Printout Alpha - 5
Moonbase Alpha.
Command to
Commander John

Co-ordinator supreme (in
Koenig's absence) of the highly
complex structure of Main
Mission, Paul Morrow is played
by actor Prentis Hancock.
   Like most actors, Prentis likes
to travel, and he's been luck in
this respect. Not long before
joining the cast of 'Space 1999' he
was filming on the summit of the
7,000 ft Unterberg Mountain in
Austria for an episode of 'The
Protectors'. And now he's on the
   Ex-singer, ex-fencing
instructor, Prentis Hancock has
worked widely in theatre,
television and films--and is no
newcomer to science fiction. He
appeared in the 'grandaddy' of
them all--'Doctor Who'. Add to
that appearances in such shows as
'Dixon of Dock Green', 'Doctor
Finlay's Casebook', 'Z Cars',
'Softly Softly' and 'Colditz', and
you've got a man as versatile as the
all-knowledgable Paul Morrow!
Paul Morrow
Doctor Mathias in Medical Centre
Doctor Mathias
Assistant to
Doctor Helena
Russell. Key
member of the
Moonbase Alpha
medical team.

Another Jamaican, Anton Phillips
is a newcomer to this type of
television series-film.. Although he
has appeared in a number of taped
TV shows including 'Warship' (he
was an able-seaman) and 'Barlow
At Large', where he played a
  Anton finished his schooling in
New York, where he first studied
drama, and then returned to
Jamaica with the intention of
concentrating on radio work.
Before long, though, he made his
way to London, where he worked
as a book-keeper, then as a
passport officer in his country's
High Commission. He stopped
working to write a play which won
a prize in a Jamaican festival, and
then went for drama training at
the Rose Bruford College. After a
period of stage work that included
the name part in Maorwitz's 'An
Othello', he won his running role
in 'Space 1999'.

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