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The Exiles

The Metamorph Year 2 - Episode 2 One Moment of Humanity

Writer Donald James
Director Ray Austin
Guest Stars Peter Duncan, Stacy Dorning
Belgium (Flemish) De bannelingen 6 Jul 1977
Denmark Eksil Exile 23 May 1977
Spain Los exiliados The exiles 19 May 1977
France/Canada Les Exilés The Exiles 18 Dec 1976
Germany Die Verstoßenen The Outcasts 7 May 1978
Italy Golos 9 Apr 1979
Japan Traitors of Planet GOLOS 19 May 1981
Poland Wygnancy Exiles 7 Oct 1978
Portugal Os Exilados The Exiles 27 Aug 1977
USA (New York) 3 Oct 1976
USA (San Francisco) 11 Sep 1976
UK (ATV) 11 Sep 1976
UK (LWT) 11 Sep 1976

Mysterious objects in the space sky. In them: humans from another planet, preserved in a frozen state for 300 years. Two who return to consciousness on the moon have a grim story to tell. But can they be trusted? ITC summary


The Exiles


The Exiles

A third 44" Eagle appears for the first time. The large capsules were 4.5 inches long; smaller scale versions were 2 1/4 inches.

The Exiles

Martin Bower built the towers seen on the Golos surface very briefly.

The Exiles

A model astronaut is seen with an Eagle (seen in Cantar's hand).

The Exiles

There is a split screen shot of Helena and Maya/Helena.



The Exiles The Exiles
The Exiles The Exiles



403 days after leaving Earth orbit (Fri 20 Oct 2000)

Alpha Personnel:

0 fatalities.

Alpha Technology:

The Exiles


The Exiles

Eagle 4 ("Rescue"); Recovery Eagle

Maya transformations:

ape creature, Helena, old hag, panther

The Exiles The Exiles The Exiles The Exiles


None (Golos is some distance away)


Cantar, Zova, Ragnar, Mirella, Stal and Mantor from Golos. Humanoids.


The Exiles


The Exiles


The Exiles The Exiles The Exiles The Exiles

Tony is shot by the power station door, and Helena is stunned by Zova next to him. Maya jumps close to the computer panel. When Koenig arrives, Tony and Helena have been moved next to the computer bank. Maya's position has shifted too, as can be seen by the floor markings and the position of her arm. Tony and Helena are unconscious when they leave Alpha. They are awake when they arrive on Golos.


The Exiles
Preparing for filming.
The Exiles
Catherine Schell eats a banana while Ray Austin directs
The Exiles The Exiles
The deleted scene in which Maya and Helena discuss women's fashion.



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