The Catacombs The Character Guide
by Martin Willey

Bill Fraser (Main Mission section)

The Immunity Syndrome
Character Name Bill Fraser
Played by John Hug
Sex M
Approx. Age 30
Section Reconnaissance
Episodes 9 episodes
9 end credits

The Metamorph Fraser
The Taybor Fraser
The Mark Of Archanon Fraser
Brian The Brain Fraser
AB Chrysalis Fraser
The Beta Cloud Fraser
A Matter Of Balance Fraser
Devil's Planet Fraser
The Immunity Syndrome Fraser

The Metamorph

Eagle pilot, married 2 months prior to The Metamorph to Annette. His wife does not appear in other episodes (and he is never in the same room with her in The Metamorph either). In some episodes he steps up into Alan Carter's post so presumably he is his deputy. It is hard to explain why an Eagle pilot wears the red colour code.

His surname is spelt "Frazer" in some scripts (Catacombs Of The Moon, The Beta Cloud, A Matter Of Balance, Bringers Of Wonder). In others it is spelt "Fraser" (The Metamorph, Devil's Planet, The Immunity Syndrome and The Dorcons). The credits always used "Fraser". According to his name badge, he is "B Fraser" - so Bill is his given name (Bill is normally an informal version of "William")

Featured in 9 episodes: The Metamorph, The Taybor, The Mark Of Archanon, Brian The Brain, AB Chrysalis, The Beta Cloud, A Matter Of Balance, Devil's Planet, The Immunity Syndrome.

He was scripted to appear in Catacombs Of The Moon, Bringers Of Wonder and The Dorcons. In some episodes he played parts that were scripted for others: The Taybor (Alan Carter), The Mark Of Archanon (Palmer) and Brian The Brain (Eagle One Pilot).

"Do something, Alpha, for god's sake do something!" "He's lying! Don't trust him, he's lying. Commander, we're being held.."(The Metamorph)
"What's the panic, Alpha?" (The Taybor)
"Just keep it on the launch pad until the Commander asks for help. Good luck." (The Mark Of Archanon)
"I'm not qualified, Alan, I wouldn't know how to do it." (The Beta Cloud)
"What is the Brain, some crazy hijacking slot machine?" (Brian The Brain)
"Thanks, no. I happen to be on a liquid free diet." "Just disembarkation readjustment."(A Matter Of Balance)
"We're coming in to land. Shooting if we have to." "I'm Fraser of Moonbase Alpha." (Devil's Planet)
"That's because I haven't released you. I'm taking you closer." (The Immunity Syndrome)
"We haven't got much time, the Moon's moving out of range." (The Immunity Syndrome)

The Metamorph Captured by Mentor The Metamorph
The Taybor In Moonbuggy looking for Taybor's ship The Taybor
The Mark Of Archanon Briefs pilot: "Just keep it on the launch pad until the Commander asks for help. Good luck." The Mark Of Archanon
Brian The Brain In Eagle to investigate Swift. Brian The Brain
AB Chrysalis At Command Center desk. His ID badge says "Pilot" The A B Chrysalis The A B Chrysalis
The Beta Cloud Puts up the electrical barrier The Beta Cloud
A Matter Of Balance Drugged by Shermeen. A Matter Of Balance A Matter Of Balance
Devil's Planet Flies Eagle to Koenig's crash. Devil's Planet
The Immunity Syndrome Flies Eagle carrying reenty glider The Immunity Syndrome

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