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Set designs

The poor quality of some of these is due to being scans of photocopies (hence they are black and white- which is actually how Keith Wilson intended them). Keith explains their origin: They were in black and white originally and they were quite basic. They were sent to Abe Mandell and some secretary coloured them in, and I mean badly: all pink, yellow and green - it ruined the drawings. Of course, my original concept for Space was to take out as much colour as possible. It was a clinical, controlled environment, so no colour. That was why it was all cream and beige, so that when you went onto a planet surface, I could do what I liked with colour.

These pictures are now owned by Fanderson. Bill Boyajian owns another set, several of which are the same as ones here (Control Centre, Commanders Office, corridor) but they lack minor detail. The Boyajian drawings are large black and white drawings, larger than the coloured versions reproduced here. One of the Boyajian drawing is labelled "Central Park", a carry-over from the UFO moonbase; this suggests they may be earlier than the Fanderson drawings.

"M.T.U. nearing Moon Base Alpha". MTU was the original name for the Eagle.

"Atomic waste deposit area".

The colour version.


Concept painting: the Moon surface, with astronauts, moonbuggies, moonship and moon city.


Alien planet surface with Alphan astronauts

Main Mission

Moon City Control Centre

Keith Wilson design: Moon City Control Centre

Moon City Control Centre

Main Mission from balcony

Observation Platform

Command Office

Commander's Office, with sunken area and cylindrical communications post

Secuirty barrier

Reception, Commander's office

Voice Print

Voice Print security check

Voice print

Voice print security check booth


Moonbase Corridor with cylindrical communications post

Keith Wilson design: Central Park

"Central Park" (also the central hub of the Moonbase in UFO). The smaller drawings show the sauna and restaurant. The picture was photographed through glass, hence the reflections.

Living quarters

Moonbase Office

Moon Ship

"Moon Ship". The seats, raised central walkway and padded door frames survived into the passenger module of the Eagle. The seat tables, side-seats and large windows didn't.

Moon City

"Moon City" with an MTU flying over. The picture was photographed through glass, hence the reflections.

Moon City