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Ahi Toys
Compiled by Martin Willey

Azrak Hamway International (AHI)

Azrak Hamway (also known as Ahi from their initials) produced a wide range of toys, generally of good quality and accuracy (in contrast to the dire Larami toys). Many were available in both the US and UK, and some in Europe. All toys were made in Hong Kong.

Most of the items included "Official" in their title, and used artwork which typically included head/shoulder Koenig and Victor (always the same pose), and the front of an Eagle.

In the 1980s, after Space: 1999 finished, some toys were re-marketed under Ahi's Arm's Master title, including the Stun Water Gun and the Eagle Water Gun (alongside re-branded Star Trek phasers and ships).

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Eagle Transporter

Die cast toy with friction-drive. Colours evidently modeled on the Dinky Eagle (green with red engines). There were slight variations in the toy colours (yellow or white passenger pod). Blister pack in two different designs (year 1 artwork with 2 minor variations, year 2 photos).

Released in Italy by Harbert

Eagle Water Gun
Blister card pack. Unsually this was also available in Portugal.

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Moon Car
Friction driven moonbuggy with two astronauts. Two different blister packs.

Moon Car

Moon Car
Battery driven moonbuggy with two astronauts. Box pack.

the Alien
Friction driven alien vehicle (same design as MPC The Alien kit). Blister card pack.

Official Stun Water Gun
Water gun. Blister pack.

Picture from Robert Ruiz

Official Stun Ray Gun
Lights up. Blister pack in two minor variations

Disc Shooting Stun Gun

Fires plastic discs. Blister pack.

Stun saucer gun

Disc Stun Saucer Gun

Fires spinning discs. Blister pack.

Disc Stun Target Set

Fires rubber darts at bulls-eye. Box pack.

Jet Discs
Blister pack containing replacement discs (marketed for both Star Trek and Space: 1999).

Uniform version


Two different designs (normal Alphan uniform and astronaut).
Two different blister packs. The blister packs for Year 1 were identical, the packs for Year 2 were different.

Pinball Game

Pinball game in box.

Pinball game

Walking Spaceman


Battery driven "walking" astronaut.
Box pack.

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