The Catacombs Moonbase Alpha Technical Notebook

Commlock Blueprints Physical Features

(A) Video Section
(B) Programming section/Computer section
(C) Power pack/Transmitter
(D) Antenna
(E) Belt Clip
(F) Speaker
(G) Microphone
(H) Volume Adjustment
(I) Owner Identification Panel
(J) Owner Photograph
(K) Commlock Number
(L) Power pack vent
(M) Sensor scan strips (2)
(N) "Standby" indicator light
(O) Red alert indicator light
(P) Computer input/display screen
(Q) Magnetic Computer Identification Panel
(R) Picture Adjustment Control

Function Keys

(S) Keyboard
-1-Emergency alarm
-2-Lunar clock
-3-Air pressure gauge
-4-Infrared TV camera
-5-Geiger counter
-7-Privacy setting
-8-Restricted setting (emergency calls only)
-9-"Hold" key
(T) Video on/off key and open/close communications key
-(normally activated together)
(U) Calculator function keys (4)
(V) "Zero" key
(W) Calculator mode key
(X) Computer mode key
(Y) Call key (communications mode)
(Z) Door open/close key

Length: 1.83 in (4.64 cm)
Width: 2.08 in (5.28 cm)
Height: 7.09 in (18.02 cm)
Weight: 0.88 lb (400 g)

Effective Range: 2 miles (3.22 km)
Channeled Through Eagle or Moonbase Communication Systems:
-50 million miles (80.95 million km)
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