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Brian the Brain

The Mark of Archanon Year 2 - Episode 9 New Adam New Eve

Writer Jack Ronder
Director Kevin Connor
Guest Star Bernard Cribbins
Belgium (Flemish) Brian het Brein
Spain Brian el cerebro Brian the brain
France/Canada Le cerveau ordinateur The Computer Brain
Italy Il robot The Robot
Japan Intrigue of the Killing Computer
Portugal Brian, o Cérebro Brian the Brain
South AfricaBanie die Brein Banie the Brain

Hijacked by a robot -a living machine with a brain, a human voice, and a terrifying secret. ITC summary


  • Shooting script dated 5th May 1976. Revised 11 May. Filmed 18th May-2nd June
  • Brian is renamed Marcel in the French version of this episode
Brian The Brain


Int. Command Centre
Int. Medical Centre
Int. Weapons Section (screens only)
Int. Alpha Corridor
Int. Travel Tube
Int. Eagle Pilot Section

Int. Swift Pilot Section/ Passenger Section/ Airlocks
Int. Mothership
Ext. Planet D Surface


Brian The Brain Brian The Brain
Brian The Brain



Brian The Brain



1150 days after leaving Earth orbit (Wed 6 Nov 2002)

Alpha Personnel:

0 fatalities.

Alpha Technology:

  • In Dragon's Domain Cellini comments "There are ships here that could make the dream of interstellar travel a reality. We could be liberated from our solar system". However this episode shows a 1996 mission with a mothership and Swifts was launched beyond the solar system. Note while the Ultra Probe was a high profile public mission, no-one can even remember the Swift mission here. Also note the Swift uniforms are different to the standard moonbase uniforms worn by the Ultra Probe crew. Perhaps it was a different (more secretive) space organisation. Alternatively, it is possible the details of the mission were changed or invented by Brian, who had control of the Moonbase computer systems.
  • Although they don't recognise the Swift, they do recognise the Superswift design in Bringers Of Wonder. Note that the design may have been heavily modified for the deep space mission.
  • Brian says the Alpha computer doesn't talk. This contradicts many Year One episodes such as Breakaway, and Mark Of Archanon and All That Glisters where the Eagle computer talks.
  • We see a silver version of the spacesuit (although the neck segment is orange). This is also seen in The Seance Spectre.
  • The Alpha Log Recorder is seen (it's the trolley with yellow wheels).
  • The nuclear detonator from Space Brain is seen in the passenger section of the Swift.
Brian The Brain Brian The Brain


Eagle 1 (Tony); 2 & 10 (investigation)

Maya transformations:

Mouse, Capt Michael

Brian The Brain Brian The Brain


Planet D




Brian The Brain


Brian The Brain



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