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A Matter of Balance

Space Warp Year 2 - Episode 16 The Bringers of Wonder Part 1

Writer Pip & Jane Baker
Director Charles Crichton
Guest Stars Lynne Frederick,
Stuart Wilson
Belgium (Flemish) Een westie van Evenwicht
Denmark Balance Balance
Spain Una cuestión de equlibrio A question of balance
France/Canada Une question d'équilibre A Matter Of Balance
Germany Die andese Seite The Other Side
Japan Intruder from the Anti-World
Portugal Uma Questão de Equilíbrio A Matter of Balance
Italy Vindrus

While exploring an apparently lifeless planet a member of Alpha's crew comes under the influence of an "anti-matter" being and suddenly all Alphans are in danger of having their futures swapped for the past...! ITC summary


A Matter Of Balance


Int. Command Centre
Int. Hydroponics
Int. Shermeen's Quarters
Int. Tony's Quarters
Int. Alpha Corridor
Int. Travel Tube
Int. Eagle Pilot Section
Int. Eagle Passenger Section
Int. Equipment Room (revamp travel tube reception) with attached Nuclear Generator Room (revamp travel tube)

Ext. Planet Surface (location)
Ext. Planet Surface- Temple Clearing (location)
Int. Temple (studio)


A Matter Of Balance

Sunim is represented by a blue monochrome version of an Apollo 11 photograph of Earth. It was taken on 16th July 1969, about 10,000 nautical miles from Earth, and shows portions of North and Central America under swirling clouds. The picture is also used as Planet D in Brian The Brain. Thanks to Marcus Lindroos.



A Matter Of Balance
A Matter Of Balance

The stun ray is called "an electrical beam". Lasers are not electrical beams. However, stun guns being developed in 1999 used a laser to ionise a path through the air, then discharged electricity along the path to disable the victim. This technology closely matches the capabilities of the Alphan stun gun.
How does an illusion reflect the stun beams?



1702 days after leaving Earth orbit

Alpha Personnel:

0 fatalities.

Alpha Technology:

A Matter Of Balance

We see a mobile nuclear generator. The mobile nuclear generator is also seen in The Lambda Factor and the Pigs In Space segments of The Muppet Show!

A Matter Of Balance

A propogatoscope, with the unusual accessory of a proton bombarder. The propogatoscope also appears in Weapons Section in The Beta Cloud. Actually it's a Krokus color SL photographic enlarger, with plumbing pipes in the lower section.


Eagle 1 (Koenig); 2 (Shermeen)

Maya transformations:

Fox, spider monkey, Shermeen

A Matter Of Balance A Matter Of Balance A Matter Of Balance




Vindrus from Sunim; humanoid. Thaed, bipedal semi-intelligent animal, presumably from Sunim.


A Matter Of Balance

A red version of an Ariel capsule from The Last Sunset appears in the equipment room (it is also seen in Journey To Where)
Also, Taybor's pyramid plan from The Taybor appears

A Matter Of Balance

Maya uses the Eagle remote control to operate the Big Screen video shots.


A Matter Of Balance

When we first see Vindrus in Shermeen's room, the first few frames show the clapperboard bottom right. Note this is not visible in the A&E DVD version (which crops the shot to make it much tighter), but it is on the Carlton and TF1 versions. It was cut from the Network Blu-ray version.

A Matter Of Balance A Matter Of Balance

A shot of Vindrus in Hyrdoponics actually shows him in Shermeen's room. Notice the shadow of the crew member's head still visible bottom right.

A Matter Of Balance

When the Thaed first emerges before Shermeen, the microphone dips into the top of frame several times. Thanks to Hilton Fitzsimmons. It is cropped out of the Network Blu-ray version.




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