The Catacombs Wes Sargent Eagle

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Wes Sargent, Visual FX Artist: (July 2002)
Here's the work in progress. Still need to add further detailing along the corridors and add paint to the forward and aft cages. Engine bells need some further texture work. When I started this project two months ago the aim was to replicate as closely as possible the second 44 inch eagle as part of a bigger project in the works. Thanks to sites like yours, there is some excellent reference. Unfortunately most of the reference has lens distortion built in so it's difficult to get exact measurements. I did the best I could with what I had at the time. I found out later that in some areas I had been a bit off so when time permits I'd like to go back and correct those deviations. For the most part though, I hope it's only the geeks like us will be able to tell. Making space stuff is sure a lot of fun.

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Eagle on fire

Eagle on fire by Wes Sargent, April 2003

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