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Compiled by Martin Willey

PARACHUTISTS (Azrak-Hamway International)

Year 1 Koenig figure

UK 49p US 96c - $1.99 1976

Two figures with parachutes- Koenig in uniform and astronaut - each released in two different packs.

The Koenig figure was released with two versions of the head- one larger than the other, with no neck.

Year One version (1976)

"Official Space 1999 Parachutist", "Realistic floating action!

No 6347 (both designs)

Two designs, each figure 12 cm tall with yellow & red striped plastic parachute:

Blister card 19 x 27 cm, crude art of astronaut & Eagle with inset photo of Koenig.

uniform version 1 astronaut version 1

Year Two version (1977)

For Year 2 each had new, different, blister packs, titled "Fly 'Em High!", subtitled "parachutist & launcher". A flash promised "super sling-shot action". The uniformed figure had art of Koenig in his orange jacket; the astronaut had art of an astronaut (based on a pose from The Exiles) and the Metamorph Eagle with boosters.

See other Azrak-Hamway (ahi) toys. Thanks to Gordon Moriguchi for image

uniform version 2astronaut 2

WALKING SPACEMAN (Azrak-Hamway International)

US 1976

"Official Space 1999 Walking Spaceman", "Battery Operated"
With blinking light and radiation sound

Grotesque Frankenstein-proportioned astronaut which waddles along on huge yellow feet (with wheels). The face in the cylindrical helmet is vaguely Koenig; the chest pack is fairly accurate.

Sold in a square box illustrated with astronauts from Ring Around The Moon (Helena being dazzled as Koenig reacts), a small Eagle and, on the front, Ahi's standard pictures of Koenig and Bergman. The small Eagle on the rear picture is unusual, showing two red stripes either side of the door.

See other Azrak-Hamway (ahi) toys.

Walking spaceman Walking spaceman Walking spaceman Walking spaceman Walking spaceman Walking spaceman Walking spaceman

FIGURES (Palitoy, Bradgate Division)

UK £2.25, later £2.49 1975

UK toy company Palitoy (owned since 1964 by the US conglomerate General Mills) dominated the UK action figure market with their "Action Man" figures, based on Hasbro's "GI Joe" figures. They also licensed figures from other US companies, taking Mego's superheroes and "Star Trek" figures, and later Kenner's "Star Wars" figures. In 1975 Palitoy licensed "Space: 1999", preventing Mattel from releasing their figures in the UK. The "Space: 1999" Palitoy figures used 8 inch bodies from Mego's range (in 1974 they had released selected figures from Mego's "Star Trek" range, and reused the figures). In the US they are sometimes erroneously called Mego figures.

All cat no. 22830. Figures 20 cm tall, posable with joints in neck, waist, shoulders and hips, elbow and knee, wrist and ankle. The figures likenesses were approximate. Alphan figures have yellow belt with small red plastic commlocks; Koenig and Paul in white (not beige) uniforms, Alan in a red (not orange) spacesuit.

Blister card 23.5 x 21.5 cm with photo of Alpha and inset art of the head/shoulders of all 5, on front and back. "From the most spectacular space series ever".

Back of card

Palitoy catalogue (in a Mego collector's guide). Alan Carter has an Alphan uniform, but he was only released with the astronaut costume. The figures have elastic belts, not the yellow plastic belts of the final figures, and no commlocks.

Pictures thanks to Gordon Moriguchi. More photos

FIGURES (Figures Toy Company)

Mateo with chase card

US $15 per figure, $60 per set of 4. 2005

Reproduction figures based on the 1975 UK Palitoy set (minus Koenig, for licensing reasons). As per the originals, these are 20cm tall with 16 points of articulation. They continue the inaccuracies of the original (white uniforms, yellow belts). The 4th set includes two figures with a more accurate orange spacesuit.

The blister card is also a reproduction of the original, although the rather good artwork portraits have been replaced with photos of the actual figure heads.

Chase card

Random "chase figures" with a single Donruss card inserted inside the packaging were available.

