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This is an early promotional document intended for U.S. stations. There are 26 typed pages inside, stressing the "American writers" and "American directors" in order to sell the series to the American market. The story information is typically fanciful. A very early premise (dating back to when the series was a sequel to UFO) is described: Earth has detected alien life and built Moonbase Alpha as an early warning defence system. The episode plots sometimes have only a passing resemblance to the actual episodes. Just 19 of the 24 episodes are listed (up to Troubled Spirit), suggesting this was written around December 1974 or early 1975.

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SPACE: 1999

*For Your Information, the best entertainment
in the world comes from ITC
An ATV Company
555 Madison Avenue / New York. NY 10022
Telephone (212)826-1555


SPACE :1999















Near the end of this century space travel has become commonplace
and necessary. During a series of routine trips between earth and
moon, radio signals are heard, establishing without a doubt, the
existence of life forms in space. This extraordinary discovery
unites, for the first time in the history of mankind, all the
peoples of Earth in a common effort to defend itself against the
potential threat of these unknown life forms.

Moonbase Alpha, an early-warning defense system installation,
is established on the surface of the moon. It is manned by 311 men
and women representing all the nations of the world.

At this juncture in history, atomic power has, coincidentally, be-
come the principal means of man's energy needs. The storage of
atomic waste matter poses severe environmental problems on Earth
and so a decision is made to store atomic waste matter on the far
side of the moon.

September 1999.

As "Space:1999" begins, the folly of man's decision to store atomic
waste matter on the far side of the moon results in a catastrophe
unequalled in the history of mankind. A series of spectacular thermo-
nuclear explosions occur that tear away portions of the moon and com-
pletely alter its gravitational relationship with Earth. The moon is
blasted out of Earth's orbit!

With Moonbase Alpha intact, the moon careens inexorably away from


Earth. It can never return, and becomes the only world for the
311 helpless, hopeless inhabitants, whose goal now is to find a
compatible planet on which to settle.

Self-sustaining, the base is able to maintain survival conditions.
Food, air and water recycling installations are powered with atomic
and solar energy. All systems necessary for the life functions of
the people, and the computer-governed operations of the complex
machinery, are operative-making the runaway moon totally self-

Thus a fateful journey of 311 men and women through the incredible
vastness of space begins. Their adventures... their quest for
survival... their search for a compatible planet... and defense
against the fantastic life forms found throughout the galaxies
and with the awesome forces of the universe itself, becomes the
springboard for our weekly episodes.



The budget for each hour episode of SPACE:1999 is

It is the highest budget for an hour series ITC has
committed in 20 years of production.

Stars, guest stars, writers, directors, sets, props,
and costumes are the very best. And the most com-
prehensive special effects yet mounted for a tele-
vision series--special effects so extraordinary and
so spectacular--demanded and dictated the filming
of this series on 35mm film. Not on 16mm film.
Not on videotape.



SPACE:1999 is the first series ITC has specifically
custom-tailored for American audiences.

Both above and below the line personnel feature American
talent whose stature and skills are absolutely tops in
the industry.

To assure our success, we drew upon extensive research and
our own experience, took the best elements of every successful
science-fiction TV series, and incorporated them into SPACE:l999.

Because of ITC's special situation and distinguished position
in the industry, special waivers were secured from British
trade organizations and unions, increasing the number of
American actors, writers, directors and other talent used
to make television programs in England.


In every respect, SPACE:1999 is a first-class, first-rate,
spectacular series. It has all the elements for a successful
science-fiction series PLUS everything audiences require in
contemporary entertainment. It is precisely this PLUS value,
which ITC's special situation in the world market is able to
deliver, that makes the difference between a moderately suc-
cessful series and a super-series like SPACE:1999.



SPACE:1999 is the first TV series in which Martin Landau and
Barbara Bain have worked together since their marathon run
in MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE. Both life members of the famed Actors
Studio, where Martin also teaches, they have continued their
separate television and motion picture careers, and are re-
united professionally for the first time in a TV series.
Barbara Bain holds the distinction of being the only actress
in the history of TV to have won an Emmy--three years in a
row--as Best Actress for her role in MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE.

