The Catacombs Moonbase Alpha Technical Notebook


-The Commlock--Portable Communication and Locking Device is
a hand-held, multi-function sensor/computer/transceiver designed
for use on Moonbase Alpha and most extraterrestrial space centers.
Carried on the belt, it functions as a security key (restricting
access to sensitive and command areas), a transponder (instantly
pinpointing the location of its carrier), an audio/visual commun-
ications unit, and a programmable computer.
-The Commlock's "key tone," individually set for all duty
personnel, allows its owner passage into areas appropriate to his
rank, position, and security clearance--in most cases, these
are limited to duty stations, living quarters, sanitary facil-
ities, recreation areas, and dining centers. Command and Security
personnel have unlimited access with their Commlocks, but
computer control of doors as directed by the Moonbase Commander
and Chief of Security overrides all Commlock frequencies.
-The Commlock accepts either keyboard or voice programming,
and in addition to tis twenty standard functions (a maximum of
four may be used at one time, unless the unit is plugged into a
desk-top receiver putting it in direct contact with the
main computer) it has several programmable modes:
-In Communications Mode, the keyboard can address any other
Commlock, Communication Post, or Intercommunication Unit within
its range.
-In Calculator Mode, the Commlock functions as a logarithmic
calculator; the keyboard and calculator function keys provide
number and operation entry, with the result displayed on the
video screen.
-In Computer Mode, the unit acts as a remote terminal of
Alpha's main computer banks, and allows the user to retrieve,
execute and store programs, draw information from the library
computer banks, or transmit data.
-A Commlock is never deactivated, except during repair, and
is available on a 24-hour basis for emergency calls. When the
Privacy Setting is activated, the Commlock screens out all
routine and personal calls. The Restricted Setting (on Command
Commlocks only) limits reception to security transmissions and
official communiques.
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