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The French Canadian dubbed episodes were shown, titled "Cosmos: 1999" (see below for more details). From December 1975 the government owned channel TF1 showed 13 episodes until April 1976, An additional episode appeared in June 1976, and a new run of the remaining episodes began at the end of 1976 and into 1977. The series was reportedly the most requested on the weekly repeat programme A la Carte. The episode Missing Link was not shown in this original run, as the nightmare scenes were judged too frightening. Year Two was not shown.

In the summer of 1980, TF1's Temps X science fiction programme was a year old and began a repeat run of Cosmos 1999, this time including Missing Link. The 2015 book, Nos Annees Temps X by Jérôme Wybon and Jean-Marc Lainé (Huginn Muninn) covers the history of Temps X and includes Space: 1999.

A second repeat run followed on the channel Antenne 2.

In August 1987 the private station La Cinq began to show the episodes every weekday, then showing for the first time in France Year Two on Saturdays. In 1989 it again showed the episodes one every day at 11.35 am.

Year 1 French titles Year 2 French titles Year 2 French titles: Alerte Rouge

On September 13, 1999, the channel Série Club had a special La Nuit Special Cosmos 1999 (Space: 1999 Night) including a documentary on the series with a Martin Landau interview

Merchandising was minimal:

The fan club Cosmos 1999 published four quarterly newsletters between 1990 and 1999, and ran four conventions. In 2000 it was renamed Destination Alpha; it closed in 2002.

Website: Destination Alpha

See the Canadian guide for dubbing cast and translation notes.

Date French Title Translation Original Title Notes
1. 13 Dec 1975 A la dérive Adrift Breakaway
2. 23 Dec 1975 Le grand cercle The Big Circle The Full Circle
3. 27 Dec 1975 Le testament de l'Arcadie The Testament Of The Arcadia The Testament Of Arkadia
4. 3 Jan 1976 La mission des Dariens The Mission Of The Darians Mission Of The Darians
5. 10 Jan 1976 Ruses de guerre War Stratagems War Games
6. 15 Jan 1976 Le retour du Voyageur The return of Voyager Voyager's Return
7. 17 Jan 1976 Au bout de l'éternité At The End Of Eternity End Of Eternity
8. 31 Jan 1976 Collision inévitable Unavoidable Collision Collision Course
9. 14 Feb 1976 L'enfant d'Alpha The Child Of Alpha Alpha Child
10. 26 Feb 1976 Le gardien du Piri The Guardian Of The Piri Guardian Of Piri
11. 28 Feb 1976 Puissance de vie Force Of Life Force Of Life
12. 3 April 1976 Direction: Terre Direction: Earth Earthbound
13. 10 Apr 1976 L'anneau de la Lune The Ring Of The Moon Ring Around The Moon
14. 19 June 1976 Un autre royaume de la mort Another realm of death Death's Other Dominion
15. 20 Dec 1976 Autre temps, autre lieu Another Time, Another Place Another Time, Another Place
16. 8 Jan 1977 Question de vie ou de mort Matter Of Life Or Death Matter Of Life And Death
17. 22 Jan 1977 Cerveau spatial Space Brain Space Brain
18. 29 Jan 1977 En désarroi In Disarray The Troubled Spirit
19. 5 Feb 1977 Le soleil noir The Black Sun Black Sun
20. 12 Feb 1977 La machine infernale The Infernal Machine
21. 19 Feb 1977 Le dernier crépuscule The Last Twilight The Last Sunset
22. 5 March 1977 Le dernier adversaire The Last Enemy The Last Enemy
23. 12 March 1977 Le domaine du dragon The Dragon's Domain Dragon's Domain
24. 23 Aug 1980 Le maillon The Link Missing Link First broadcast for this episode during 1980 repeats
25. 28 September 1987 En route vers l'infini Journeying To Infinity Journey To Where First broadcast for Year 2 on La 5, 1987
26. 30 September 1987 La planète Archanon The Planet Of Archanon The Mark Of Archanon
27. 7 Oct 1987 Dorzak Dorzak
28. 10 Oct 1987 Humain, ne serait-ce qu'un moment Human, just for a moment One Moment Of Humanity
29. 24 Oct 1987 Taybor le commerçant Taybor The Trader The Taybor
30. 14 Nov 1987 Les catacombes de la Lune The Catacombs Of The Moon Catacombs Of The Moon
31. 21 Nov 1987 Le nuage qui tue The Cloud Which Kills The Beta Cloud
32. 5 Dec 1987 Le syndrome de l'immunité The syndrome of immunity The Immunity Syndrome
33. Dec 1987 Un message d'espoir 1ère partie A Message Of Hope Part 1 The Bringers Of Wonder part 1
34. Dec 1987 Un message d'espoir 2ème partie A Message Of Hope Part 2 The Bringers Of Wonder pt 2
35. 2 Jan 1988 Les chrysalides AB The Chrysalis AB The AB Chrysalis
36. 9 Jan 1988 Déformation spatiale Space Warp Space Warp
37. 16 Jan 1988 Une question d'équilibre A Matter Of Balance A Matter Of Balance
38. 23 Jan 1988 L'élément lambda The Lambda Element The Lambda Factor
39. 30 Jan 1988 Le spectre The Spectre The Seance Spectre
40. 6 Feb 1988 La planète du Diable The Devil's planet Devil's Planet
41. 13 Feb 1988 Les Dorcons The Dorcons The Dorcons
42. 2 Aug 1989 Tout ce qui luit All That Glisters All That Glisters
43. 3 Aug 1989 La métamorphose The Metamorphosis The Metamorph First broadcast on La 5 during 1989 repeats
44. 6 Aug 1989 Les Exilés The Exiles The Exiles
45. 18 Aug 1989 Une autre Terre Another Earth New Adam, New Eve
46. 19 Aug 1989 Le secret de la caverne The Secret Of The Cavern Seed Of Destruction
47. 3 Oct 1989 Les directives de Luton The Rules Of Luton The Rules Of Luton
48. 31 Oct 1989 Le cerveau ordinateur The Computer Brain Brian The Brain

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