies has she told about me?"
MAYA: "Her lies won't help her now that Yesta has been revived."
DORZAK: "Yes. If there is a Croton with integrity it's Yesta. Where is she?"
MAYA: "In Medical Centre."
DORZAK: "While we wait for the truth to come out, tell me of yourself, Maya, since I saw you last."


Yesta stirs, watched by the Alphans.
HELENA: "She's coming out of it." ((Yesta opens her eyes)) "Yesta..?"
YESTA: "I am Yesta." ((she moans))


Dorzak, concentrating.


Yesta moans.


Close on Dorzak, staring fixedly ahead.
MAYA (VO): "And Mentor tried to restore the planet by use of a biological computer.."


Yesta moans. Sahala & a guard enter.
SAHALA: "Thank you, Doctor Russell, for helping my friend." ((goes to her)) "How is she?"
HELENA: "She doesn't know where she is, she doesn't know me. A familiar face would be reassuring. Yesta? Sahala is here."
SAHALA: "Yesta. Yesta."
Weird sound effect as Yesta focuses on Sahala.


Focus on Dorzak.


YESTA (distraught): "Take her away!"
SAHALA: "Yesta."
YESTA: "Take her away!"
SAHALA (sits on bed): "Yesta, please."
YESTA: "It's wrong what we did to the Psychons. We should have let them live in peace."
SAHALA: "Yesta, please, listen to me, you must!"
YESTA: "Get her away!..get her away!..get her away from me.."


Flash of Dorzak.


YESTA: "She killed Clea.."
Sahala is shocked; Yesta cries. Helena & Ed move to sedate her.


Close on Dorzak.
MAYA (VO): "But Mentor's brilliant intellect was not sufficient. Psychon blew up."


Yesta is unconscious again. The line on the monitor screen flattens.
HELENA: "She's dead."
TONY: "At least we know where we stand."



Yesta is taken off on a stretcher. Tony uses his comlock.
TONY: "Maya."
MAYA (VO): "Yes, Tony."
TONY: "It seems Dorzak is innocent."


MAYA: "I knew it."
TONY (VO): "If you succeed in reviving Dorzak- "
MAYA: "I already have. Then I have your permission to release him from the forcefield?"
TONY (VO): "Yes. Take him to more comfortable quarters, level D."
The forcefield turns off. Dorzak & Maya hug.
DORZAK: "Your faith sustained us both."


TONY: "Get her back to Detention." ((guard & Sahala leave)) "She was obviously lying, Alan."
ALAN: "Obviously? Something doesn't hang together here, Tony."
TONY: "She talked about Dorzak's mind having power over other people. Maybe she's the one with the power. Will you take some advice from an old buddy?"
ALAN: "Stay away from her?"
TONY: "Something like that."


TONY (entering): "Hey, Sam."
SAM: "Hi."
TONY (hands pellet to him): "I want you to run a check on that for me, will you?"
SAM: "I just ran a check on the twin of that for Doctor Russell."
TONY: "Yeah? Well, how about filling me in?"
SAM: "Sure. Now this is the one Doctor Russell removed from Yesta's head. It's a neuro pulsonic jammer."
TONY: "A deliberate implant?"
SAM: "I didn't say that, Doctor Russell said it."
TONY: "What was it supposed to jam? You have any idea?"
SAM (switches on screen): "Now those are organic psycho waves."
TONY: "What does that mean?"
SAM: "Well, they're electrical impulses associated with extra sensory perception."
TONY: "If I was going to give you an order or a message the impulses from my brain would look like that?"
SAM: "Yes they would."
TONY: "And you could jam that message if you had one of these implanted in your head?"
SAM: "Exactly."
TONY: "Phew. Sam. Did our sensors pick up any organic psycho waves like these transmitted today."
SAM: "Yes they did."


DORZAK: "You must tell me more about the technique of molecular transformation. You mastered it?"
MAYA: "I have. Of course with the help of my father."
DORZAK: "What about your friends on Alpha? Have you taught them the technique?"
MAYA: "Only Psychons have the unique molecular structure that permits the transformation."
DORZAK: "Then you must teach me."
Maya transforms into a hamster with black spots.
MAYA (VO): "You're so brilliant about everything." ((we see her as herself again)) "I enjoy doing something you cannot."
DORZAK: "You must teach me the principle." ((she laughs))
TONY (on screen): "Maya, will you report to Medical Centre, please?"
MAYA: "I'll be right there, Tony." ((cuts link)) "Exercise that famous mind of yours in finding my Alphan friends a habitable planet and I will teach you molecular transformation when I get back." ((she leaves))


