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Eagle Models: Round 2
Compiled by Martin Willey

Box art

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Brian Johnson endorsement

The box has a short endorsement from the SFX director of Space: 1999, Brian Johnson, who originally designed the Eagle.

"It is rare to be a freelance effects technician and achieve success in the film effects industry. Not always a smooth run but I have worked for some amazing Directors and Producers. It is rarer still to find the opportunity to design a lasting icon like the Eagle Transporter from the television production of Space:1999. It was designed with a sense of practical durability and modularity as would be needed for television effects production techniques required of the era. It brings me great joy to know that science fiction fans and modellers stiff hold my design of the Eagle Transporter in such high regard. This model kit from MPC offers everyone the opportunity to build their own Eagle. Its authentic detail demonstrates years of research in documenting the original miniatures used in the show's production. Wouldn't it have been wonderful to have these kits available during filming..." Brian Johnson

Round 2 22 inch Eagle Box Art Designs

These are prototype designs for the Round 2 22 inch Eagle.



The instructions contains a short introduction to the Eagle and its history. There are a couple of small inaccuracies. Space Models did not work on either Thunderbirds or 2001- that was their rival company, Mastermodels. Many people at Space Models had previously worked for Mastermodels and worked on those productions, but the company did not. Secondly, Wag Evans was a director of Space Models, and the actual model makers were Gary Dickens, David Seymour and John Phillips.
The use of the term "VFX" is odd- Johnson was credited for "SFX", and the term "VFX" was never used. "VFX" now indicates digital effects, while "SFX" refers to practical effects.

Parts and decals

Prototype model

L-R: Todd Morton, Jamie Hood of Round 2, Gordon Moriguchi, Jim Small (model designer) and Donald Hayunga

Gordon Moriguchi holds 22 prototype Todd Morton holds prototype

Thanks to Gordon Moriguchi and Todd Morton.

Copyright Martin Willey. Thanks to Gordon Moriguchi.