The Catacombs Moonbase Alpha Technical Notebook


Jan. 28, 1981 Anton Borkaff walks on the planet Mars.
July 2, 1981 Under the guidance of the newly-formed International Lunar Finance Commission, the space dock Centauri is put under construction between the Earth and the Moon.
Sept. 18, 1981 Space Shuttle Falcon, designed to service the space dock, unveiled at the Vostaach Space Centre.

June 19, 1982 Centuri completed.
Sept. 25, 1982 ILFC authorizes the construction of Moonbase Alpha.
Feb. 3, 1983 Construction on Moonbase begins in Crater Plato.
Nov. 9, 1984 Ernst Queller develops the fast-neutron drive. Robert and Eileen Haines, parents of Alpha Technician Jim Haines, die as a result of a faulty Queller Drive in a Voyager craft.
Oct. 7, 1986 Uranus Probe, commanded by Jack Tanner and Cabot Rowland, launched from Centuri.
May 21, 1987 World conflict continue to build, a third world war seems inevitable.
June 9, 1987 Armed forces are mobilized throughout the world.
June 30, 1987 Switzerland destroyed by nuclear device of unknown origin.
Koenig's wife Jean, on vacation there, is killed by the explosion.
July 1, 1987 World peace conference called. For the first time during the nuclear age, the world now realizes the power of their thermonuclear weapons.
July 28, 1987 Under the agreements of the peace conference, all nuclear weapons are broken down and their nuclear material is buried on the far side of the Moon in a site designated as Nuclear Waste Disposal Area One.
Dec. 10, 1987 Uranus Probe vanishes in proton storm five days from orbit.
Mar. 25, 1989 Robert Addision lands on Venus. Surface exploration halted due to atmospheric conditions.
May 8, 1992 External construction on Moonbase Alpha completed. Launch Pad #1 and Space Exploration Division put into full operation. Aboveground area supports 100 people as underground work continues.
June 2, 1992 Eagle Transporter replaces Falcon shuttle.
May 15, 1994 Waste Area 1 shutdown as the larger Waste Area 2 is put into operation.
June 23, 1994 Prof. Victor Bergman discovers the planet Ultra.
July 10, 1995 Astro 7, under the command of Lee Russell, is launched toward Jupiter.
Jan. 15, 1996 Astro 7 lost in Jupiter orbit.
Mar. 30, 1996 Captain Michael leads a mission to investigate a nearby star with a mothership and the new Swift support craft.
Crew is never heard from again.
May 22, 1996 Gerald Trapnell of the ILFC attempts to stop the launch of the Ultra Probe mission based on the loss of the previous three star missions. William J. Dixon, current head of the ILFC, decides to go ahead with the mission.
June 6, 1996 Tony Cellini commands the Ultra Probe mission.
Sept. 8, 1996 Mark Nine Hawk defense craft tested in mock battle with Eagle Transporter over the lunar surface.
Eagle on Landing Pad
Feb. 17, 1997 Moonbase Alpha becomes fully operational.
Feb. 19, 1997 Planet Ultra reached. Contact is lost with Probe ship.
Oct. 15, 1997 Lunar observatory spots Ultra Probe command module.
Oct. 16, 1997 Tony Cellini placed under mental care because he claims a monster killed his crew.
Dec. 1, 1998 Planet Meta discovered. Space flight is prepared to find out why an earth-like planet so far from the Sun isn't completely frozen.
Jan. 3, 1999 Helena Russell becomes chief medical officer on Moonbase Alhpa.
Aug. 7, 1999 First Meta Probe astronaut dies of a strange illness.
Sept. 9, 1999 Meta Probe jeopardized by 9 deaths. John R. Koenig takes command of Alpha.
Sept. 11, 1999 Flareup on the Moon at Waste Area 1.
Sept. 13, 1999 A massive series of thermonuclear explosions hurl the Moon our of Earth orbit, 90° from the plane of the ecliptic.
Waste Disposal Area

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