The spotlight arm is being directed at Sahala's head. Alan holds her hand.
HELENA: "There it is, just behind the ear. Right under the scalp flap. A simple operation, could be done in minutes."
ALAN (as Sahala takes his hand): "If only we'd known what that thing was before we removed it from Yesta."
SAHALA: "Yesta, poor Yesta. She died with his foul accusations on her lips. She must be in misery thinking I might blame her."
ALAN: "No. Wherever she is, she'd know that you wouldn't blame her."
SAHALA: "Then you're convinced I'm telling the truth?"
ALAN (as Maya enters): "Of course."
TONY: "Maya. Look at this. It's a neuro pulsonic jammer."
MAYA: "It's purpose is to jam electrical waves, amongst other things."
TONY: "Yeah. Such as hypno-suggestion."
HELENA: "Now our sensors picked up a hypno suggestion transmission at thirteen hundred hours and twenty two. That was the time that you brought Dorzak out of stasis."
TONY: "And they stopped just after Yesta's death."
MAYA: "She's accusing Dorzak of transmitting these impulses?"
HELENA: "Yes. The Crotons developed the device to jam psycho waves before they entered the brain."
MAYA: "Well, if that's true why was Clea affected, and Yesta?" ((as scan stops humming))
SAHALA: "Clea was in love with Dorzak and removed the one thing that protected her from his power."
HELENA: "I have to take the responsibility for Yesta. I removed the device and Dorzak was able to have her say what he wanted us to hear."
MAYA: "Helena, how can we be sure that she's not tricking us?"
TONY: "Maya. We can't be sure of Dorzak either. Now if he can control minds from stasis he could take us over completely."
ALAN: "The only one who he can't control is Sahala."
SAHALA: "Yes. Give me a weapon, I'll take him prisoner again."
MAYA: "No, Tony."
TONY: "Don't worry, I don't intend to do that." ((to guard:)) "Would you escort the lady back to Detention?" ((to Sahala:)) "Please?"
ALAN: "It's going to be okay this time." ((she & guard go))
TONY: "Maya. There is a way we can get to know the truth. If Sahala and Dorzak were left alone together, then all the cards would be on the table."
Maya looks at Alan & Helena, both of whom nod at her. Maya changes into Sahala.
HELENA: "If Dorzak suspects... Be careful, Maya."


Sahala/Maya holds a laser to Helena's back as they walk along.
TONY (on comms post screen): "Attention all security personnel. The Croton woman, Sahala, has broken out of Detention and is holding Doctor Russell hostage at gunpoint."


TONY: "She is presently in section L proceeding towards the Croton ship. Noone, I repeat, noone is to try to stop her."


Sahala/Maya & Helena walk on.


DORZAK (entering): "If I can help in any way."
TONY: "Well, thank you."
DORZAK: "If any of your people suffered injury because of me.."
TONY (angrily): "Alright, Alan, how did it happen?"
ALAN: "I don't know."
TONY: "Well, what the hell is security playing at?"
DORZAK: "Tell Sahala that you will exchange me for Doctor Russell. That is what she wants." ((beat))
TONY: "It crossed my mind."


Helena leads Sahala/ Maya into Reception, & past the 2 guards into the Travel Unit.


Unit moves off.


YESTA: "They're on their way to the Croton ship."
SAHALA/MAYA (appearing on screen under Big Screen): "I have a demand to make, Mister Verdeschi."
TONY: "Yeah, I'll bet. Dorzak for Doctor Russell."
SAHALA/MAYA: "Correct. And should Dorzak make you reluctant may I remind you that if I choose to ignite the photon drive before I am clear of Alpha, all life here will be extinguished by radiation."
TONY: "I thought Crotons didn't kill."
SAHALA/MAYA: "It's the language you appear to understand. I expect the Psychon immediately." ((cuts link))


Close on Croton ship.


Travel unit door opens & Dorzak, Alan, guards & Tony emerge.
SAHALA/MAYA: "Dorzak."
Helena crosses as does Dorzak. The Croton ship door closes.


DORZAK: "It's absurd we should be at war."
SAHALA/MAYA: "War seems to come naturally to you Psychons."
DORZAK: "This far from Norvah I see things clearer. You Crotons are in far greater danger from yourselves than you are from Psychons."
SAHALA/MAYA: "We're no longer in danger from you."
DORZAK: "But your civilization is enfeebled by contentment. We Psychons are steeled by the struggle for survival."


