The Catacombs The Production Guide
Recycled Props
by Martin Willey

Psyche base

The Metamorph

The octagonal base of Psyche in The Metamorph is recycled in several episodes.

The Exiles

In The Exiles it is the Golos life support desk. The clear perspex hemispheres inverted over Psyche now appear around the desk.

Journey To Where

In Journey To Where, the console is suspended from the ceiling, and the perspex hemispheres are attached to it.

The Dorcons

In The Dorcons, the base of the Meson converter is Psyche. The hemispheres are now mounted on the walls.

The Metamorph One Moment Of Humanity Dorzak

The domes inverted over Psyche appear in the above episodes as well as One Moment Of Humanity (Vega computer room) and Dorzak in the Croton ship.

The original Psyche prop appears as the lighting over Scaramanga's exercise room in The Man With The Golden Gun (1974)

Psyche Consoles

These first appeared in the Satazius in The Last Enemy; the dividing black lines are the same in The Metamorph. They will also appear in The Dorcons, repainted with less markings.

The Last Enemy The Metamorph The Dorcons

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