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Video: Japanese Video and Laserdisc
Compiled by Martin Willey

Emotion (Bandai Emotion, label of Tohoku Shinsa Organisation Co. Ltd).

Alien Attack flyer
Alien Attack flyer

Japan 1985

Japan's Bandai company is one of the biggest toy companies in the world. In 1983, they founded the Emotion label for video releases, primarily of TV and film anime titles.

Bandai Emotion released three compilation movies in three different video formats. Destination Moonbase Alpha was not released by Bandai as the Japanese rights were held by CBS-Fox Far East.

The stunning new artwork was by Yuji Kaida (born 1953, a Japanese artist known for his paintings of monsters and robots, and thousands of plastic kit covers). There are ads on back cover of Supermarionation Graffiti books and the It's Thunderbirds Century Modeling Manual p97. Like Japanese LPs, CDs and books, when sold these had a vertical paper strip wrapped around one side, called a "tasuki" (Japanese for ribbon), although now more widely known as an "obi" (a Japanese word mistakenly used by foreigners). These are mostly covered with Japanese text (title, artist, track listings, price). These are usually discarded after purchase; consequently items retaining them have a greater rarity value.

The tapes and laser discs are NTSC, with English soundtracks and Japanese subtitles.

Alien Attack:
Alien Attack laserdisc cover
Alien Attack video cover Alien Attack video back cover

Video: Art of Eagle (dramatic front view) over Alpha in darkness with lightning beyond. Video nbr 105 (15,800 Yen)

Laser disc: Art of Eagle (3/4 view) with explosion on Moon below. Photos on rear of both episodes, plus an Eagle from The Metamorph. Includes a glossy photographic sheet, one side profiling the series, the other "John Koenig's Private Diary". Serial number BELL-18 (9,800 Yen). Released 28 April 1985.

Back cover Insert sheet Insert sheet Disc label

VHD release. The card slip-case is similar to the VHS/LD. The white plastic caddy with yellow label contained the disc; it was inserted like a cartridge into the VHD player. Thanks to Patrick Zimmerman.

VHD front VHD back VHD cartridge
Journey Through The Black Sun
Journey laserdisc cover
Video nbr 106 (15,800 Yen);

laser disc LD 109 (9,800 Yen). Released 28 July 1985

Laser disc cover (without obi)Laser disc- back cover
Back cover with obi Insert Insert reverse
VHS tape
Cosmic Princess:

Video nbr 107. No laser disc

Cosmic Princess video

1st Season Set Set of four volumes, each with 6 episodes (on 3 laserdiscs). Released in 1993, price Y15,800 Discs are CLV, in NTSC with bilingual soundtracks (English and Japanese). High quality packaging, with artwork cover box (art from the videodiscs), originally sold with tasuki/obi paper strip. Enclosed are an "Annual File" with a colour photographic cover and 8 black/white looseleaf sheets covering series and production details (photos and art taken from the Tokuma Shoten "Complete Visual Encyclopedia" and Starlog's Technical Notebook). The disc sleeves used blueprints of Alpha hardware (the Moonbase, Eagle, Hawk, stun gun/commlock).

Volume 1: BELL 566
Vol 1
"Breakaway", "Matter Of Life And Death",
"The Infernal Machine", "Dragon's Domain",
"The Testament Of Arkadia", "The Last Enemy"
Volume 2: BELL 567
Vol 2
"Mission Of The Darians", "The Troubled Spirit",
"Space Brain", "War Games",
"End Of Eternity", "The Full Circle"
Volume 3: BELL 568
Vol 3
"Death's Other Dominion", "Collision Course",
"Voyager's Return", "Alpha Child",
"The Last Sunset", "Force Of Life"
Volume 4: BELL 569
Vol 4
"Guardian Of Piri", "Missing Link",
"Another Time, Another Place", "Earthbound",
"Ring Around The Moon", "The Black Sun"

Annual Files in the Catacombs

"Annual Files" and data sheets
Annual Files 1 cover back cover of annual file 1 Data sheet c/u
laser disc sleeve- vol 1 click for larger image (19k) back cover of 2 back cover of 3 back cover of 4

CBS-Fox Far East Co:

Destination Moonbase Alpha

Japan, 2 September 1988

Space: 2100 (CFX-9056): Destination Moonbase Alpha movie

Thunderbirds and ITC Opening and Ending Titles Special (Emotion-ITC)

BES 144. Japan

Laserdisc, featuring the title & credit sequences from Gerry Anderson ITC series, from "Supercar" to "Space: 1999" plus "The Prisoner", in the original English format. Includes a 12 page 15 x 30 cm brochure.

Thunderbirds History Title Collection (Emotion-ITC)

BEAL 334. Japan, released 1989?

Laserdisc, featuring the title & credit sequences as in the "Opening and Ending Titles Special" above, first in the original English format, then in the re-edited versions used in Japan. Opening sequence includes 5 seconds from the "Alien Attack" (Warren & Sparkman's Eagle crashing). The English title & credit sequences are from "The Troubled Spirit". The Japanese title & credit sequences are from "Ring Around The Moon" (the titles were identical to the English originals, except for an inserted shot of Eagles over the base from "Dragon's Domain" and a new, appalling theme tune). About 1 minute of footage of Koenig's Eagle in "Breakaway", & Eagles in "The Metamorph" and "Space Warp" (poor quality clips from "Cosmic Princess") are also included.

Cover featured colour photos from the series, including an Eagle & a Year Two posed shot of Koenig & Helena cowering in an Eagle doorway.

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