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Hawk advert This advert originally appeared in boys' comics in 1975 and 1976 (such as 2000AD).

You could have cut the air in moon base control with a laser. Tension had been mounting since Eagle 3 went into orbit around the giant asteroid. Now through heavy interference they heard a message which they could scarcely believe.

"Commander, it's a Hawk and it's following me." Commander Koenig went to the communicator, "Are you sure Anderson? You're talking about an Earth Ship and we are 97 light years from Earth. There's no way a Hawk could have got this far."

"'But Sir, I have it on visual!." The disbelief was understandable as on the scanner they were only picking up signals from the Eagle and the Asteroid.

"There's only one thing to do, we'll have to take a look ourselves" said Koenig talking to Carter, Moon base's number one pilot.

"I'm with you Sir" said Carter. Soon Eagle 1 was hurtling through the dark void of space on a convergent course with Eagle 3. "Look over there," said Carter,"Anderson's right, it is a Hawk." Koenig peered through the view port and saw the shape of a Hawk Space Fighter bearing down on them.

"Evasive action Allan, prepare the laser." "There's not much we can do against the fire-power of that thing" Carter groaned, "I was trained on them... they can take a planet apart!"

Manoeuvring the Eagle into an attack position, Carter let fly with the main laser battery. To Koenig's horror this appeared to have no affect on the onrushing Hawk.

"It's impossible, that should have turned it into a pile of neutrons" Carter exclaimed. "Impossible or not, it hasn't worked - get us out of here" snapped Koenig. Eagles I and 3 raced for the safety of Moon Base and Koenig contacted the computer centre.

"Prof. Bergman, explain this! Nothing is making sense out here." "It's all right John, the computer's given us a read out. We think it's a hallucinatory image created by something on the asteroid. Try to hold your position and see what happens." "OK, Professor!" said Koenig.

"We'll try that. But... l hope for all our sakes you're right."


Carter brought the Eagle to a halt: and he and Koenig sat in silence watching the image of the Hawk getting larger and larger until it seemed to completely fill the view port. Instinctively, they threw up their hands to protect themselves from the impact... which never came.

It would probably remain one of the many Insoluble mysteries they were to encounter on their Voyage through the depths of space.

Your very own Hawk Spaceship.

Airfix Construction Kits give you the chance to create your own fantastic Hawk Spaceship. The Airfix kit captures all the details of the original from the exciting TV Series Space 1999.

Created as an escort and close support vessel to space fleets, the Hawk's major role is as an advanced attack-interceptor spaceship. The Hawk spaceship is a development from the Eagle space transporter.

The Hawk's high-powered long range-lasers, high-powered nuclear engines and outstanding fire power make it a formidable space vehicle. Now you can build one on Planet Earth, with Airfix.

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