The Catacombs Moonbase Alpha Technical Notebook


Moonbase Alpha is perhaps the greatest peace-time achievement in the his-
tory of mankind. If, at some point, the abandoned Moonbase is found and ex-
plored by a team of alien archeologists, they will have an example of the
finest work of the human race available for study. This small, self-con-
tained world is filled with the latest advancements in the fields of Engi-
neering, Architecture, Astronomy, Mass Transportation, Physics, and the
Arts. Located in the crater Plato, just above the Sea of Showers on what
was once called the "nearside of the Moon," Alpha is a marvel of modern
engineering. Constructed out of quarried rock and ores, Moonbase is 4
kilometers (2.5 miles) in diameter and extends up to 1 kilometer (0.6 miles)
in areas below the lunar surface. The operation of Moonbase is controlled
from Main Mission Tower, located at the hub of the wheel-shaped base. In
emergency situations, Moonbase can be operated from the Command Center,
located directly beneath Main Mission on Alpha's lowest construction
level. Originally, the base was designed to serve as both a deep space
exploration station and a monitoring station for the nuclear waste areas
on the Moon's farside. Construction began on the 3rd of February, 1983,
but was briefly halted during the 1987 thermonuclear war. However, the
war created worldwide recognition of the potential for global disaster,
dramatizing the need for mankind to work together on this great project.
National barriers were dropped and information on the latest scientific
and technological advancements, once closely guarded, now flowed freely.
The men and women who designed Moonbase Alpha planned it to be totally
self-sustaining. Power is generated through nuclear reactors and the
accumulation of solar energy. The Technical Section is equipped with the
tools for handling any repair or construction job--from replacing a
washer to rebuilding a damaged Eagle Transporter. Medical Section sees
to the Health and well-being of all Alphans, making continual checkups
on all personnel. Every man and woman on Alpha is of exceptional mental
and physical status. The average person has attained a PhD or an equi-
valent scholastic degree in some field of research. Some hold more than
one doctorate in related fields. Applications for a position on Alpha
are accepted from all parts of the globe, but must be accompanied by
recommendations from four instructors in the applicant's chosen field.
If the Lunar Commission Review board accepts the application, the
applicant must undergo two years of Earth and space-based training. An
average tour of duty is six months. Though a person may reapply to stay
on for another tour, the individual must pass a strict examination to
return. Moonbase's master computer continually monitors the life func-
tions of everyone on Alpha through individually worn, watch-like
sensors. Security sensors, located at key points around the base also
serve to protect the health and
welfare of all Alphans. Drawing of Moon Showing Location of Moonbase Alpha

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