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The Last Enemy

War Games Year 1 - Episode 18 The Troubled Spirit

Screenplay by Bob Kellett
Directed by Bob Kellett
Guest Artist Caroline Mortimer
Original Title The Second Sex
Belgium (Flemish) De laatste vijand The Last Enemy
France/Canada Le dernier adversaire The Last Enemy
Germany Zwischen 2 Planeten Between 2 Planets
Italy Nemici invisibili Invisible Enemies
Japan Space Battleships, Launching the Missiles!
Netherlands De laatste vijand
Portugal O Último Inimigo The Last Enemy
Spain El último enemigo The last enemy

Moonbase Alpha finds itself caught up in a war between two planets -and the wiles of a beautiful woman.


The Last Enemy


Int. Main Mission
Int. Command Office
Int. Sandra's Quarters
Int. Alpha Corridor
Int. Travel Tube
Int. Airlock
Int. Eagle Pilot Section

Ext. Moon surface (CU of moonbuggy)

Int. Bethan Room
Int. Satazius


Publicity picture Publicity picture Publicity picture



The Last Enemy This Episode



Alpha Personnel:

0 fatalities.

Alpha Technology:


Eagle 1 (Alan); 2,5


The Last Enemy

Betha and Delta


The Last Enemy

Theia, Dione and her crew from Betha; Talos from Delta. Both planets humanoid.



The Last Enemy


The Last Enemy

Above: cut SFX scene, seen in the Fanderson Space: 1999 documentary (1996) and Message From Moonbase Alpha. The nebula distracts from Betha and Delta.

Cut SFX: A longer version of the Satazius leaving orbit, with Betha rotating below it.

  • In 1979 the US TV series Wonder Woman used footage of the Satazius over Alpha in the episode Time Bomb
  • In 1985 the pop video for "Clouds Across The Moon" by The Rah Band had footage of the Satazius landing on the Moon.
  • In November 1986, a clip from the episode was used in a set of questions for the TV quiz Telly Addicts
The Last Enemy



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