Single limited edition figures were also produced, of 500 figures each- an Alan Carter in uniform (with 8 different online retailers), Security Guard (with Italian retailer and Alan Carter "From The Mark Of Archanon" in red jacket (with TJ's

Alan Carter variation Security Guard Alan Carter jacket

In pre-release photos, the Mentor figure (set 2) and the Companion figure (set 3) wear the wrong clothes- they have swapped costumes. This was corrected in the released figures.


Card back

Set 1, Feb 2005

Series 1

Much delayed (originally due October 2004)

Paul head

Set 2

Series 2

November 2005 (originally due April-May 2005)

Maya Mentor Detail of Maya head Detail of Mentor head

Set 3

Series 3

November 2005 (originally due April-May 2005)

Companion figure Detail of Sandra head

Set 4

Series 4

November 2005 (originally due April-May 2005). Later version issued the Paul and Alan spacesuit figures in boxes, rather than blister packs.

Paul box Victor Detail of Mateo head

Set 5

Series 5

January 2006

Balor Bill head Kano Raan

Space Crew figures

Space Crew, 2011

These "space crew" (or "space guys") wear white uniforms. There is no packaging. The heads are taken from other Mego reproduction figures (in the 2011 release, the yellow sleeve is Robin Hood, the odd-shaped security guard is the Black Knight). Three were released in 2008; there were four at the start of 2011, although with different heads. With no packaging and random heads, they seem to be stock clearance.

FIGURES (Mattel)

US, Germany 1975

"Exciting TV Characters From Moonbase Alpha!" Each 22 cm tall. Torso and legs hard plastic, head & arms soft plastic, jointed at neck, shoulder, hips & knees. Polyester uniforms, each with plastic belt, comlock and stun gun (very accurate) plus soft plastic slippers. Likenesses poor.


"Commander Koenig" no 9542 Light brown uniform, dark brown sleeve & collar.

"Professor Bergman" no 9543 Dark brown uniform, light brown sleeve & collar.


"Doctor Russell" no 9544 Bright orange-red uniform, light orange sleeve.

"Zython" no 9875 "The mysterious space alien! His head glows in the dark!" Green robed alien with red staff, sandals and a green phosphorescent head

The packaging for Koenig, Russell and Bergman did not feature Zython. The figure was released later, although the copyright date is 1975. It is a very rare, even as an unboxed figure.

Zython thanks to Meachelle Moss

The commlock ("Communicator-Computer" on the packaging) and stun gun are reasonably accurate.

Cispa Nocton figure Nocton pckaging

Mattel was making big changes in 1975 to bring it back to profitability. Some of the product lines produced towards the end of the year had very limited runs- including "Zython". Mattel sold many of their figure molds to Cispa in Mexico. Mattel's "Big Jim" line of action figures, cancelled in 1976, became Cispa's "El Squadron Lobo". Zython became one of the baddies, "Nocton", "el amo de las tinieblas" (the master of darkness, appropriately for a glow-in-the-dark figure). Nocton was taller at 10 inches.

333 Alpha crew to win (and a bright monster)

This advert is for a competition in the German comic Zack (thanks to Patrick Zimmerman). It includes Zython, suggesting the figure was released in Germany (333 of them were prizes in this competition).

Blister pack 16 x 30 cm. Fair artwork shows applicable character in foreground, other 2 behind, Moon, explosion & Eagle in background. Back of pack is blue and white, showing 3 characters: description "Action figures stand nine inches tall. They can sit, stand and they're posable. They wear Space 1999 uniforms with Stun Gun and holster, plus communicator-computer which clips to the belt." The Zython pack added "Zython wears outer space costume, his head glows in the dark!"


Below: original head moulds in metal and plastic.

Koenig head Bergman head Koenig metal head Koenig metal head profile Bergman metal head

The Koenig and Bergman figures can be seen in the 2005 comedy film The 40 Year Old Virgin starring Steve Carrell as a character who collects such action figures.

A playset was produced for the figures by Mattel. The three Alphan figures were also available in the Deluxe version of the Playset. Mattel also produced the Eagle 1 Spaceship and the Flying Eagle.

Moonbase Commander, Moonbase Pilot (Imar Models)

Koenig figure Carter figure

UK 1998

1:32 scale (5 cm tall) white metal figure kits in theTV Classics series (also including Blakes 7 figures), modelled by Ian Marchant. Good accuracy. Not licensed and thus not identified as Space: 1999.