Helena, Tony & Alan wait.


SAHALA/MAYA: "You cannot subvert my mind as you did Yesta's."
DORZAK: "It may be dekons old, but your civilization was based originally on military supremacy. Only when that was achieved could the luxury of culture grow."
SAHALA/MAYA: "On the stasis couch. This gun is set to kill."
DORZAK: "Yes. The couch is very comfortable." ((lies down))
SAHALA/MAYA: "How did you subvert Yesta's mind?"
DORZAK: "You should know that. Sahala would know. Why do you tremble, Sahala?"
SAHALA/MAYA: "I am not trembling?"
DORZAK: "Are you suddenly afraid of me? Sahala would not be afraid of me." ((she gets staser as he watches her carefully; he stands again)) "Do you know why you are afraid of me? Because you are not Sahala. You are Maya." ((she transforms back to herself)) "You betrayed me."




Croton ship.


ALAN: "She must know by now."
TONY: "Give her another couple of minutes. Then we'll go in."


MAYA: "Is there some flaw in the Psychon nature that turns us all into monsters? First my father, and now you."
DORZAK: "Philosophy doesn't win space for people to live. It's the struggle for survival that makes monsters of us all."
MAYA: "But the Alphans aren't warped by their struggle."
DORZAK: "They are a pathetic example of the lingering process of extinction. Without your Psychon help they would have died a dozen deaths."
MAYA: "They saved me. From our doomed planet."
DORZAK: "You are a child, Maya, but a child that can be of great service to me."
MAYA: "I refuse."
DORZAK: "Only the Crotons are trained to operate their spaceships so I must have Sahala under my control. To do that I must have Doctor Russell remove the neuro-pulsonic jammer." ((Maya tries to run off, but his stare holds her & she returns to sit by him. He turns her head to him.)) "I command you to convey to me the knowledge of molecular transformation."


HELENA: "It's been too long."
ALAN: "Right."


'Maya' finishes using the staser on 'Dorzak' & closes the forcefield.


TONY: "Okay."
Tony, Helena, Alan & 2 guards enter the hatch.


TONY (going to her): "Maya."
MAYA: "I was wrong."
TONY: "Are you alright?"
MAYA: "Not really. I could hardly believe what I heard. From his own lips. He's not the Dorzak I knew."
ALAN: "I'm going to tell Sahala." ((starts out))
TONY: "Hey. Tell her she can have her ship back now. But I want it off Moonbase as soon as possible." ((Alan leaves))
MAYA: "I was afraid."
HELENA: "He's safely in stasis now, Maya. There's no need to be afraid anymore."
TONY: "Hey. I know what will cheer you up. How about a beer? I just made a fresh lot. You know how my beer always cheers you up."
MAYA: "Yes, I'd love some."
TONY: "Well, great." ((in French accent)) "Zen there is a fabulous French restaurant that I know at the end of block D, level nine." ((kisses fingers)) "Oh la la. Or we can have a nice relaxing time floating around in outer space." ((in Bogart accent)) "Come on, let's celebrate, sweetheart."
MAYA: "In a while, Tony. I'd like to stay here and apologise to Sahala."
TONY: "Apologise? Oh come on, Maya, you don't have to do that."
MAYA: "Please, Tony. I'll meet you back in Command Centre."
TONY: "Okay. But I'll be waiting. Come on, Helena, let's go."
Helena starts off with him & both guards. Maya stares at her, & Helena stops.
HELENA: "You go ahead, Tony. Before they leave, I'd like to learn something about stasis."
TONY: "It's just not my day." ((he leaves with guards))
MAYA: "I want you to perform an operation for me, Doctor."
HELENA: "Yes, Dorzak."


SAHALA: "Then I may go back to my ship?"
ALAN: "Maya caught him off guard. He thought he was talking to you. We got the truth."
SAHALA: "How can I thank you?"
ALAN: "Well, you can start by forgiving us for doubting you?"
SAHALA: "I felt through it all you were my friend."
ALAN: "I was. And I am."


Helena enters & opens a drawer.
ED: "Helena, I have the reports you asked for."
She ignores him, takes a small medical kit & leaves.


A man gives Tony a report.
TONY: "Well, thanks."
ED (appearing on screen): "Tony?"
TONY: "Yes, Ed?"
ED: "Helena was just in here."
TONY: "She's a doctor, that's a Medical Centre, mm?"
ED: "She picked up some surgical instruments and walked out without saying a word. I had some reports she was anxious to see and she didn't care. Her actions were..well..very unusual."
TONY: "Well, there've been a lot of unusual things happening around here lately, Ed. You know I even suggested Maya have some of my beer just now and she actually said she'd love some." ((with large yawn)) "That's pretty unusual behaviour." ((sudden shocked realisation)) "For Maya."


