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The Dorcons

The Immunity Syndrome Year 2 - Episode 24

Writer Johnny Byrne
Director Tom Clegg
Guest Stars Patrick Troughton, Ann Firbank, Gerry Sundquist
Original Title Return Of The Dorcons
Belgium (Flemish) De Dorcons
Spain Los Dorkons The Dorkons
France/Canada Les Dorcons The Dorcons
Italy I Dorconiani
Japan Maya! Forever is here, ALPHA...
Portugal Os Dorcons The Dorcons

The Dorcons -the most powerful race in the galaxy -demand that the Alphans hand Maya over to them. Koenig refuses, until Moonbase Alpha is savagely attacked and invaded! Then, having let them take Maya he makes a desperate attempt to save her....


The Dorcons
behind the scenes


Int. Command Centre
Int. Alpha Corridor
Int. Alpha Corridor Outside Airlock 2
Int. Travel Tube
Int. Weapons Section
Int. Eagle Pilot Section

Int. Dorcon Stateroom
Int. Dorcon Operations Area
Int. Dorcon Corridor
Int. Dorcon Ventilation Duct
Int. Dorcon Transfer Room


The Dorcons The Dorcons The Dorcons



  • The raw materials of the ship are: 'Carbon/ Hydrogen/ Argon/ Rebillum'. Carbon and hydrogen are the building blocks of organic chemicals. Argon is an inert gas. There is no such substance as Rebillum. Strangely there is no oxygen (for atmosphere) or any metals (iron, aluminium or titanium for the ship's structure).
The Dorcons



2409 days after leaving Earth orbit (Tue 18 Apr 2006)

Alpha Personnel:

2 fatalities, Thompson, another pilot.

Alpha Technology:


Four combat Eagles incl. Eagle 4 are destroyed

Maya transformations:

Ape-lizard animal, Alphan girl, dove (partial transformation).

The Dorcons The Dorcons The Dorcons




Archon, Varda, Malic from planet Dorca

The Dorcons The Dorcons The Dorcons The Dorcons The Dorcons


The Dorcons The Dorcons



The Dorcons
As three of the four Eagles veer off, the two that fly to the right of the screen briefly merge.
The Dorcons The Dorcons

When the guards flee and the Alphans escape, Varda's body is on the floor. In the next scene, her body has disappeared. Thanks to Thomas.


  • The script direction for Malic: "A handsome, cruel faced youth, whose darting furtive eyes and nervous movements betray his disturbed state of mind. This is Malic, in appearance an alien Caligula." Caligula (Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, born A.D. 12, died A.D. 41, emperor A.D. 37-41, reportedly killed the previous emperor, Tiberius, and declared his will null and void on the grounds of insanity so that he would be sole heir. Among his more notorious later acts was making his horse a consul. His remark "Those about to live salute you!" is a reference to Suetonius in Life Of Claudius (c 120 AD): "Ave, Imperator, morituri te salutant" (Hail, Emperor, those about to die salute thee", the salute of the gladiators before they fought to the death).
  • Archon. "A frail, elderly aristocrat". "It is suggested that Archon should be pronounced as in 'March On' to avoid any confusion with the Mark Of Archarnon"(sic) The name Archon is also used in Voyager's Return. The name is from the Greek "archos", ruler. The Archon was the chief magistrate in Greek city states, c1000-683 BC. Athens had 3 annually elected Archons in a governing council, the most powerful being the Eponymous Archon.
The Dorcons
The Archon's throne was used as Arra's throne in Collision Course and Companion's bed in The Infernal Machine. His chair is a design normally seen in Alphan living quarters (the ribbon chair, designed by by Pierre Paulin). On either side of the throne are obelisks previously seen in A Matter Of Balance and Devil's Planet



The Dorcons

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