The Catacombs Moonbase Alpha Technical Notebook
Errata and Notes

Moonbase Alpha-History & Structures

Text is based in part on ITC Year 2 publicity. Some is speculative (such as the location in crater Plato; the only on screen references suggest a location closer to Copernicus).

See also Main Mission Guide. The configuration is post-Missing Link. The Command Office plan is innaccurate (it is narrower than Main Mission).

See also Command Center Guide.

Year 2 version. See also Medical Center Guide. The bathroom and isolation ward never existed in this configuration.

This is approximately the configuration from One Moment Of Humanity. See also Life Support. The "sanitary facility" in Life Support never existed.

Year 2 version. See also Living Quarters Guide. Year 2 quarters had neither a bathroom or communications post.

Year 2 version. See also Travel Unit Guide.

The Computer Tie-In and Print-Out Slots [sections G and H] are should probably swap labels (where we see print-outs, they come from the "G" side, and are operated from the "H" side). See also Communications Post Guide.


See also Commlock Guide.

See also Stun Gun Guide.



See also Character Guide. His middle name was in George Bellak's writer's guide. ITC publicity stated he was born in 1959, but Hirsch chooses 1957. Although Rules Of Luton describes his wife as a casualty of the "global war" of 1987, it is not necessarily a thermonuclear war (in fact, you could argue whether she actually died).

See also Character Guide.

See also Character Guide.

See also Character Guide. Hirsch invents explainations for some continuity errors in her transformations.

See also Character Guide.

See also Character Guide. Apparently Carter "crewed on a flight to Venus's largest moon", despite the fact that Venus has no moons (thanks Chris Moore)

See also Character Guide.

See also Character Guide.

See also Character Guide.

See also Character Guide.


See also Lunar Chronology and Shane Johnson's TimeLine. Dates for many year 2 episodes are wrong.

Episode Guide

There are a few oddities in the episode descriptions. Earthbound has Captain Zandor as leader of the Caldorians (instead of Zantor of the Kaldorians). Collision Course features the planet Astheria (instead of Atheria). The production order of Year 2 has some errors (see the correct list). All That Glisters features the mineral "melgonite" instead of milgonite. Dorzak is by Pip and Jane Baker and directed by Charles Crichton (instead of Christopher Penfold and Val Guest). The Season 2 credits list John Alkin as Andy Johnson, as if he were a regular.


The obvious omission from the Technical Notebook was the Eagle blueprints. Hirsch and Mandel had previously produced a pull-out section for Starlog magazine, presented here.