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Hawks in flight

It's ironic that Airfix made a kit of the Hawk, as many of their kits were used to construct it- particularly the Saturn IB and V rockets, plus decoration from the Lunar Module, Harrier and other kits. The markings are decals from the 1/24 Harrier. Over the port wing is the decal "Servicing Ground Supply / 200 Volts / 400 Cycles". On the side boosters is a red "Danger" decal, with the text "Power Control and Jet Blast".

Command module
Scratch built, nose cone from 1/24 Harrier.
Each side is an Airfix Saturn V 2nd stage tank extended with Airfix Saturn IB 1st stage tank; joined by a 2 inch wide central section. Decoration includes Airfix Lunar Module, B29 Superfortress, Matilda tank and 1/24 scale Harrier. Boosters on the base are mattress vents
Side boosters
Kitchen roll cardboard tubes. Conical ends are from the bottom of the Saturn V 3rd stage. The rocket bells are caps from a bottle.
Weapon pods
Weapons pod
Wing pylons
Decoration from Airfix 1/24 Harrier and Vostok kits
Inner rectangular pods
Modified Harrier wing pylons.
Weapon pods
Modified 1/24 Airfix Harrier drop tanks (fitted back to front). On front, Matra rocket pod noses from the Harrier kit, cut off with a tube from the Airfix Bismark at the end. On the back, ribbed wedding cake stands and the inner half of Harrier wheels.
Main rocket
Main rocket
Main rocket bell
Made from a Caddymatic tea dispenser and an Airfix Saturn V third stage ring.
Main rocket reaction sphere
Domes from Airfix Saturn V 1st and 2nd stage fuel tanks, with Saturn V 1st/2nd stage adapter ring between them.
Main rocket base
Saturn V third stage adaptor ring. Decoration includes Airfix Bismarck gun turrets and Apollo Lunar Module ascent stages.

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