The Catacombs Moonbase Alpha Technical Notebook

Power - Life Support/Weapons Center Blueprints (A) Nuclear Generating Area
(B) Nuclear Waste Monitoring Room
(C) Life Support Systems Control Room
(D) Weapons Systems Control Room
(E) Nuclear Reactor
(F) Reinforced Door
(G) Computer Alcove
(H) Anti-Radiation Gear Storage
(I) Sanitary Facility (2)
(J) Arches (2)
(K) Sliding Double Doors
(L) Sliding Single Doors (4)
(M) Observation Window
(N) Computer Wall
(O) Power Distribution Station
(P) Reactor Control Station
(Q) Waste Monitoring Station
(R) Environmental Maintenance Station
(S) Recycling Systems Monitoring Station
(T) Weapons Control Console
(U) Defense Systems Station
(V) Damage and Casualties Station
(W) Circuitry Test Unit
(X) Standard Operator's Chair
(Y) Filing Units (3)
(Z) Shelf Unit
(AA) Communication Post

Complement: Power Room:
Waste Monitoring:

Life Support
Technicians (3)
Technicians (2)
Security Officer (1)
Technicians (3)
Medical Officer (1)
Technician (1)
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