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Space 1999- Show is out of this world

Show is out of this world

Best on the box with Phil MacKay

Metro newspaper, 1999 (BBC 1998 screenings; this was February 1999 as Journey To Where was shown)

GERRY Anderson was responsible for some great sci-fi series, Thunderbirds to name but one, but when it comes to Space 1999 (Saturday, BBC2, 4.40pm) he came up trumps.

Even though his vision of the future may have been a bit far-fetched, we haven't got blue hair and we don't live in space, when it comes to fashion he had the right idea.

The men's clothes may still be stuck in a seventies time-warp but the women are literally out of this world - well at least the skirts are.

The acting is not oscar-winning but the special effects make the whole programme watchable even if it is just for a giggle.

In this week's episode a voice from the future promises Commander Koeing [sic] that the Moonbase Alphans can be rescued as long as they follow certain instructions.

Chances are they wont succeed but as long as the hem-lines k remain in orbit I will be tuning in every week,