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Compiled by Martin Willey

Unstoppable Cards, series 1

Unstoppable produce "trading cards" for various media properties, including Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds and UFO. The Space: 1999 set was first announced for November 2015; repeated delays pushed it back to end of May 2016, finally slipping to 3 June (although nothing shipped until 10 June). A second set is planned for "Winter 2016"; promo cards started to appear in July and August 2017, announcing "Coming in 2017".

Each card is 88mm x 63mm (3.5 x 2.5 inches). All the photos have previously been seen, for instance on the Network Blu-rays.

The first set consists of:

There are 5 random cards per pack, 24 packs per box (120 cards). Boxes are also available by case (12 boxes, 1440 cards). When 3 or 6 cases are bought together, additional bonus cards are available. The boxes are limited to 1,999. Most boxes will contain 4-6 foil cards plus 2 or 3 "insert" cards, where 2 will be either autographs or an autograph plus printer plate card and the third, if inserted, will be a sketch card.

Trading card box (box of 24 packs, 120 cards)

£49.99 (pre-order £39.98)



£29.99 (pre-order £24.98)

Box and Binder

£64.96 (pre-order £59.99)

Case (12 boxes, 1440 cards)

£499.99 (pre-order £399.98)

Box left side Box right side

The unopened box, about 14cm x 14cm x 4cm. The top flap (showing the Moonbase and Landau/Bain) folds back to make a point-of-sale display. "Unstoppable Cards guarantees that each box contains at least one complete basic set of collector cards #1-54." In fact they don't- my box did not have a complete set.

The individual foil wrappers, 6.5cm x 12cm, each containing 5 cards.

Ring Binder

A 3-ring binder was released, 26cm x 32cm, limited to 199. It has a vinyl glossy printed cover. There are no card holders inside- these must be purchased separately. There is an exclusive Christopher Penfold autograph card when buying the folder.

Web Promo Cards

Exclusive to web sales, there two cards, WEB-E1 and WEB-E2, were sold with boxes (in a separate card envelope, also with promotional UFO and British Horror cards).

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