John Koenig (ModelMache)

Italy 2010

200mm tall resin figure, with decals and transparent visor. Pictures thanks to Donald Suttie.

Box Parts Parts

COMPUTER BANK (Animal Toys Plus, Inc)

Helena figure


"Character Identified 3 dimensional rotation moulded vinyl" (Mentioned in "The Making Of Space: 1999" by Tim Heald). There were two figures, each pocket money banks.

Heald's book credits the "Burvel Toy Corp", which has no known references. Some of the 1999 figures have a sticker crediting "Animals Plus, Brooklyn N.Y. 11232", a company active between 1975 and 1980 which produced other plastic figure banks.

Koenig and Helena banks
Astronaut bank Helena bank Helena bank Helena bank Helena bank


US 1976 $14.95
Also DELUXE SET including three 9" action figures

Standard set

'Starflash (TM) Computer lights up! Console for "reading out" Moon Base data! TV screens for "monitoring" vehicle launchings!'

Play set designed for the Mattel figures, including plastic 24 cm tall pedestal (the "Starflash (TM)" computer) with a flashing light and attached chair, another plastic chair and small table, a vinyl floor and wall mat (18" x 30" x 11", i.e. 44 deep x 76 wide x 28 cm tall) and stickers. The walls may be in silver gray or dark gray.
"Unassembled. Battery and action figures not included".

Inside the "Starflash computer" column is a cylindrical "screen", made of plastic, which has nice colour art of the Moon and a galaxy, plus two black & white photos of Eagles. The stickers include 9 colour photos (for the TV screens), showing various Year One effects (Eagles, the breakaway explosion, the Missing Link city, the Dragon, Satazius).

The computer and seats look nothing like Space: 1999 because they are recycled from the control console in Mattel's 1967 Matt Mason "Man in Space" series Space Station. The vinyl mat featured panels loosely based on the original Year One computer designs, though comprising no real recognisable set.

Box, 35 x 31 x 9 cm, features yellow logo and art of the set including Koenig, Helena (in red uniform) and Victor (in brown uniform); an annotated diagram of the set in on the back, in blue.

A 14 x 28 cm instruction sheet, folding out to 42 x 28 cm, details construction.



Play mat


Deluxe Set

The DELUXE SET was identical but included the Mattel figures of Koenig, Helena and Bergman.

Deluxe Set Box reverse



Separate resin figures. 1/12 scale, 15 cm tall. See Century 21 #10 p33.
Teru Yamada also produced an Eagle Transporter, the boosterised Eagle and a Moonbase Alpha

Commander Koenig In Spacesuit (Comet Miniatures)

UK, due October/November 1998 but released late 1999. Price £25

1:9 scale (about 20cm tall). The model moulded with facial features and a clear (tinted) helmet visor.

Astronaut (Fanderson)

UK, 2002. Price £22

6 inches (15cm tall) painted resin model. Just 30 were produced. Sold to members of the UK-based Fanderson fan club.

Astronaut (front)Astronaut (rear)

Alpha Crew (Mattel, not issued)

The Mattel 1976 dealer catalogue listed small (3 inch high) action figures. The spacesuited figures appear to be identical to those in the Mattel Eagle 1 Spaceship model; they may not have ever been commercially released. This may be because of the financial difficulties of Mattel at the time.

The figures are:

In February 2010, two figures in uniforms (Koenig and Bergman) were sold on ebay for $898.88. These came from a Mattel employee and seem to have been prototypes.

Mattel prototype Koenig Mattel prototype Bergman Mattel prototype figures

In 2014, the "Crew set" box was listed on ebay, but withdrawn before sale (apparently a private sale). The crew set actually has the title Alpha Crew, with the same serial number (9570). The box had a sticker "Unapproved sales sample". These figures are fixed to base stands. The base has a lever which makes the figure swivel, perhaps at the waist, or the whole body; the illustration isn't clear. The box states that Koenig has a "laser rifle", while Russell and Bergman have a stun gun and "communicator computer" (sic).

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