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Terrance Dicks

I wrote a very weird episode for Space: 1999 and the whole experience was very strange. Basically, I heard from my agent that they were making the show in England and were going to take a certain number of scripts from English writers. I went down to Pinewood where they were making it and had a very peculiar meeting with Fred Freiberger who was the American producer and terribly high-powered. He said, "We're in the middle of discussing our storyline aren't we?" and I said, "No." Then he said, "But you've read all our material and seen the other films," and I said, "No."

He told me briefly about the show and said that if I had any ideas to give him a call. Well, I went away thinking that it was never going to work but after a while I got a nagging feeling that I really should give it a go. I worked out an idea that was basically about a combination of science-fiction and the supernatural. The Moonbase and, in particular, the Martin Landau character were haunted. I phoned up Fred Freiberger and this voice at the other end said, "OK, shoot." I told him the story and after a long silence he said, "We have a deal. I'll call your agent, it and he put the phone down.

A contract came through, I wrote the script, sent it off and after a while the money came through but I never heard anything more. I never got any feedback or an invitation to the shooting - nothing, not a word! The whole thing faded from my memory until an American Doctor Who fan told me he'd seen The Lambda Factor, my Space: 1999 episode. I didn't even know it had been made! I did eventually see it when it got relegated to 10 o'clock one morning on ITV. There had only been minimal tinkering, but it was basically the show as I wrote it. I had one meeting and one phone call and that was it!