The Catacombs Moonbase Alpha Technical Notebook


-The stun gun is a compact, lightweight weapon carried by all
Moonbase security details and aboard Eagle Transporters as stan-
dard equipment. The gun is worn in a holster on the uniform belt,
and meets most of the defensive/offensive requirements of Alpha
personnel. Its power source is the Bergman Cell (designed by
Professor Victor Bergman), a monopolar electromagnet about ten
centimeters long. The unit can be fired continuously for approxi-
mately two hours, at which time the cell can be removed and re-
placed with a new one.
-Multi-barreled to give the gun a variety of functions, the
first barrel is the one normally employed.
-The Model 1 gun is permanently set to fire the "stun effect."
Carried by authorized Moonbase personnel, when fired, it affects
the central nervous system causing slowed heartbeat and
respiration, unconsciousness, and with continued application,
cardiac arrest and death.
-The Model 2 weapon is equipped with a "stun/kill" setting
selector. Carried only by security teams and survey parties, the
weapon, on the "kill" setting, fires a short-duration charge of
sufficient force to penetrate protective clothing and cause
massive internal damage.
-The three auxiliary barrels generate a continuous laser beam
as long as the trigger is depressed, and should not under any
circumstances be used on an individual or in the proximity of a
pressure bulkhead. Barrel 2 fires a micron-thick "torch" beam
suitable for cutting and welding plastic or sheet metal. Barrel 3
fires a more intense beam for penetrating rock and metal walls
and Barrel 4 fires a wide-focus beam for disintegrating
metal, concrete or stone at close range (protective clothing
should be worn when Barrel 4 is used). Without special modifica-
tion, all barrels cannot be fired simultaneously.
-Coded scan strips on each unit prevent unauthorized use or
transportation into a prohibited area. Computer detection equip-
ment installed over doorways compares guns with registry files
and the owner's current status, and triggers an alarm in the Weapons
Section if any discrepancy is detected.

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