The Catacombs Moonbase Alpha Technical Notebook


September 13, 1999- Massive thermonuclear explosion rips the Moon from
Earth orbit.
Days Since
Earth Orbit

6 Jack Crawford dies from reactor malfunction. Survived by wife Cynthia. She is 4 months pregnant.

21-24 Alpha encounters the planet Terra Nova. Helena Russell's husband Lee attempts to warn the Alphans away from the anti-matter planet.

30-31 Alpha is drawn into a black sun.

43-45 A space probe from the planet Triton attempts to destroy the Moon while on its way to destroy the Earth.

54-59 Caldorian spacecraft crash lands on the Moon. While the Alphans help to repair the sleepership, Commissioner Simmonds plots to force his way aboard.

64-70 A rift in the fabric of space hurls the Moon into another time dimension where the Alphans encounter their future selves.

77-78 Commander Koenig's soul is kidnapped by Raan of the planet Zenno.

90-95 The Guardian of Piri lures the Alphans toward a living death.

116-118 Anton Zoref is possessed by an enery-consuming life form.

122-128 Jackie Crawford is born. Both young Jackie (who suddenly develops into a five-year old) and his mother are transformed into two aliens who plan to hide their outlaw group within the bodies of the Alphans.

140-147 Natives of the planet Ariel send a fleet of space probes to Alpha. The probes create Earth-like conditions on the lunar surface.

153-155 Alpha encounters the malfunctioning Voyager space probe.

162-164 Alpha on a collision course with the giant planet Astheria.

179-184 The Alphans meet the survivors of the Uranus probe.

205-209 The mist of a strange planet regresses the Alphans to cavemen.

215-217 Balor attacks Alpha.

239-240 A mysterious alien world appears to devestate Alpha.

257-260 Alpha becomes a pawn in a war between two planets.

272-274 Gwent lands on the Moon in search of a new companion.

279-281 Alpha collides with a space brain.

288-292 The Alphans attempt to help the Darians in their giant spaceark.

295-296 Tony Cellini battles a former enemy in a spaceship graveyeard.

300-303 Alpha is stopped dead in space near the planet Arkadia.

307 Paul Morrow and David Kano die when a booster on their Eagle fails and they crash on the pad.

328 Victor Bergman dies when his space suit malfunctions while installing the new laser defense ring.

336 Command Center becomes fully operational as Main Mission is closed down for safety reasons.

342-347 Maya joins the Alphans when her home world of Psychon is destroyed.

380-388 Cantor and Zova use Alpha's life support system to return themselves to their home planet.

400-401 Androids on the planet Vega use Tony and Helena as models for the expression of violent emotions.

429-433 An attempt is made at teleportation between Alpha and Texas City, Earth. Alan, Koenig, and Helena are transported to Scotland in 1339 A.D.

496-499 Patrick Osgood envisions a fiery death for Alpha.

508-510 A mirror-image of Koenig attempts to release the power of Kalthon.

565-567 An Alphan landing party is menaced by a race of rock creatures.

587-603 The space trader Taybor visits the runaway Moon in an attempt to add Maya to his collection.

640-646 Two Archanons are discovered beneath Alpha.

892-894 Koenig and Maya face the rulers of the planet Luton.

928-934 Alpha is effected by the Lambda Factor.

967-971 A space magician tries to use the Alphans for experiments on his new Eden.

1032-1033 Maya attempts to return as Psychon as Koenig and Tony try to follow Alpha through a space warp.

1150-1151 Brian the Brain kidnaps Helena and John.

1288-1290 Alpha encounters the world of the chrysalis sleepers.

1503-1505 Creatures from the Beta Cloud send an automaton to steal Alpha's life support core.

1701-1711 Shermeen Williams is lured into helping Vindrus bring his people to Alpha from their anti-matter world.

1912-1918 The Bringers of Wonder attempt to detonate the nuclear domes in order to tap the raw energy inside.

2009-2010 Maya battles the evil Dorzak, another Psychon who has escaped the destruction of their race.

2012-2017 Sandor tries to stop Koenig's attempt to save Alpha from a deadly planet.

2306-2307 Koenig fights for his life on a planet's orbiting penal colony.

2310-2315 Koenig attempts to contact a life form that is killing the Alphans as they investigate a planet that could become their new home...or tomb.

2409-2416 The Dorcons attempt to kidnap Maya.

Maya and Tony

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