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One Moment of Humanity

The Exiles Year 2 - Episode 3 All that Glisters

Writer Tony Barwick
Director Charles Crichton
Guest Stars Billie Whitelaw, Leigh Lawson
Original Title One Second Of Humanity
Belgium (Flemish) Even Mens zijn
Spain Un momento de humanidad A moment of humanity
France/Canada Humain, ne serait-ce qu'un moment Human, just for a moment
Italy Vega
Japan Temptation of the Space Androids
Poland Chwila czlowieczenstwa
Portugal Um Momento de Humanidade One Moment of Humanity
South Africa'n Oomblik van Menslikheid A Moment Of Humanity

A planet of human robots...but their complete mastery over those who have created them needs one further sense. They need the emotion that will enable them to kill. Can they learn from the Alphans? ITC summary


One Moment Of Humanity


Int. Command Centre
Int. Power Room / Int. Life Support Centre
Int. Recreation Centre
Int. Helena's Quarters
Int. Alpha Corridor

Int. Garden Of Vega
Int. Vega Room
Int. Master Computer/Vega Corrdior
Int. Vega Corridor
Int. Cave


One Moment Of Humanity One Moment Of Humanity
One Moment Of Humanity click for larger image (22k)





515 days after leaving Earth orbit (Fri 9 Feb 2001)

Alpha Personnel:

0 fatalities.

Alpha Technology:



Maya transformations:

Hairstyle, Madagascar hissing cockroach, parrot (Green-Wing Macaw)

One Moment Of Humanity One Moment Of Humanity




Zarl and Zamara, Vegan androids, and the "numbers", humanoids.

One Moment Of Humanity One Moment Of Humanity


One Moment Of Humanity

The orange jacket worn by Maya was worn by Koenig in Dragon's Domain, a guard in Testament Of Arkadia and Picard in The Metamorph

One Moment Of Humanity

Prison corridors are revamped from The Metamorph, Devil's Planet and The Dorcons

One Moment Of Humanity

The main computer uses Bethan screens from The Last Enemy, perspex domes from The Exiles and polystrene balls from Guardian Of Piri



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A huge number of publicity photos were taken during the filming of this episode, especially of Koenig or Maya fighting with a stuntman dressed as a Vegan android in the Command Center. There were also some nice portraits of Helena and Maya in their off-duty dresses.
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