Miniature Wedding

Martin Bower and Bill Pearson with refinery prototype from Outland
Bower (l) and Pearson with refinery prototype from Outland.

Two of the most talented miniature de-
signer/builders in England have decid-
ed to "tie-the-knot." Martin J. Bower and
Bill Pearson have worked together so long
that a partnership was a natural idea. Their
past collaborations include Alien, The
Medusa Touch, Doctor Who, Blake's 7
Dino De Lautentiis' Flash Gordon.
"We've worked together so often that we
thought we should make it legal and stop peo-
ple from talking," comments Pearson.
Their new company is called Bowerhouse
Model Associates and they've just completed
work constructing a miniature refinery and
spacecraft for Peter Hyams' forthcoming
space opera, Outland, starring Sean
Connery. Bower and Pearson spent 12 weeks
constructing the 19-foot refinery for special-
effects director John Stears.
Last May, Bower and Pearson gave
STARLOG contributing editor Dave Hirsch a
tour of their modern workshop facility. Be-
tween productions, the two men devote a
great deal of time to the fine-tuning of their
techniques by experimenting with the con-
struction of originally designed models (a few
of Bower's early efforts appeared in Space:

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