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This is an article by Kenneth Hughes from the Daily Mirror, a UK tabloid newspaper, around December 1974. It features a large picture, credited to Jeff Stone, of a Main Mission scene from the start of Space Brain (shot on Thursday 5th December 1974). The article was probably published shortly afterwards. Note that Space: 1999 was due to start on UK television in spring 1975. It would be held back a further 6 months, until September 1975.

ITV's New Year looks like bringing a big bang - it will certainly get off to a flying start with the launching of British television's most spectacular series ... the £3 million odyssey called SPACE 1999. Pictured above are the cast assembled in their Lunar Base - at Pinewood Studios, Bucks.

Situation The Moon is blown to pieces when atomic waste dumped from Earth explodes. The 300 people living on Moonbase Alpha are thrown out of orbit into Space, and their adventures and misadventures on a chunk of runaway Moan take them through a series Of twenty-four shows. The producers are husband and wife team Sylvia and Gerry Anderson makers of the puppet dramas "Thunderbirds" and "Supercar."

The A T V -backed series is due on the screen in the early Spring. The stars are another husband and wife team, Martin Landau as commander of Moon Base Alpha, and Barbara Bain as Dr Helena Russell, boss of a skilled medical team.

Gerry Anderson promises spectacular effects never attempted before on television.

Kenneth Hughes

Picture by Jeff Stone