In SPACE:1999 Martin Landau stars as Commander Koenig, leader
of Moonbase Alpha... chosen for his combination of outstanding
leadership qualities, superior space knowledge and unequalled
administrative ability. He won the command over candidates
from all nations because their leaders acknowledged that he
could do the job better than anyone else in the world.

Barbara Bain stars as Dr. Helena Russell, chief medical officer
on the new world of Moonbase Alpha. Her responsibilities in-
clude the maintenance of life on Alpha including the psychological
and emotional stability of its inhabitants. Her sphere of in-
fluence extends to Commander Koenig, with whom she has an under-
standably close relationship.



Best known to American audiences for his role as Lt. Gerard
on THE FUGITIVE, Morse has appeared on many other series in-
cluding DR. KILDARE, WAGON TRAIN and THE SAINT. He is soon
to be seen co-starring with Brian Keith, John Mills and Lilli
Palmer in a new prime-time adventure series, THE ZOO GANG, on
NBC-TV. One of the most distinguished international actors,
he has been seen in many motion pictures and on both the
British and Broadway stages, as well as on television, where
he has won the Best TV Actor Award five times. Schooled at
the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, he has been Adjunct Pro-
fessor in the Drama Department of Yale University.

In SPACE:1999, Morse stars as Professor Victor Bergman, a
scientist whose remarkable work is most responsible for the
establishment of Moonbase Alpha. At one time Commander
Koenig's mentor and teacher, the professor has remained a
close friend and together with him and Dr. Russell they
form the triumverate which makes the critical decisions
on which the fate of the space travelers depends.



Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, long associated with ITC, produced
SPACE:l999. For the past 12 years they have produced science-
fiction feature films for Universal and United Artists and
outer-space television series for ITC. Their credits include
the motion pictures "Journey to the Far Side of the Sun"
(Universal) and "Thunderbirds Are Go" (UA). For television,
they produced series for ITC including "UFO," "The Protectors,"
"Thunderbirds," "Stingray," "Captain Scarlet," "Fireball XL-5"
and "Supercar" Working with a virtual ‘repertory company'
of special effects technicians, designers, architects and
engineers, they have achieved some of the most spectacular
effects on the screen, many of which have since become standard.



Only the very best directors in the industry have been hired
to direct this series. Among them are Lee H. Katzin, one of
the most prolific and highly regarded craftsmen in the industry
and Charles Crichton, internationally hailed as a master of
suspense and action.

Katzin has directed "The Salzburg Connection," "Le Mans,"
"Whatever Happened to Aunt Alice?," "Angry Odyssey" and other
feature films. For television he has directed made-for-tv
movies for all three networks, and his work includes "Ordeal,"
"Along Came A Spider," "Hondo," "The Stranger," "The Voyage of
the Yes," "The American Eagle" and "Visions." In demand for
network series, Katzin has directed episodes of "McMillan and
Wife," "Mod Squad," "The Felony Squad," "It Takes A Thief,"
"Mannix," "Rat Patrol," "Wild Wild West," "Rawhide," "Branded,"
"Stoney Burke" and many more including "Mission:Impossible"--
the long-running series in which Martin Landau and Barbara Bain
originally starred.

Altogether a record number of American directors was allowed
to participate in the scripting of this series, as was an
American story supervisor.


To assure that SPACE:1999 would be an American series for
American audiences, George Bellak was relocated in England
where he developed a set of guidelines, organized the writers'
pool and supervised the initial stories and concepts. One of


the most experienced writer/editors in show business, Bellak
has won the WGA Award and been nominated for an Emmy. Among
his television credits are those for THE DEFENDERS, CANNON,
THE NURSES, EAST SIDE-WEST SIDE and many more going back to
the classic stories on PLAYHOUSE 90, STUDIO ONE, CBS PLAYHOUSE
and others. He was a contract writer at Columbia Pictures
and 20th Century-Fox and has also authored plays produced on
Broadway and in London.



