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The AB Chrysalis

Catacombs of the Moon Year 2 - Episode 12 Seed of Destruction

Writer Tony Barwick
Director Val Guest
Guest Stars Ina Skriver,
Sarah Douglas
Original Title The Chrysalis A B C
Belgium (Flemish) Spiegelbeeld
Denmark Pupperne Chrysalis
Spain Las crisálidas A y B The chrysalis A and B
France/Canada Les chrysalides AB The Chrysalis AB
Germany Planet der Wastenden Planet Of Waiting
Italy Le crisalidi The Chrysalids
Japan Space Lightning! Shockwave
Portugal As Crisálidas A-B The Chrysalids A-B
Portugal Planeta das Crisálidas Planet of the Chrysalids

A planet on which people enter a chrysalis stage when they reach their allotted span.... Reborn, they attain new heights of mental and physical perfection...but for Moonbase Alpha, the planet threatens disaster. ITC summary


The A B Chrysalis


Int. Command Centre
Int. Medical Centre
Int. Power Room
Int. Weapons Section (screens only)
Int. Alpha Corridor/Reception
Int. Travel Tube
Int. Eagle Pilot Section
Int. Eagle Passenger Section

Int. Alien Elevator
Int. Underground Space Station
Int. Alien Tunnel
Int. Chamber
Int. Rejuvenation Chamber
Int. Conversation Chamber

The alien elevator set walls are used on Alpha in Space Warp and The Seance Spectre.


The A B Chrysalis



The A B Chrysalis

From a few circles, the aliens deduce the exact solar system the Alphans are from. It also assumes all Earth people speak English. Perhaps it recognises the lettering on the Alphan spacesuits, or has been monitoring their spacesuit radios. Have they encountered other space travellers from Earth, or Voyager One?



1288 days after leaving Earth orbit (Mon 24 Mar 2003)

Alpha Personnel:

0 fatalities.

Alpha Technology:


Eagle 1 (Koenig)

Maya transformations:

The A B Chrysalis

Kreno animal

The A B Chrysalis


Unnamed planet

The A B Chrysalis


A, B, C, guardian, all humanoids

The A B Chrysalis The A B Chrysalis The A B Chrysalis The A B Chrysalis


The A B Chrysalis

The screen on the alien moon made from perspex is used as the screen in Space Warp




See more observations


The A B Chrysalis The A B Chrysalis

These shots never appeared in the episode- Koenig wears his jacket throughout on screen.



Shall we dance? Fanderson sells a colour version of this publicity shot showing one of the film crew watching.

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