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Eagle 3

Eagle (129k) Eagle (121k) Eagle (123k) Eagle (104k)

The booster unit mounted on the Eagle's spine is a replica by Chris Trice, identical to the one seen in The Metamorph. The third Eagle made its debut in The Exiles, and never appeared in this configuration (the publicity shot shows Eagle 2 with the pod and boosters).

This is the third 44" Eagle model, built by Derek Freeborn Associates for year 2. Episode pictures. Photographs thanks to Mark Shaw. The construction is more robust than the first two 44" Eagles, with steel instead of brass framework, so the model could be crashed (for instance, in Devil's Planet and Immunity Syndrome).

The Immunity Syndrome

The proportions are noticeably different to the first two Eagles, and some of the panel work is cruder. The side pods have a tank wheel on the upper sloping side, and the triangles on the bottom corners are not equilateral. The command module has a slightly different shaper with bigger window sections and the round side inserts are different. The clamps that hold the spine to the cages are inverted from the other two Eagles (fastened through the bottom -cage- rather than the top -spine-). Unlike the first two, the rear engines were not fitted with gas jets.

The landing pad feet have on the upper surface different numbers of rectangular panels to the other Eagles (actually vinyl Sasco Year Planner stickers). Eagles 1 and 2 had five panels on each toe. Eagle 3 has four panels inside and outside, and three forward and back.

Eagle (118k) Eagle (106k) Eagle (112k) This is the booster pod, with additional vertical boosters and manoeuvring jets. Although its most famous appearance is The Metamorph, it also made an appearance in several Year One episodes, starting with Guardian Of Piri. It is also known as the lab pod, from its use in All That Glisters.

The base of the pod is actually a cargo pallet (as used in Breakaway). The feet (replicas on this model) are identical to the Eagle's main feet. Only one of these pods was made for the series (which probably explains why there are so many continuity errors).

Eagle (79k) Eagle (86k) Eagle (82k) Eagle (99k)

Eagle 3 with a normal transporter pod. Pictures by Robin Hill at Bray Studios, 1976

Eagle (99k)

Eagle (52k) Eagle (43k) Eagle (269k) Eagle (267k)

These pictures were taken at the Space City exhibition in Blackpool, UK. The lunar silos are from Gerry Anderson's Alien Attack puppet commercial.

Images thanks to Mark Shaw
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