The Catacombs Moonbase Alpha Technical Notebook

Commander John Koenig
Date of Birth: MARCH 17, 1957
Assigned Alpha: SEPTEMBER 9, 1999 (FIRST TOUR OF DUTY)
Job Assignment: COMMANDER

One of America's leading astrophysicist's, John Koenig has been re-
sponsible for the planning, ground control and execution of many
successful space missions. Asked to help on the design of Moonbase
Alpha, he was gradually drawn into the position of Commander. Koenig
has an unmatched flair for leadership, sharing his concern for the
scientific aspects of a job with consideration for the safety and well-
being of those working beside him. John Koenig has a highly efficient,
computer-like mind and, apparently, nerves of steel. He also has the
ability to observe a situation from every possible angle, sometimes
causing an emotional strain that is apt to make him short-tempered, and
moody. Yet despite, or perhaps because of these qualities, the men and
women of the runaway Moon look to him for guidance in their times of
need. He had been married, but his wife was killed in the thermonuclear
war. Koenig's interest in the space program goes back to the 1960's
when, as a schoolboy, he watched Neil Armstrong set foor on the Moon
and imagined that it was his "giant step." He may have grown up in the
space age, but one suspects he is not too happy with the state of hu-
manity as it nears the 21st century. He is perhaps best described as a
man with one foot in the past and one about to set down in the future.

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