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Titbits No. 4724, Sept 30-Oct 8, 1976, p13

Titbits was a UK tabloid magazine, equivalent to America's National Enquirer. It previewed the series SFX in July 1975.

I'm not frightened of loving again

- but the marriage proposals in Catherine's fan mail terrify the beautiful star from outer space

Space 1999 turned Catherine Schell's hair red and men's thoughts to marriage

Caption: Space 1999 turned Catherine Schell's hair red and men's thoughts to marriage

CATHERINE SCHELL, a beautiful alien in TV's new Space 1999, is being pestered by "terrifying" proposals of marriage. "They come every week," she said. "Men write to me thinking they know me - and own me.

"They tell me I'm throwing myself away doing certain films and they say that it's shameful."

One man wrote: "Perhaps you'll come back to your senses one day and realise my love is more important than what you're doing."

The 29-year-old star whose films include The Return Of The Pink Panther with Peter Sellars, also gets letters from men wanting to take her to bed. But she said: "I just throw them away. I'm much more terrified about the letters from men talking about marriage.

"All I can say is they are barking up the wrong tree. They've got no chance what-ever. They should find some girl who might be in love with them."

Catherine- born a baroness in Hungary, though she doesn't use the title - has lots of friends. But there's no special man in her life at the moment. She likes "brainy men with a sense of humour."

She and her husband, actor Bill Marlowe, parted two and a half years ago. They were together eight years. "I was very young mentally when I married," she said. "I had great illusions about what life was about. I-thought I was very strong and could carry the world on my shoulders. But I found out I was incredibly frail. It's all part of growing up.

"I've now proved I'm independent. I will want to lean emotionally on the next man in my life but I certainly won't have to rely on him financially.

"You've got to make it as two complete people and have mutual respect for each other.

"I want to marry - I don't believe in once bitten twice shy. I'm not so frightened of loving again. I've an awful lot of love to give and giving it brings me pleasure. Hungarians always have to be in love.

"I desperately want children. One of the reasons I want to get married is to have a family."

Catherine, a statuesque 5ft 8in and 36-24-35, plays Maya, a super-intelligent red head (she's really blonde) in ATV's popular Space 1999. She has the power to change herself into anything, from a rock or an old lady to a bee.

"It isn't easy doing a series," she admitted. "It's very tiring and playing an alien there was the problem of make-up. It took-several tests to decide what would work. After which I just took the plunge, closed my eyes and hoped for the best."

Catherine needn't worry. She'd be a winner on any planet.

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