The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
Moonbase Guide
by Martin Willey

Living Quarters Year 2

The wall units are very similar to those in the Year 1 configuration, but the room is smaller and there is no separation between the sleeping area and the living area. The single bed may be against any of three walls. No-one has double beds. Unlike Year 1, there is no communications post (although there is in Keith Wilson's set plan); the wall panel screens are used instead. There is no side door, so presumably occupants must go into the public corridor in search of the bathroom.

The room is seen in revamped format as a section of Medical Center in The Bringers Of Wonder part 1.

Koenig's Quarters

Koenig's quarters are seen in The Exiles, The Mark Of Archanon, and The Lambda Factor.

Koenig living quarters

Publicity shot of Koenig's living quarters, with a very large sign by the door.

The Lambda Factor

A big sign on the front door.

The Exiles

The view to the front door in Koenig's quarters. There are two cupboards adjacent to the door (more than in the Year 1 living quarters). Retained furniture includes the sofa and Pileo floor lamp.

The Exiles

The low table is a Mezzatessera. The white lamp is a Tatu lamp

The Exiles

Producer Fred Freiberger, designer Keith Wilson and director Ray Austin on the set during The Exiles

The Exiles

Koenig's quarters has, in The Exiles only, the wall screen with the text "Commander Koenig / Living Quarters". The same wall screen was seen in his quarters in Breakaway, and in the Command Office. This is the last time it is seen in the series.

The Exiles

A close-up of the screen.

The Exiles

The end wall in Koenig's quarters, with his contoured bed (and discarded sheets). Alongside the bed is a Sorella lamp on a Giano Vano Ruote bedside table. On the right is a Ribbon chair.

The Exiles

In Koenig's quarters, the wall is a mirror of the opposite wall, with communications unit and desk. On the desk is a Triumph-Adler Gabriele 2000 typewriter, just like Helena's in Dragon's Domain. Note the moon globe on the shelf.

The Mark Of Archanon

Koenig's quarters (presumably) as seen in the end of The Mark Of Archanon. This is the end where the bed is normally positioned.

The Lambda Factor The Lambda Factor The Lambda Factor The Lambda Factor The Lambda Factor

Koenig's quarters in The Lambda Factor. The comms wall panel and desk are in the standard positions; we don't see the facing wall.

Helena's Quarters

Helena's quarters are seen in The Exiles, One Moment Of Humanity, and The Taybor.

The Exiles

The end wall in Helena's quarters, from The Exiles. We don't see where her bed is in this episode. This shot also reveals the rarely seen facing wall, although in the same episode there is one fake reverse shot (Helena and Maya are shot talking to each other with the same curved corner and cupboards behind them). When Maya transforms, we briefly see a Medical Center computer panel behind her, which is not on this set.

One Moment Of Humanity

Helena's quarters in One Moment Of Humanity, with the contoured bed, now opposite the curved corner. Note the rarely seen coat stand, a design called Melpomene.

The Taybor

In The Taybor we see the same abstract design asOne Moment Of Humanity alongside the door.

One Moment Of Humanity

You can just see Helena's "visible man" and "visible woman" models, first seen in her office in Breakaway.

The Exiles

Helena has two of her blue jackets hanging up, plus a couple of sets of Hampa Pak picnic trays. There's a red Tatu lamp on her shelf.

The Exiles One Moment Of Humanity

Close up of the communications unit

One Moment Of Humanity

A longer view of the wall.

One Moment Of Humanity

Note the bedside Sorella lamp.

Maya's Quarters

We only see Maya's quarters in Seed Of Destruction

Seed Of Destruction

Maya's quarters in Seed Of Destruction.

Seed Of Destruction

Maya has a flat bed, not the normal contoured type. It is also a double bed, not a single bed. The beds may be positioned against any of the four walls.

Seed Of Destruction

The desk unit and a communications unit with two small screens are usually alongside each other.

Seed Of Destruction

On the wall adjacent to the communications screen is a pink panel with a print from the astronomical atlas Harmonia Macrocosmica by Andreas Cellarius, published in 1660. This print is also seen in the Recreation Center and Bergman's quarters

Tony Verdeschi Quarters

Tony's quarters appear in Catacombs Of The Moon and Matter Of Balance.

Catacombs Of The Moon Catacombs Of The Moon Catacombs Of The Moon Catacombs Of The Moon

We see Tony's quarters in Catacombs Of The Moon. He has a contour bed, his beer machine machine, and an unusual chair and table. There is an ashtray on the table, so he must be a smoker.

A Matter Of Balance A Matter Of Balance A Matter Of Balance A Matter Of Balance

Tony's quarters in A Matter Of Balance. The beer machine is in much the same place. There is a long brown sofa and two chairs.

Other Quarters

Other living quarters seen are those of Carolyn Powell (The Lambda Factor), Shermeen Williams (Matter Of Balance), Dorzak (Dorzak), and Area 3 Living Quarters (Catacombs Of The Moon).

A Matter Of Balance

In A Matter Of Balance, Shermeen has a large plant pot on an Ara table.

A Matter Of Balance

Corner of Shermeen's quarters, with prints of plants. This set section may have been specially built for this shot, but if it represents the far end of the quarters, the comms wall panel is gone.

The Lambda Factor

Carolyn's quarters from The Lambda Factor have only one cupboard; the second is a normal wall panel.

Catacombs Of The Moon Catacombs Of The Moon

The "Area 3 Living Quarters" in Catacombs Of The Moon. The bed is in an unusual position, replacing the table, and an Alarm button has been added. These are not Osgood's quarters, perhaps belonging to one of the girls? (Perhaps not both, as it is a single bed). It reveals a rather serious security problem if anyone can get into someone else's bedroom.

Detention Unit

Dorzak Dorzak Dorzak

The detention unit is a sparsely furnished room; contoured bed, two chairs and Stadio 120 table. There is no desk unit in this set. Even the cupboards have empty rails.

Dorzak Dorzak

Unusually we see most of the facing wall, where the camera is normally positioned.

Dorzak's quarters have a little more furniture, including Melpomene hat-stand and Sorella bedside lamp. The desk wall panel is back. The bed is on the opposite wall to that in the Detention Unit.

Dorzak Dorzak Dorzak

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