For SPACE:l999 we have built more sets--both interior and
exterior--than any other television series has ever had.
In addition to the standing sets for the continuing loca-
tions, there are new planets or locations on every episode,
and a new set of sets for them. This costs extra, but it
makes the difference.


For SPACE:1999, we have created the most outstanding special
effects ever seen on television, and seldom seen in feature
films except for those produced by the same team that made
SPACE:1999--Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. For openers, we blow
up the moon!


RUDI GERNREICH, who created the topless bathing suit and
whose latest contribution to style is this season's so-called
bottomless bathing suit, designed the costumes for SPACE:1999.






The biggest explosion in the history of
man destroys the dark side of the moon
hurling it violently out of Earth's orbit.
On a manmade moonbase, the 311 survivors
of the nuclear blast begin an unexpected
journey across the universe, searching
for a compatible planet on which to settle.
Conflicts and fear dominate these early
hours of space travel and subject the
survivors to the tensions and anguish of
a thrilling struggle for survival.


Terror strikes Alpha as one of the moon-
base's technicians is possessed by a
frightening outer-space force which trans-
forms him into an energy-consuming monster.
He goes on a rampage, destroying everything
he touches by absorbing its heat, freezing
everything he touches. Finally he heads
for the giant generators of the moonbase
itse1f Unable to stop him, and in peril
from his deadly touch, Commander Koenig
orders laser beams turned on him. Charred
by enormous blasts from the guns, the mon-
ster's blackened, burned out body is re
generated by the energy! Pulsating with
light, he advances relentlessly on the very


energy source of Alpha itself, threatening
the entire expedition with destruction.


The runaway moon is on a deadly collision
course with an asteroid which suddenly burns
out and becomes a terrifying "black sun"--
a whirlpool-like phenomenon of deep space
which devours everything around it, inclu-
ding light. With only three days to avoid
destruction, the moonbase personnel construct
anti-gravity towers and build an immense
forcefield. A survival party is dispatched
from the moon in a space "lifeboat" and
those remaining are sucked inexorably into
the fearsome black sun as time, space, and
even matter are cancelled.


Helena's husband returns from the dead to
warn moonbase personnel away from a seem-
ingly compatible planet. Composed of anti-
matter, his touch hurls Helena across the
room and all who come in contact with him
suffer similarly violent reactions. Dis-
regarding his warnings, Commander Koenig
and a landing party embark in a space ship
for the forbidding alien planet, where they
find the anti-matter reaction multiplied.
Disaster strikes in enormous waves, as


first the space ship is destroyed, then
the moon itself seems to explode. In
horror, Helena and Commander Koenig watch
as enormous shock waves hit the planet,
wiping out everything in the aftermath of
a holocaust that must mean the end of
everything for the space travelers.


An alien space ship crash lands on the
runaway moon and the bodies of six figures
are discovered in a state of suspended
animation. They are refugees en route to
earth from a dying planet. Frozen down
for 3 1/2 centuries, they are looking for
a compatible planet on which to live.
When one of the aliens is accidentally
destroyed, Koenig agrees to let the Alpha
computer select one of his crew as a re-
placement. But Commissioner Symonds is so
determined to return to earth that he forces
the decision by breaking into the power station
and threatening to destroy the entire moonbase
unless Koenig agrees to let him go.


A space probe on its way to destroy Earth
encounters the runaway Moon and plans to
eliminate it as well, considering Earth and
its satellites a menace to their home planet.


They are completely unaware that their
planet Triton itself has disintegrated
millions of light years ago, and this
mission is useless. Among the fantastic
powers demonstrated by the hostile aliens
is that of decomposing atoms, enabling
them to transport Dr. Russell from Alpha
to their space ship, where she becomes a
living link between the alien computer
and her own. When the aliens have com-
pleted assembling all of Alpha's data,
they will destroy it and its personnel.
Koenig desperately searches for a way to
break the power of the strange creatures
and save the lives of Moonbase Alpha per-
sonnel. He decides on a daring attack and
forces his way into the alien craft.