Sahala & Alan enter & see Dorzak asleep on the couch.
SAHALA: "It's a relief to see him safely in stasis again."
DORZAK (behind them): "Don't feel too comfortable." ((they turn to see him)) "Mister Carter. If you will hand your weapon to me." ((entranced Alan does)) "And now, Mister Carter, if you will walk into the stasis chamber." ((Alan enters it & sits by Dorzak/Maya; Dorzak activates the forcefield; Real Dorzak holds laser on Sahala)) "Forgive me for pointing this at you, Sahala, but until that implant is removed from your head I cannot reach your mind." ((door opens for Helena)) "Ah, Doctor Russell. Would you kindly prepare yourself, Sahala. Doctor Russell has agreed to perform the necessary operation." ((Sahala backs))


The 2 pellets are on a tray in front of Ed & Tony.
ED: "She just took the surgical instruments out of that drawer, walked out without a word. She's just never acted that way before. Is something bothering her?"
TONY: "I'm not sure."


Dorzak touches Sahala's shoulders; she slumps unconscious & he carries her to the seat.
DORZAK: "Doctor Russell. Your patient is ready." ((gives her medical kit))


Travel Unit speeds along.
Travel Unit speeds along.


Dorzak watches as Helena is about to operate on Sahala. Tony enters.
TONY: "Helena."
DORZAK: "Mister Verdeschi. If you will hand me your weapon."
Tony advances slowly & raises his gun as if to offer it. Sharply he knocks Dorzak's laser away. Dorzak pushes past him for the hatch but Tony stuns him in the boarding tube. Alan stirs.
TONY: "Helena, you alright?"
HELENA: "Yes, I'm alright."
They go to the stasis chamber.
ALAN: "The wall." ((indicates control panel))
They touch it & the forcefield turns off. Alan runs out & Tony gets the staser. He then uses it on the stasis 'Dorzak'. Helena watches. Maya transforms back into herself.
MAYA: "Oh, Tony."
TONY: "Welcome back."
HELENA: "It's alright, Maya. Everything is alright now."
MAYA: "What happened?"
TONY: "I'll let you know everything soon as we get Dorzak back behind this forcefield."




Helena, Maya & Ed wear surgical gowns as they finish operating on Tony. They remove their masks.
MAYA: "Very clever these Earthlings."
HELENA: "Easy, Tony." ((to Ed)) "Nice job of inserting that capsule, Doctor."
ED: "Nice job removing it, Doctor." ((they raise the bed slightly))
TONY: "Where's Alan? The least he could do is spare me a few grateful words for saving his alien friend."
HELENA: "He's with his alien friend right now."


SAHALA: "Crotons are conditioned never to be sad at a parting, but I am ashamed to say I am sad at this one."
ALAN: "Well, I'm not conditioned, and I'm not ashamed of the way I feel, knowing I'll never see you again."
SAHALA: "How does your species say goodbye?" ((they kiss))
ALAN: "How do you say goodbye on Norvah?"
SAHALA: "The way you say goodbye is better." ((they kiss again))

producer Fred Freiberger

from ITC Television c ITC -Incorporated Television Company Ltd MCMXXVI

Kathryn Leigh Scott yesta
Sam Dastor dr ed spencer
Seretta Wilson clea
Richard Le Parmentier ed malcolm
Yasuko Nagazumi yasko
Paul Jericho 1st security guard
John Judd 2nd security guard

music by Derek Wadsworth
production manager Donald Toms
casting director Lesley de Pettitt

editor Roy Lovejoy
sound supervisor Roy Baker
sound editors Peter Pennell, Jack T Knight GBFE
music editor Alan Willis

sound recordist John Brommage
camera operator Tony White
costume designer Emma Porteous
assistant director Ken Baker
continuity Doreen Soan
construction manager Bill Waldron

make-up Connie Reeves
hairdresser Jeannette Freeman
wardrobe Eileen Sullivan
asst. art director Michael Ford

lighting cameraman Nick Allder
camera operator David Litchfield
electronics Michael S. E. Downing
Processed at Rank Film Laboratories

SPACE: 1999
created by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson
Filmed at Pinewood & Bray Studios, England

Copyright 2002 Martin Willey