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DragonCon (2011)

Atlanta, GA, USA
2-5 September, 2011

DragonCon is a major multi-media science fiction convention in the US that has been running since 1987. One of the 373 guests in 2011 was Martin Landau, who was interviewed by Anthony Taylor in the talk "Martin Landau: The Space 1999 Years" (Saturday 1pm -2pm, part of the "British Sci-Fi Media" track). He was also interviewed on the main track on "Mission Impossible" (Sunday 11:30) and "From Moonbase Alpha to the X-Files" Monday 10am

Report and photograph is thanks to Joe Nash.

Martin Landau in 2011; picture by Joe Nash

He spoke for about 1 hours and 10 minutes, but did not field questions from the audience.

He spoke at length about Season One, especially "Black Sun" and "Guardian of Piri". One quote I found interesting was that he said, "We were innovative to some degree. In 'Black Sun' we even portrayed a female God."

He stated that he personally felt that the unseen force alluded to during Year One was a "spiritual force", but avoided the term God for the rest of the discussion!

He spoke about Brian Johnson, Gerry and Sylvia Anderson in the most complimentary ways. However, when he spoke about Year Two, he made the audience laugh several on several occasions! He spoke of his fondness of working with Tony Anholt, Nick Tate and Catherine Schell, as well as Charles Crichton.

He did state of his displeasure of working with Freddie Frieberger, which was the source of most of the laughter! He spoke about several instances when he would go to Frieberger's office and would have, as he described it, "pretty big arguments about characters and scripts". He went on to say "Well, I really like Freiberger as a person...(slight pause) was his..(slight pause), artistry (Mr. Landaus emphasis) that was awful!"

He spoke about approaching Frieberger about a script in which Koenig orders a pre-emptive strike and that was out of character for Koenig. He said that Frieberger told him, "They (the viewers) won't notice." ! Mr. Landau said that this particular conversation was very heated and really set the tone for their interactions for the remainder of Year Two. He went on to mention writing some notes of his own on his copies of certain scripts to express his thoughts and feelings regarding characters and plots.

When Mr. Landau had completed his discussion, his assistants (I assume) helped him down and spirited him away quickly. Although several people tried to approach him as he left, no one was able to get pictures or talk to him because of security and his swiftness in exiting. I was sad, because this was the first time I had seen him in person!

So, my daughter and I left the Capitol Ballroom and rounded the corner of a side corridor. We literally bumped into Mr. Landau and his assistants. I spoke to him very, very briefly (you know, the 'I really enjoy your work type of compliment'!) and he said hello to my 8 year old daughter. He let me take one picture before his assistants told him that they had to leave right then. So, I guess the unseen force worked for me and somehow led me to meet him, albeit very briefly!