The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
by Martin Willey

Commlock Clip

Barbara Bain's tight belt meant the commlock stuck into her hips. In early episodes she tucked the commlock closer to the front of her stomach. When she sits, her commlock shifts sideways, almost falling out.

Matter Of Life And Death Matter Of Life And Death
Ring Around The Moon

Starting in Ring Around The Moon, Helena's commlock hangs further out from the belt, and much lower. As this shot shows, behind her commlock is a strap around her belt. The strap has a hook, into which Helena slots the commlock clip.

The commlock clip.

Another Time, Another Place Missing Link Guardian Of Piri Alpha Child The Last Sunset The Troubled Spirit Mission Of The Darians Dragon's Domain

She doesn't wear it all the time- when she has to remove the commlock there is no clip (as in Alpha Child, under control of Jarak, or in The Troubled Spirit when she is frightened by the ghost in Medical). When she loses her commlock in Mission of the Darians, the clip disappears too.

End Of Eternity

The problem with this hook is that when Helena walks, the commlock is much looser and can visibly wobble. This sequence in End of Eternity reveals her commlock clearly shaking loosely from her belt.

The Infernal Machine

In The Infernal Machine, Helena even wears the clip with her spacesuit belt.

The Full Circle

In The Full Circle, Koenig also wears a clip while on planet Retha.

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