The Catacombs The Character Guide
by Martin Willey

Dr. Bob Mathias (Medical Section)

Dragon's Domain
Character Name Bob Mathias
Played by Anton Phillips
Sex M
Approx. Age 32
Section Medical
Episodes 23 episodes
23 end credits

Breakaway Dr Bob Mathias
Matter Of Life And Death Dr Bob Mathias
Black Sun Dr Bob Mathias
Ring Around The Moon Dr Bob Mathias
Earthbound Dr Bob Mathias
Another Time, Another Place Dr Bob Mathias
Missing Link Dr Bob Mathias
Guardian Of Piri Dr Bob Mathias
Force Of Life Dr Bob Mathias
Alpha Child Dr Bob Mathias
The Last Sunset Dr Bob Mathias
Voyager's Return Dr Bob Mathias
Collision Course Dr Bob Mathias
Death's Other Dominion Dr Bob Mathias
The Full Circle Dr Bob Mathias
End Of Eternity Dr Bob Mathias
War Games Dr Bob Mathias
The Troubled Spirit Dr Bob Mathias
Space Brain Dr Bob Mathias
Dragon's Domain Dr Bob Mathias
The Testament Of Arkadia Dr Bob Mathias
The Metamorph Dr Bob Mathias
The Exiles Dr Bob Mathias

Bob Mathias

Age 32, born 1967.

An old friend of Koenig (Dragon's Domain). Koenig calls him as "Bob" in 1997 - yet he is addressed as "Mathias" in Breakaway & Matter Of Life And Death.

In 1997 he appears to be in charge of Medical (Dragon's Domain) but by 1999 he is Dr Helena Russell's deputy. Alternatively the more senior medical chief in 1997 may not have been present when the Ultra Probe was brought in; or the chief was a scientific appointment who would not be involved in treatment. In any case, Mathias does not seem to resent Helena. He is devoted to his job.

Plays chess with Kano in Black Sun, performs magic in Guardian Of Piri, an Eagle pilot in The Last Sunset. Argues with Paul over power for medical in Force Of Life & The Testament Of Arkadia.

He is featured in 21 episodes of Year 1 (not The Last Enemy, The Infernal Machine, Mission Of The Darians) and 2 episodes of Year 2 (The Metamorph and The Exiles, although he is mentioned in One Moment Of Humanity).

"Frank Warren died at thirteen twenty eight." (Breakaway)
"Something strange, Doctor. Could you come to the Care Unit straight away?" (Matter Of Life And Death)
"You'll never beat me, you know." (Black Sun)
"You have a lovely optic nerve, Dr Russell." (Ring Around The Moon)
"I can't control everything! I am not a computer!" (Guardian Of Piri)
"It's incredible he's alive at all." Koenig:"But he'll survive?" Mathias: "Oh yes. On courage." (Dragon's Domain)
"Morrow! What's happened to the power in here!" "But our patients are dying!" (Force Of Life)
"Morrow! What the hell's going on? If you don't give me more heat you might as well shoot my patients!" (The Testament Of Arkadia)
"Spacesuits, Commander. The atmosphere is thinning fast." (The Last Sunset)
"But, Professor, he had caps on his teeth." (The Full Circle)
"Hurry! It won't hold!" (War Games)
"Don't look so worried. He'll be alright. He'll regain consciousness in an hour." (The Exiles)

Breakaway Ring Around The Moon Earthbound Missing Link Guardian Of Piri Guardian Of Piri The Testament Of Arkadia The Metamorph The Exiles

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