The Catacombs Moonbase Alpha Technical Notebook

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Compiled & written by David Hirsch

blueprints by Geoffrey Mandel & David McConnell,

costume art by Anthony Fredrickson.

Moonbase Alpha-History & Structures-

A Brief History
Moonbase Alpha-External Structures
Launch Pad-External Views
Level G
Level H
Level I
Level J
Main Mission-Elevations
Main Mission-Level B
Command Center
Medical Center
Power/Life Support/Weapons Center
Living Unit-Officer Accomodations
Travel Tube-Passenger Car
Communication Post


Commlock-General Information
Commlock-Rear Elevation & Bottom Plans
Stun Gun-General Information
Stun Gun
Laser Cannon


Early Version Duty Wardrobe
Male Duty Wardrobe
Female Duty Wardrobe
Environmental Suit-Front Profile
Environmental Suit-Back Profile


Koenig, John Robert
Russell, Helena Susan
Bergman, Victor
Verdeschi, Anthony Dean
Carter, Alan
Morrow, Paul
Benes, Sandra
Kano, David
Mathias, Robert


Major Historic Events 1981-1999
Journey of Moonbase Alpha

Episode Guide

First Season in Production Order
Second Season in Production Order


The Eagles: History, Uses and Construction
Errata and Notes

Thanks Andre Parent for cleaning up all the scans of my 20 year old, yellowed MATN pages.