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Hollywood Chemistry

HOLLYWOOD CHEMISTRY: When Science Met Entertainment

Ed. Kevin Grazier, Donna Nelson, Sidney Perkowitz (ACS Symposium Series, US, 2013); Chapter 13 "Cosmic Catastrophes in Movies" by Joshua Colwell p159

The television series Space:1999 had the novel premise of the ejection of the Moon from the Solar System, complete with a band of stranded scientists. While the Moon could not be ejected from Earth orbit by a nuclear detonation, as in the show, it is possible (though vanishingly unlikely) for it to be stripped from the Earth through a gravitational interaction with a sufficiently massive object passing through the Earth-Moon system on just the right trajectory. The series did not explore the effects of the loss of the Moon on those left behind on Earth. Some theories of the origin of life on Earth suggest that the lunar tides,much stronger in the past, may have played a critical role in producing shallow pools of water rich with nutrients and the chemical building blocks of life.

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