A huge, churning mass appears in space and
rushes at incredible velocity toward the
runaway moon. The mammoth, spiralling cone
of spitting colored gasses is only one of
the awesome hazards in an adventure which
finds the moon on a collision course with...
itself Caught in a "time-trap," the moon
and everyone on it is duplicated as a re-
sult of the spectacular "collision" and


past and future become one for Commander
Koenig and the others, who meet themselves
out of time, in the phenomenon of Space,
beyond 1999.


Five million light years away from Earth,
Koenig is kidnapped and brought to a
beautiful planet of light and luxurious
surroundings. While Dr. Russell's medical
computer and all the other futuristic
equipment supports Koenig's physical body,
his life force is being examined on the
alien planet, where a beautiful woman
tells him that her father is an anthro-
pologist using him as a sort of "missing
link" to their own past--millions of years
ago. They plan on keeping Koenig there
permanently, while back on Moonbase Alpha,
his crew fights desperately to bring him
back alive.


In an exciting discovery, the Alphans come
upon the most marvelous planet of all: a
paradise where machines run the necessities
of life and the people enjoy luxury, peace
and contentment. Only a beautiful woman,
the Guardian of Piri, controls the machines
and regulates the planet. All others are
"free" to do nothing at all. When members


of Moonbase Alpha are lured to Piri, they
become convinced that this is the life for
them and that here they will find their new
home. In truth, the planet is dead. Where
there is no aim in life, there is no life.
The promise of absolute permanent euphoria
is really a cancellation of human functions
--and Koenig soon recognizes his crew lolling
about in a trancelike state. His heroic
efforts to resist the planet's insidious
influence begins to fail, but a dramatic
encounter with the Guardian of Piri brings
the adventure to a startling climax.


Moonbase Alpha is threatened with destruction
from an unmanned spacecraft sent from Earth
15 years earlier. In its erratic rampage,
the malfunctioning ship has caused millions
of deaths on other planets and is now approach-
ing the Moon. Also bearing down on them is an
outer space force bent on vengeance for those
responsible for the interstellar carnage. Only
one man can deactivate the ship. This is a
scientist now working on Moonbase, who races
against time to prevent further disaster in
space, including the possible destruction of
Alpha and everyone on it.


During a stupendous battle in outer space


between rival spaceships, the first baby is
born on the moon. A baby with a difference,
it grows to the age of five years in only
hours, then rapidly becomes a "man" in his
middle thirties. The body is to be used by
aliens who have life but not form and face
extinction on their own planet. Their fleet
of spaceships has zeroed in on Moonbase Alpha
and the Alpha child is apparently only the
first they plan to use.


On a frozen planet of ice and sub-zero tem-
peratures, Koenig and the Alphans discover
an extraordinary people preparing to launch
the greatest adventure in the history of the
universe: a probe deep into space, spanning
the entire solar system, and crossing from
one galaxy to the next. How can they even
consider embarking on so long a journey?
Time is not a factor, for on this incredible
planet they have discovered how to live forever!
Most fantastic of all, Koenig realizes they are
not aliens, but members of an earth expedition
believed lost on a proton storm 13 years earlier.
In that time, they have travelled 800 years, and
now they know they can never die. They urge the
Aiphans to join them, and they are tempted, until


a dissident group leads them to discover
the horrifying consequences of the experiment.


The moon is shaken by an unbelievable elec
trical storm, pressurized vapor endangers
the Alphans... while in space, an Eagle is
tossed mercilessly in turbulence surrounding
the hostile planet. A reconnaissance team
crash-lands on an alien planet, as a series
of spectacular events threatens to bring
Alphans space journey to an abrupt and
violent end. The blistering, scarlet sun
of the planet Ariel, which has dwarfed the
Moon throughout the adventure, now sets over
Alpha in what may be its last day.


