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The Full Circle

Death's Other Dominion Year 1 - Episode 15 End of Eternity

Screenplay by Jesse Lasky, Jr.
Pat Silver
Directed by Bob Kellett
France/Canada Le grand cercle The Big Circle
Spain El círculo completo The full circle
Germany Die Steinzeit-Falle The Stone Age Trap
Italy Circolo chiuso The Closed Circle
Japan Attack of Primitive Space Cavemen
Portugal O Círculo Fechado The Closed Circle
Poland Tajemnica mgly
South AfricaDie Volle Kringloop The Full Circle

The centuries roll back for the occupants of the moon through a time warp of 40,000 years to the Stone Age, and meeting up with themselves as cavemen. ITC summary


The Full Circle


Int. Main Mission
Int. Command Office
Int. Medical
Int. Eagle Pilot Section
Int. Eagle Passenger Section

Ext. Planet Surface (locations)
Ext. Planet Surface Mist Entrance (studio)
Ext. Planet Surface Mist Area 2 (studio)
Int. Cave


The Full Circle

Three Eagles are seen together in two of the landing shots; one is obviously a cardboard cut-out (only two 44" Eagles existed at the time).

How a special effects shot is put together: the Eagle, atmosphere and stars, and planet are all separate exposures.

SFX shot SFX shot SFX shot SFX shot SFX shot


As the camp awakens, Bergman is whistling Grieg's "Morning Mood" (Morgenstemning) from Peer Gynt. Thanks to Jordan Orlando.


The Full Circle



From when the rescue mission sets out, they are in range of the planet for 3 days. When Koenig has been returned to Alpha Medical Center, there are less than 2 days left.

Alpha Personnel:

1 fatality, Sandos.

Alpha Technology:

The Full Circle


Eagle 1 (Koenig); 2 (Alan); 3 (Victor); 6 (original landing party)







The Full Circle

Kano and Bergman's Eagle 3 is seen first with the tube to port (this shot). It launches with the tube to starboard.

The Full Circle

The wooden edge of the false ceiling is visible top right.

The Full Circle

The Eagle on the left is a 2-dimensional cut-out.


The Full Circle
The Full Circle



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