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Novelisations: West Germany
Compiled by Martin Willey


Mondbasis Alpha 1 series, two hardback translations of three English language Year 1 novelisations. They were reprinted 1984-1985 under different titles with a different author name. Patrick O'Connor was an American book editor who commissioned TV tie-ins; his name was probably on the licensing contract and Breitschopf mistakenly credited him as author (thanks to David Spencer).

Title Details Cover
Unbekannte Invasoren by John Rankine 1975 German translation, published two years before the series appeared on German television (hence the prominent title UFO).
#848, ISBN 3-7004-1093-X, 160 pages
Title UFO, not Mondbasis Alpha 1; photo of astronaut looking at sleeping Kaldorian. The back cover as an unusual rehearsal shot from Breakaway (note the red labels on the spacesuits).
Unbekannte Invasoren cover Back cover
Some copies have a yellow sticker over the title with the German title Mondbasis Alpha 1. Thanks to Patrick Zimmerman
Alternative cover
Flucht Ins All by E.C. Tubb

Includes Die Mysteriose Planet by Brian Ball

1978 German translation of two novels in a single volume.
#534, ISBN 3-7004-0042-X, 300 pages
Astronauts at desks in foam. back: astronaut aims laser (Alpha Child)
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Terra ruft Mondbasis by Patrick O'Connor
"Terra is calling Moonbase"
1984 reprint of Flucht Ins All- Die Mysteriose Planet
#632, ISBN 3-7004-0089-6, 300 pages
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Odyssee im Weltraum by Patrick O'Connor
"Odyssey in Space"
1985 reprint of Unbekannte Invasoren and the 1971 UFO novel In den Fängen der Außerirdischen by Wolfgang Klesl & Viktor Straub
#653, ISBN 3-7004-0107-8, 290 pages
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Interior: characters

Mondbasis Alpha 1 series; 19 x 26.5 cm; covers feature full cover photo of front of Eagle by Moon, with an inset photo, photos inside.

The text is a translation of the Italian AMZ novelisations by Gianni Padoan. Each is 48 pages long; the episode adaptations are illustrated with some 70 colour photographs. Most photos are the same as the AMZ books, although the shorter page count means less photos are used. There seems to be only one different photo: the incredibly poor shot of the Eagle on page 19 of i giustizieri del cosmo has been replaced with a photo of an Eagle with lab module and boosters from The Metamorph.

Images and information thanks to Patrick Zimmerman.

Title Cover Story Cover
Band 1. Die Katastrophe (24 November 1977) Koenig holds Helena before computer Breakaway Book 1 cover Book 1 back cover
Band 2: Auf Gefahrlichem Kurs (January 1978) Koenig and other astronauts (Ring Around The Moon) Collision Course, Voyager's Return Book 2 cover Book 2 back cover

Interior photo from p6 of Die Katastrophe. The same photo (a SFX scene not used in the episode) is card 37 of the Donruss card set (reversed).

Interior photo from Auf Gefahrlichem Kurs, the only photo that is different from the AMZ edition. The photo also appears as the cover of the Golden All Star book.


Mondstation 1999 series, 12 paperback titles based on Yr 2; 11.5 x 18 cm, Cover with title over photos; back with title & description

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Title Cover
1. Alpha 1-Station Der Verlorenen by Michael Butterworth Koenig, Hawk over the destroyed Alpha from War Games
2. Die Unheimliche Kraft by Michael Butterworth & J. Jeff Jones Maya before computer
3. Der Doppelganger by Michael Butterworth 2 photos of Koenig
4. Der Weltenfresser by Michael Butterworth Koenig & Helena, rear part of Eagle launching
5. Die Zeit-Attacke by Michael Butterworth Alan enters AB Chrysalis station to find Koenig unconscious
6. Kampf um die Zukunft by Michael Butterworth Koenig holds up laser in War Games room
7. Das Andromeda-Ratsel by H. W. Springer Yasko turns from desk screen reading 'Red Alert', 2 Alpha Child pursuit ships
8. Das Erbe Der Roboter by H. W. Springer Koenig & Alan, Kaldorian ship in front of lunar surface
9. Die Ewigen Von Luna by H. W. Springer Maya (from The Metamorph) and Eagle crashing amongst NDA 2 caps
10. Invasion Der Esper by H. W. Springer Helena & personnel in Command Centre shield their eyes (Dorcons)
11. Aktion Exodus by Kurt Brand Koenig in recoils from Eagle cockpit fire (Immunity Syndrome)
12. Der Stahlplanet by M. F. Thomas Koenig holds laser, Alpha Child ship beyond

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