Gerry Anderson's Space Report
Martin Bower's Meanies

When I was working on Space:
Martin Bower remembers,
"the neighborhood kids used to
come around to my workshop to see what
kind of new "Meany," or bad-guy ship I was
coming up with for the show. I think people
like the villian's ship more because it's got an
obvious character. You recognize it right off,
and this allows me to be more creative with
the design. The ship must reflect the per-
sonality of its owner."
This issue, STARLOG presents yet another
look at the popular work of Space: 1999's
model maker/designer, Martin J. Bower
(first viewed in STARLOG #29 and #30),
with respect to the many spacecraft that
menaced Moonbase Alpha.

The true transport for "The Bringers of
Wonder." A long-time Gerry Anderson fan,
Bower built the projecting panels around
the top as a tribute to the UFO craft.

14 inch long version of Gwent from Infernal Machine

The 14" long version of Gwent from "Infernal Machine."

The true transport for The Bringers of Wonder
Dione's ship and her escape craft from Last Enemy The 48 inch Psychon ship from Metamorph

Above: Its no surprise the Eagle 4 is being pulled down to the planet.
The 48" Psychon ship from "Metamorph" is made from a vacuum
cleaner tank! Left: Dione's ship and her escape craft from the "Last
Enemy." The 8" escape craft was built out-of-scale to the 54" mother-
ship because a large middle section with the Satazius' escape hatch
was separately built. Originally the small craft was to drop out of the
bottom of the Satazius, hence the inspired egg-shape.

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