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Dinky Eagle Models
Compiled by Martin Willey

Space Eagle

A strange craft appears out of the blackness of space and lands, amid a cloud of dust, on a bleak lunar landscape. The craft is called the Eagle Transporter, and it has just landed at "Moonbase Alpha"...
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This feature is from the UK children's magazine Speed And Power, mid 1975, before the series was released. Thanks to Shaqui and Kim Stevens.

The exciting Gerry Anderson story will be set in the not too distant future - year 1999 in fact- and will revolve around people working on the Moon when a nuclear explosion rips it in half. One part of the Moon is sent hurtling into space; the start of many adventures for those trapped on it.
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Note the all white Dinky Eagle is one picture (Dinky never produced a white Eagle with white pod - or detachable "Moonbase" container; the Eagle body is the Freighter version).

Copyright Martin Willey. Thanks to Shaqui and Kim Stevens.