After a tension-filled adventure in space,
during which Alan Carter is almost killed,
mines are planted which destroy an oncoming
asteroid in an enormous explosion that fills
the screen. The Alphans immediately discover
an even greater menace: they are being drawn
rapidly onto a collision course with an awe
some planet many times their size. Again
space mines are planted, but in the time
left before detonation, Koenig goes to the
planet in a spaceship. There he meets the
ruler, a woman older than earth itself, who
tells him their meeting has been awaited in


the body of time for millions of years. It
will change life as they know it for both
worlds. Koenig returns to Alpha and can-
cels orders for detonating the mines. This
means certain collision with the enormous
planet dead ahead. Believing Koenig to be
suffering from radiation halucinations, Dr.
Bergman and Helena Russell lead the crew in
relieving him of his command. But with the
help of Carter, to whom the ancient ruler
has appeared several times in an extraordinary
method of communication, Koenig is able to re-
sume command by force. As the battle for con-
trol of their very lives takes places in Main
Mission, the count-down runs out, the mines are
not detonated, and the two masses of matter
collide in a spectacular effect--with a sur-
prising result!


Exploring a strange planet, Alpha personnel
find themselves at war with a 40,000 year old
enemy. Even more incredible, the enemy is...
themselves! Caught in a time warp, their
futuristic lives are superimposed over their
ancient lives. Before realizing this awesome
paradox, however, Sandra wounds the Cave Chief
who lies dying in the arms of his Cave Wife:
they are the Cro Magnon images of Koenig and


Helena Russell! Professor Bergman, mean-
while, has run tests on another "caveman"
and discovered that the Stone Age creature
is the pilot of a crashed Eagle ship. Has he
time to stop Carter, now leading an expedition
to kill his supposed enemies--who are in his
own time the other members of his crew?


The runaway moon encounters an asteroid that
has been travelling a thousand years in
space. Landing on it, Commander Koenig
blasts his way into the sealed interior
where a humanoid alien is found. Although
the alien was injured by the blast he is
completely recovered by the time Koenig's
space ship returns to the moon. The alien
is a scientist who has achieved man's dream
of immortality: he cannot die! Banished
by his people for creating a life which now
has no meaning and is intolerable, he has
been imprisoned, for all eternity in the
asteroid. Now he hungers for destruction.
Completely psychopathic, he runs amuck,
destroying everything within his reach.
No one is immune to his immense strength and
powers of regeneration. And there is no way
of catching or killing a man who cannot die!


Finally, Koenig arrives at a desperate plan
to trap him in an airlock and release him into


A massive attack on Moonbase Alpha destroys
the complex, wrenching its personnel out
into space. Enormous towers crash to the
ground as an unreal power from a strange
planet creates a mind-boggling method of
preventing inter-planetary war. Commander
Koenig's confrontation with the aliens, on
their own beautiful planet, is a dramatic
contrast to the fury of the action on Alpha
where the runaway moon is threatened with
total destruction.


The runaway moon's voyage through space
plunges it into the center of an inter-
planetary war which threatens to destroy it.
Two planets, out of each other's firing range
because of the sun's position, seize upon
the Moon as an excellent gun platform.
When one of the alien forces, led by a
woman, "confiscate" the moon, the enemy
commander--also a woman--counters with nuclear
retaliatory measures that threaten to blow
the moon to smithereens.



Conducting scientific experiments with
Alpha‘s artificially nourished plant life,
a vital link in the food chain on which
Moonbase Alpha relies for survival, Alpha's
Hydroponic Director is confronted by the
hideously disfigured spirit of… himself!
Meanwhile, efforts to establish communication
between human and plant life take an ominous
turn. Horror strikes and death comes suddenly
to both plants and humans as Alpha's most
serious crisis comes to a thrilling climax.


SPACE :1999