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Is this the new Star Trek?

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TV Prevue 5-11 October 1975
Chicago Sun Times

Eagle spaceship travels from its base on the moon to a fateful journey through the vastness of the universe. Martin Landau, Barbara Bain and Barry Morse star in the one hour science fiction series of man's ultimate adventure, premiering on Channel 9 Sunday at 5:30pm.
Actually it's a Hawk, not an Eagle (a test shot from War Games, showing the original paint scheme).
USA (Ohio) 1975

Trekkies, rejoice!

Is this the new Star Trek?

Chicago Sun Times, TV prevue, 5-11 October 1975, p8-9.

Trekkies of the world, rejoice- science fiction is back on the tube. No pointed ears this time but lots of elaborate special effects happen weekly on this new British series Space: 1999.

The basis for the series is a gigantic natural disaster in the year 1999. The moon is blasted away from its Earth orbit.

While Star Trek fans only had the gigantic spaceship Enterprise, the 300 people who were living on the self- sustaining Moonbase Alpha have a large chunk of the remaining moon for moving-around space.

Featured in the series are that husband-and-wife team from Mission-Impossible, Martin Landau and Barbara Bain. He plays the superleader of the moon colony. She is the chief medical officer.

Space: 1999 also has its resident superbrain professor (Barry Morse) whose job it is to keep ail that elaborate life-sustaining equipment clicking away from week to week.

The distributor of the show in the United States. Abe Mandell of the Independant Television Corp., predicts science fiction fans are ready tor a new Star Trek.

"We are not gong into this blind." he explained. "We've got $6.5 million invested in the show. We did a lot of research and it proved to all of us that out there in television land, all over the world, is a vast cadre of science fiction nuts.

"Now Star Trek has done phenomenally well. The old reruns are still tops in their time period. But it's getting a little tired and running out of gas.

"And those tans out there are waling tor something new."

In Chicago, Space: 1999 aired on WGN-TV Channel 9