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The Lambda Factor

The Bringers of Wonder Part 2 Year 2 - Episode 19 The Seance Spectre

Writer Terrance Dicks
Director Charles Crichton
Guest Stars Deborah Fallender,
Jess Conrad
Belgium (Flemish) Lambda Factor
France/Canada L'élément lambda The Lambda Element
Italy Onde Lambda Lambda Waves
Japan Murder Case of Lambda Supernatural Transformation Power
Poland Czynnik Lambda
Portugal O Factor Lambda The Lambda Factor
Portugal O Duelo das Mentes Duel Of The Minds
Spain El factor lambda The lambda factor

A pretty, young Alpha technician dies a horrible and unexplained death. Dr. Russell's experiments reveal that one of the crew is possessed of paranormal mental powers and is trying to take control of Moonbase Alpha.... ITC summary


The Lambda Factor


Int. Command Centre
Int. Medical Centre
Int. Medical Stores/ Substore Room
Int. Recreation Centre
Int. Research Room (revamp Reception)
Int. Engineering
Int. Koenig's Quarters
Int. Caroline's Quarters
Int. Alpha Corridor

The Recreation Center set has windows to the surface, unusual in a Year Two set. It is seen again in The Seance Spectre


The Lambda Factor



The Lambda Factor




2308 days after leaving Earth orbit (Sat 7 Jan 2006)

Alpha Personnel:

2 fatalities, Sally Martin, Mark Sanders.

The Lambda Factor The Lambda Factor The Lambda Factor The Lambda Factor The Lambda Factor The Lambda Factor

Alpha Technology:

The Lambda Factor The Lambda Factor



Maya transformations:

Chimpanzee, green caterpillar, tiger, "gorilla".

The Lambda Factor The Lambda Factor The Lambda Factor The Lambda Factor







The Lambda Factor

As the Medical Stores door is torn apart, hands can be seen ripping it open.

The Lambda Factor The Lambda Factor

Note that in some shots, Tessa and Sam are reversed, with the badges on the opposite side.


  • Maya wears another poor gorilla suit.
  • The force shown in this episode seems to boost purely negative feelings; Carolyn uses her victims' fear against themselves (so Sally dies of internal injuries, not flying projectiles). Only Carolyn uses the power; the others are afraid and caught in a self-destructive loop. Koenig's guilt is exaggerated and causes him to withdraw into himself. Renton is afraid of winning, but continues to do so. Similarly, Garforth is convinced the metal bar cannot bend. By contrast, the experiments they excel at (Zenor cards, ball rolling) show positive manipulative powers which is contradictory. Note in the original script Carolyn shows signs of regret and guilt.
The Lambda Factor The Lambda Factor



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